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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Iron Man
Secret Invasion

Reviewed 10.23.2008

Average Rating: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS IRON MAN (Secret Invasion)
wing speed
188 points
Team Ability: Avengers
Range: 8 x 2
Keywords: Armor, Avengers, Illuminati, Mighty Avengers, Politician, Scientist, SHIELD


Aside from Running Shot with 11 AV, 18 DV + Invulnerability and 4 damage for the best opening stats for an Iron Man, there's his Special Power "Extremis": Outwit, Perplex and even Super Senses if he's not countering a power. That's very awesome, giving him A) the ability boost himself or a teammate's stats, B) nerf the enemy's powers and C) the near-equivalent of Impervious for 3 clicks all at once. Mid-dial he's down to just Charge, Toughness and Outwit. Yeah, that's horrible, right? Especially with his AV still double digits and his damage back up to 4. Perplex shows up a bit later and he ends with Ranged Combat Expert and Regeneration for a slight chance at dealing some damage or healing up a bit. He's loaded with keywords, including the powerful Scientist.

Avengers TA is a bit useless in Restricted play at his high point cost. Like most Iron Man figures, he begins to fold like tin about mid-dial on. Energy Explosion is almost totally wasted on him despite his two targets.

PROTECTED, along with his Extremis-Super Senses and Invulnerability make him a tough KO. OPPORTUNIST can work if you plan to hold him back for the early part of the fight to Outwit and Perplex for the rest of the team. Similarly, he makes a solid BRILLIANT TACTICIAN. In unrestricted games, use ALPHA FLIGHT or THUNDERBOLTS to get some mileage out of the Avengers symbol.

IN SUM: The Iron Man from the Supernova may have been the first proper version of the character in HeroClix (the Armor Wars versions come close but were notoriously top-heavy and glass-jawed) but he's had upgrades since he wore red & silver. A bit expensive but still ble to act as both a main attacker and support for a team with near-equal ability, SI Iron Man is truly a golden Avenger. 4 of 5.

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