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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Doctor Doom
Fantastic Four

Reviewed 10.06.2008

Average Rating: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS


wing speed

200 points

Team: Minions of Doom

Keywords: Armor, Mystical, Ruler, Scientist

Range:  10 x 2






This latest version of Victor Von Doom starts with disappointing stats compared to the Vet's from the Clobberin' Time set (the standard by which all Dooms before and after will ever be judged) but it's his Specials that make new Doom a true contender for the title.


First is his Speed SP, "None Shall Interfere with the Plans of Doom," which grants Running Shot and auto-breakaway. Under the new HC rules, where being based means no ranged attacks, this is a huge advantage for Doom who relies on his double-target Energy Explosion to deal damage on the top few clicks of his dial. Simply put, tie-up does not work on him.


Sure, you could Outwit the power, but then you won't be able to deal him damage thanks to "Armored Mastermind"-granted Invulnerability and Mastermind. And that's assuming you even HAVE Outwit after he uses his 3rd opening SP, "Lord of Latveria." It gives him Perplex and Outwit, the latter with a twist: instead of countering a power normally, he can roll a die and  50% of the time he can counter any power on any character on the MAP without Line of Fire. Not even Batman is safe. The downside is that if the roll fails he doesn't Outwit anything, so use with care. There's also only a single click of this power.


Still, Doom's opening click still seems to pale a bit next to V CT Doom's in terms of raw numbers. It's down the length of the dial where new Doom completely outshines the classic with stats that hold much steadier. Dropping Perplex for Probability Control mid-dial is an even swap (and better than CT Doom's Leadership in similar spots). By the last four clicks of the dial, old Doom is little more than a flying Outwitter while F4 Doom is still plenty dangerous thanks to a fourth and final SP: "Kneel Before Doom," which replaces the normal Energy Explosion he has in all his prior AV slots with a juiced up version allowing him to deal his normal damage to EACH TARGET in addition to usual EE "splash damage".


That's right. When using this power, Doom doesn't have to split his damage value. And the way the power's worded, he could have his damage Perplexed or Enhanced to crippling levels AND STILL NOT HAVE TO SPLIT IT. And with his auto-breakaway SP's reappearance and Willpower, he could get plenty of opportunities to use it (or to run out of the firing range). More Outwit and rising Defense/Damage keep him a threat to the end.


Oh, let's not forget: he's a wildcard and sports solid generic keywords.



His dial is a bit short at only 8 clicks for the cost. His AV is also a bit weak from mid-dial on -- again, for the cost. His damage is pretty underwhelming in the middle. Late-dial, Willpower and 15 DV makes him a tempting -- and easy -- target, especially once people learn to fear his ultra-EE. An emphasis on range makes him a bit weak against Stealth.



PROTECTED, if you have it, is key to guard those soft Willpower clicks from easy KO. OUTSMART is decent to keep his early defenses going if you haven't taken other steps to avoid enemy Outwitters (and naturally FORTITUDE is OK for the same reason). CONTINGENCY PLAN and INSPIRING COMMAND both work on his early clicks to bolster the rest of the team: the former for larger builds and the latter for hordes of Minions of Doom or cheap Mysticals or Scientists. For unrestricted, use ARMOR PIERCING to bolster his near-dial-long runs of Energy Explosion.



At just two points more, this latest version of Dr. Doom will be endlessly compared with the Vet from the Clobberin' Time set. That piece has better stats to start, making it a fearsome foe to face. But the new Doom is much better after taking a hit, unlike the old which crumpled like tinfoil once the Mastermind was circumvented. And even on the top-dial, the new figure has better ability to affect the battlefield thanks to his Perplex/SuperOutwit power.


RATING: 4 of 5. Misses out on top-tier due to high cost and still needing about 80 extra points in team abilities to fully leverage his power.


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