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Image from heroclix.com

Top 10 Figures of 2008

#2 Ms. Marvel
Secret Invasion

Reviewed 02.19.2000

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS

Nearly topping the list at #2 is the Skrull variant Ms. Marvel from Secret Invasion. We didn't review her yet, but she'd probably have scored at least a 4 out of 5 from every reviewer who's ever posted one on Pojo. And here's why:


1. Hypersonic Speed (via her Infiltrator SP).

You know how good this power is. Hit & Run is great in HC, especially with...


2. ...Super Strength.

The best power combo in the game, particularly with...


3. ...natural 4 damage backing it up.

That way, she can still deal some real hurt even if she can't reach to hit in close, thanks to...


4. ...8 range.

That extra 4-square swing during HSS is a good bonus, and she can function fine as a sniper.


5. Invulnerability.

Keeps her from being truly glass-jawed.


6. Shes' Indomitable.

Keeps her on the attack. Being able to deal 4+ clicks  2/3 of the game gives her a lot of chances to hit with her not-quite-stellar 10 AV.


But up to this point, we've described the human Ms. Marvel, too, and she's NOT on this list. So what makes "Ms. Skrullvel" so good?


7. STEALTH (as part of the Infiltrator SP).

Add this to all the above and suddenly her Invulnerability is much, MUCH harder to crack and her Indomitability much more potent and her 8 range and 4 damage much bigger problems for enemy figs. Especially since SHE has...


8. ...Outwit.

She can blunt enemy attempts to get her while she can REALLY lay the hurt down on her targets. And if they DO reach her...


9. ...She's a Skrull.

Might not be able to attack her at all due to the team ability. Even down her dial, she gains Shape Change in addition.


10. All for under 170 points.

Some perspective? The other piece able to wreck so much shop on this list, Namor (#4, seen a couple of days ago), fairly requires the 25-point Fortitude feat to keep from getting countered to death, making him 175 actual points. Stealthy Skrullvel will rarely have trouble with Outwit and delivers much more versatility to a team for 7 points less.


If she weren't so top-loaded -- she loses Invulnerability and her 10 AV by click 2 and both her SP and Outwit by click 4 -- she'd be flawless. This tiny bit of balancing keeps her from being broken. Barely.


The thing is, she's unlikely to ever fall off that 1st click without forcing enemy teams to completely overextend trying to deal with her. So even though she's little more than thigh-boots-wearing green trash by her mid-dial, her ability to wreak havoc on her early clicks -- and stay ON them, thus highly dictating what your opponent can and can't safely do -- earns her this high rank.


Next is # 1! And like #5 (the Question), it's a character whose feet stay on the ground...sort of...


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