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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor Preview #1


Keywords: Asgardian, Deity, Mystical
PV: 122
Team: None





PHASING / TELEPORT Give this character a power action and move it up to its speed value. It automatically breaks away and ignores the effects of characters, hindering terrain, elevated terrain, and blocking terrain on movement (but it can’t end its movement on blocking terrain).


INCAPACITATE Give this character a close combat action or ranged combat action; its damage value becomes 0 until the action has been resolved. If the attack succeeds against a target that has zero or one action token, give the target an action token.


STEALTH Any line of fire drawn to this character that crosses hindering terrain, including a square of hindering terrain occupied by this character, is blocked.


LET ME EASE YOUR PAIN (PSYCHIC BLAST) Give this character a ranged combat action. Damage from the attack is penetrating damage.


GRANT ME A SECOND CHANCE (INVULNERABILITY) (NON-OPTIONAL) Damage dealt to this character is reduced by 2.


TOUGHNESS (NON-OPTIONAL) Damage dealt to this character is reduced by 1.


I SPEAK ONLY TRUTH (PERPLEX) Once during your turn (but not during another action), as a free action this character modifies by +1 or –1 any combat value (including range) of a target character until the beginning of your next turn (it can target itself). A character using this power must be within 10 squares of the target and have a clear line of fire to the target. This effect ends immediately if this character loses Perplex or is defeated, or when the target is damaged or healed.


I AM NOT THE MAN I ONCE WAS (SHAPE CHANGE) (NON-OPTIONAL) When this character is chosen as the target of an attack, roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, the attack can’t be made. If the action becomes illegal, the attacker must choose another legal action to perform, if possible. The selected action must be free or non-free based on what action type was given to it that led to the attack.


ETERNAL SCHEMER (OUTWIT) Once during your turn (but not during another action), as a free action this character counters a power or an ability (other than a team ability) possessed by a single target opposing character. Treat the target as if it does not have the countered power or ability, which remains countered until the beginning of your next turn. A character using this power must be within 10 squares of the target and have a clear line of fire to the target. If this character loses Outwit or is defeated, the countered power or ability returns immediately.


This incarnation of Loki, the shape-changing god of trickery – and Thor’s sworn foe – is extremely difficult to damage. Loki is currently hiding in the form of Sif, Thor’s beloved and has abandoned most direct confrontations in favor of more subtle and scheming methods.  Defense starts at 17 for 2 clicks and then 16 for another two clicks. For the first three clicks, she has Invulnerability and then for nearly the rest of her dial she has Toughness.


Defense abilities aren’t the only way Loki avoids damage – she has Phasing/Teleport at the start and end of her dial and Stealth in between. With Phasing/Teleport, Loki can breakaway from high-damage close combat enemies and run for cover. Loki’s mid-dial combo of Stealth plus Shape Change allows her to avoid many ranged attacks and evade many close combat attacks. 


But what good is a character who just survives on the sidelines? In Loki’s case  the good is her 8 range and 3 damage attack (for three clicks!) when she needs to use physical force.  Though what kind of schemer would Loki be if she couldn’t Perplex and Outwit her enemies – so of course she can, first one and then the other.  Keep Loki at range, especially in the middle of her dial, and make bruising long distance attacks and support your other pieces at the front and rear of her dial.  Don’t be afraid to run away – Loki is good at it, so make the enemy come to you on your turns. If you can use Loki effectively, your opponents are going to be accusing you of trickery.


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