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Image from heroclix.com

Superman Prime
Arkham Asylum

Reviewed 11.25.2008

Average Rating: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS


wing speed

318 points

Team: none

Keywords: Brute, Sinestro Corps

Range:  10 x 1






Hypersonic Speed is all but required to compete in the 250+ point class if you don't have natural resistance to Outwit. Fortunately, Superbrat here has the speed power. 5 damage + Super Strength (via his 1st SP "Get Out Of My Way!") makes it all the better. His 2nd, "Invincible," reduced any damage dealt to 1, allowing him to shrug off the bulk of any non-penetrating damage and immediately gain Impervious on his 2nd click. His next SP, "Die Already!" grants Close Combat and Range Combat Expert to allow him to deal 6 damage to targets regardless of adjacency. His AV, already high at 11, rises to 12 by click 3.


It's still that high when he gains his last SP "I'm a Hero!" which gives him the superb Charge + Flurry combo with the bonus of it being PENETRATING damage. That's a potential 8 clicks straight through in a single Charge. And Superbrat is still Invulnerable at this point. After those two deadly clicks he's got Hypersonic and Invincible again with Exploit Weakness and Psychic Blast. His last few clicks finish with Charge, Quake, his only 9 AVs of the dial and the ability to Regen back to "I'm A Hero" or HSS. And 4 damage again.


Oh. And did I mention he's got the Indomitable symbol through all this?




His DV peaks (and mostly holds) at 17, which is low for the costliest normal-sized piece in Heroclix. He also has a Trait that prevents him from Carrying, ever, making him not even able to cart his own meatshields around. Ending Regen will lead to a lot of quick KOs with his weak DV at that point. And what the heck is Quake doing on his dial? Sure, it's character-accurate, but it's a serious point-sink even with the SP discount. Similarly, the back half of his dial's terrible power combos steal cost-effectiveness from him.



FORTITUDE. Always. At 17 DV, he WILL get tagged in any game big enough to run him, so don't let a cheap Outwitter make him feel it. PROTECTED, too, is almost as mandatory, and especially good on Indomitable pieces. The 10% feat cap introduced in the F4 ruleset prevent him from using the retired REPULSOR SHIELD in 400 point games, but in 500 and up, throw it on him too. Otherwise add NANOARMOR to nerf the Meteorite Special Object especially. AUTOMATIC REGENERATION is extra insurance should things go THAT badly.



His defensive numbers, while not BAD, are nevertheless his downfall. Unlike his character, Superbrat's players need to use finesse to prevent being swarmed to death. Used thusly with care, he's a KO machine that'll inspire sheer terror. 3 of 5.

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