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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Hammer of Thor
Pojo Exclusive Preview: Enchantress

Keywords: Asgardian, Masters of Evil, Mystical
PV: 141
Team: Mystics

Enchantress – the Asgardian sorceress whose true name is Amora – has been in turn both friend and foe to Thor for millennia. Whether fighting on the side of the Thunder God, teamed up with Loki against Thor, or pursuing her own agenda, Enchantress is amongst the most powerful magic wielders of Asgard. Amora’s powers focus on the mind and spirit, though when pressed, she can hold her own in a straight-up duel. 

Hammer of Thor’s Enchantress figure’s character reflects her mind-altering powers. Foremost in her magical arsenal is the Special Power “Enchanting,” which she has for the first 4 clicks of her dial, Enchanting works like the regular ability Mind Control, but is twice as effective – Enchantress takes one damage per 200 points of characters affected by the ability instead of per 100 points as with normal Mind Control. Further, she can hit two targets at 10 range and 9/9/9/8 Attack. Nine is just so-so for an attack value, but those three nines can be modified by Enchantress’s Perplex. Beef up her Attack further by playing Enchantress on a team with Dr. Strange from Secret Invasion for a Mystical theme team that comes in at a sweet 290 points.  Dr. Strange also has the excellent ability to Perplex by up to +2 can get her twin Mind Control up to a whopping 12 attack.

So how good is a doubly-effective Mind Control Power? Assuming her Power Ability Attack rolls are successful and you can keep her from being otherwise damaged for these turns, Enchantress can command two 100-point units or one 200-point unit for four turns. Or, she could control two 200-pointers for two turns. Or a single 201-400 pointer for two turns.  Do you think a set called Hammer of Thor might have some characters in this point range for her to lure?  See where this is going? Any of these scenarios represents a huge chunk of your opponent’s team. Be careful that you don’t accidentally take control of your opponent’s entire team – Mind Controlled characters count as friendly and you cannot attack them until the Mind Control action is over.

What about after those first four awesome clicks? While Enchantress’ Attack is only 8, she can attack two targets with a massive range of 10 and access to the Psychic Blast ability for the remainder of her dial. Plus, she alternates between Shape Change and Probability Control. Unfortunately, she drops down to 1 Damage in her last two clicks. So after you’ve thrown your opponents plans into chaos with Enchanting, use Enchantress to mop up support characters and the wounded. With 10 range and two targets, you’ll have no problem finding enemies to hit.  Just be careful – Amora may captivate your opponent’s team but nothing she does will bring a smile to your opponent’s face.


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