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HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Iron Man - Free Comic Book Day Exclusive
Reviewed 05.07.2008 - Average Rating: 3.50
Graphics above by Le

Rurouni KJS

Iron Man (Free Comic Book Day)

wing speed

100 points


Keywords: Avengers, Scientist, SHIELD

Range:  10 x 1



As of this writing, his dial and card are not on WizKids' site. Hopefully, Pojo has posted a pic of the stats above. But if not:


#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7


10 10 09 09 08 08 07

11 10 10 09 09 08 08

17 17 16 16 16 16 15

03 03 03 02 02 02 01


#1 has Running Shot, Energy Explosion and Special Power "Invincible" in the defense slot; 2nd click loses it for Invulnerability. #3 loses Running Shot and swaps Invul. for Energy Shield/Deflection. Fourth click swaps in Super Strength, "Invincible" and Close Combat Expert. #5 adds Charge and swaps in Invulnerability again. #6 loses Charge and switches in ESD and Range Combat Expert, while the last click drops Super Strength.



Starting with 10 Range + Running Shot, Energy Explosion and 3 damage with an 11 AV make this latest version of Iron Man a great first-strike piece. He also has a unique defensive power in "Invincible,"

which reduces damage dealt to him to 1. This means that even if an enemy like the new 317-point Superman critical-hits him with a heavy object, instead of taking 8 clicks of damage, Iron Man only takes ONE...and then he's got regular Invulnerability and still-solid offensive capabilities. Against tentpole-heavy teams, this power can be great, especially because it shows up again mid-dial (and again is followed by Invulnerability).


Mid-dial he also swaps out E.Explosion for Super Strength along with a bit of Close Combat Expert, and he needs them as his damage drops to 2. But he works better at range on his final two clicks due to the presence of Energy Shield/Deflection and Range Combat Expert.


"Scientist" is one of the best generic keywords.



"Invincible" is a double-edged SP. Sure, he can withstand a massive hit with minimal injury, but he'll take the SAME amount of injury from a 1-damage-dealing pog! Additionally, it is ineffective against both Psychic Blast and Exploit Weakness, as damage dealt by those powers cannot be reduced at all. Also note that following both his Invulnerable clicks is at least one soft Energy Shield/Deflection click. His SHIELD TA is not helpful to him at all, since he must spend an action to use it when he, being a third of the standard 300-point team, ought to be attacking instead. And where's the "Armor" keyword?



While they're still legal for a couple more months, feel free to abuse both ARMOR PIERCING (to bolster his EE clicks and his later low-damage ones) and NANOBOTS (useable from mid-dial on). Less recommended is REPULSOR SHIELD to protect against Psychic Blast. He's cheap enough that FORTITUDE is OK insurance to keep his defenses up. PROTECTED is almost mandatory to either maintain him on his "Invincible" clicks or to avoid taking a huge hit on one of his three ESD slots.




Similar to the character's ever-growing armory, Iron Man figures just keep getting better and better. In a svelte 100-point package we get a piece with great range and, through his Special Power, the ability to completely change the way your opponent plays. And there's room for plenty of help from a horde of SHIELD figs or Avengers or Scientists for keywordy goodness.

And also note: this is the first COMPLETELY TOURNAMENT-LEGAL Free Comic Book Day piece in HeroClix history!


RATING: 4 of 5. The price is what makes this score high in my book.


Today's review is Iron Man from Free Comic Book Day


That’s right folks, after such a good opening weekend (and because of the downtime in between sets) we continue Iron Man week with the FCBD version.


The stats should be listed above, if not hopefully someone has them around in a link


He is a unique(promo), 100 points, 10 range, 7 clicks of life, a flier, shield team

Speed:  Some running shot and then some charge…not bad

Attack:  Good numbers, EE and 1 target…sigh, and the SS is only good on 1 click

Defense:  Nothing special, but the white power is a glorified toughness and there are other reducers, and he stays high from range

Damage:  Standard numbers but with powers in the right slots

The Good:  Not a bad secondary attacker in a high point game

      Good attack

      10 range

      Shield team helps the damage

The Bad:   Shield team is not the best

    Damage is nothing special

     Only 7 clicks

    1 target

Feats:   Eh, I actually think he is good as is, but nanobots was made for him

Overall:    This guy is not bad, I am going to get that out of the way right now.  I like him.  I think he is a cost effective piece (probably the most CE Iron Man), but I feel that there is just something missing.  The team ability is nothing to write home about, and he really does not pack that punch to really make him a tourney worthy piece.  As much as I would like to use him competitively, why would I ever use him over R Shazam, R Monel, Superman Robot, or Invincible?  I guess as far as an overall piece goes, I love him.  In higher point games he fits great on Avengers teams (though the other more powerful versions have the avengers team itself…which is always better).  In tournaments…I would say he is probably not a go-to guy, but overall I like him and he is pretty solid for the points you are putting into him.

Constructed/Unrestricted:  3 / 5

Sealed/Draft:  N/A / 5


Overall:  3 / 5


Heroclix….they’re cool, addictive, and available….the things practically sell themselves.”

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.


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