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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

The Question
Arkham Asylum

Reviewed 11.05.2008

Average Rating: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Seth R.

Today's Click of the Day is THE QUESTION

Points: 37

Set: Arkham Asylum

Range: 6

Team: N/A

Arrows: 1

Movement: Ground

Rarity: Common

KW: Detective, Gotham City, Martial Artist

  8      8      8      8      7              SPECIAL "Ask the Question" [underlined] - Once during your turn, the Question may
  10    9      8      8      8              use Outwit or Perplex. She can only modify combat values of opposing characters.
  17    17    16    16    15   
  2       1      1      1      1     

 SPEED  -- 8 seems ehh.. but hey, she only drops to 7 once in her dial. I'm digging the full-dial Stealth. That means THEY got to come to HER. And why waste a token on some pesky 37-pointer? Exactly.

 ATTACK  -- Funny thing about Question's 10 attack value.. it's higher than some 100-point figures. Let's say Question somehow is knocked out of hindering terrain. What will you do? SMOKE CLOUD. Stealth reemerges and Question is safe.

 DEFENSE  -- 17 is okay; but including hindering terrain, you're containing an figure with 18 defense and Willpower! Anyone else think of Bronze Tiger?

 DAMAGE  -- Special Power "Ask the Question" is pretty nifty. You could Perplex the opponent's attack value to make hitting Question even harder, or you could Outwit his defense power and fire first. Question can also inflict damage on any figure at all times. When "Ask the Question" leaves, CCE enters. Although her damage is 1, at close combat the Question can give even Superman a click.

 SCULPT  -- The true "Question" is who wears grey slacks with a blue trench coat? Yeah she's a detective, but someone needs to file a case for a lost fashion style.

 FEATS  -- NONE! Sure there's options, but why bother when 37 points is too sweet of a bargain.

~ Excuse the lack of a genuine heroclix dial. The website I use(d) is currently out of order. But about the Question. She's affordable, crafty, useful. . . she's a COMMON. Imagine looking across the board and seeing two Questions lurking in a shrub. Or even THREE! Well guess what: drop three Questions on your team, and you're just above 100 points. There is no "question" about trying this figure out. Go get one now! ~

THE QUESTION receives a 5 out of 5.

~~ Seth R. (mcromanco95@aol.com)

Rurouni KJS


The Question
boot speed
37 points
Team: none
Keywords: Detective, Gotham City, Martial Artist
Range: 6 x 1


Full dial of Stealth is good. Her SP "Ask the Question" is better, allowing her to either Outwit or Perplex foes in a round. Note that she can't do BOTH in a single turn. 6 range, Willpower and 10 AV make her a surprisingly capable attacker to take potshots of opportunity, especially given her ability to counter enemy defenses or knock down their stats. Mid-dial, she gains Energy Explosion and Close Combat Expert to maintain her potency from afar and near, respectively, while getting harder to hit thanks to her Combat Reflexes + Stealth combo giving her an effective 18 DV. Finally, the reappearance of her SP keeps her useful to the end.

She'll be moving half-speed off hindering most of the time....and that's about the worst thing I can say about her.

The new FLASHBANG can get her into easy position for a later attack or Outwit range. The KINETIC ACCELERATOR is also choice to help her get to the next bit of hindering with ease. INFILTRATE is a cheap feat if you plan to use her more offensively as a tieup piece. But since she's so good at just sitting back and Asking the Question, OPPORTUNIST could work well. In unrestricted, AMBUSH is a solid choice when she's based. The STEPLADDER object can function as the poor man's Kinetic Accelerator.

A great support piece that can fight in close or at range with equal ability, The Question is, frankly, some of the best 37 points you can spend in Heroclix. 5 of 5.

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