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The Flash
Arkham Asylum

Reviewed 11.24.2008

Average Rating: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS


boot speed

120 points

Team: Justice Society

Keywords: Central City, Justice Society, Past, Scientist

Range:  0 x 1






He's got a great Special Power in "Cosmic Treadmill" granting him Hypersonic Speed and Phasing/Teleport. While he can't use both at once (they're both power actions, and only one can be used per turn), the Phasing half allows him to take a passenger, and with a high 12 speed, even the -2 Carry penalty won't slow him down. Having Defend with 18 Defense Value works VERY well with that ability, esp. if his fare has Energy Shield/Deflection or Combat Reflexes for a potential 20 DV. He also starts with Leadership, so between his ability as a taxi and an extra action, the Flash is great for early positioning.


Both Leadership and Defend give way immediately to Probability Control and his 2nd SP "Fastest Man Alive", respectively. The latter grants ESD and Super Senses to make him a very hard target. By mid-dial, he downgrades to normal HSS -- no more carrying -- but his speed peaks at a staggering 13. He also gains his last SP "Supersonic Punch" which allows him to use Quake (but minus the knockback) during a HSS move. NICE. End-dial sees his AV slip to 8 but his DV rise back up to 17 with Willpower and his speed remain at 11.


Scientist is the best of his keywords, and his JSA TA could benefit wildcards.



Zero damage reduction leaves him a bit vulnerable, especially mid-dial when his DV bottoms out at 15. 2 damage down the line is anemic for a figure of his cost.



In Restricted (assuming that with WizKids' demise, that means anything anymore), CONTINGENCY PLAN works on his first click to help the team early on, but only on larger games than 300 points, where we won't be so much of the team. In Unrestricted, the way-too-useful ARMOR PIERCING is almost a no-brainer to help his low damage, unless you'd rather abuse his dial-long run of HSS to help himself to free healing with NANOBOTS. And then there's SWINGLINE, the runner's best friend.



Finally, a Jay Garrick with the JSA TA. He's not bad at all, but IMO he's for JSA themes only. 3 of 5.


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