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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

The Spectre - DC Crisis
Reviewed 03.14.2008 - Average Rating: 4.00

Rurouni KJS Unique Spectre
wing giant speed
234 points
Team: Quintessence
Keywords: Detective, Herald, Justice Society, Mystical
Range: 10 x 1


Man, where do I start. First, he's a flying giant with a great 11 AV, 10 range and 5 damage. So even though he has Super Strength, he doesn't even need it to start. But if he wants to get in close, his first Special "Ghostly Guardian" gives him use of Charge, of Phasing/Teleport and of the JSA team ability. So as dangerous as he is from range, he's worse by far in close.

That's especially true in his mid-dial. He loses Impervious for Super Senses and Regeneration but becomes an Outwitter and gains Flurry and Poison. If he gets hit here, he'll feel it, leading to...

"VENGEANCE!" His other special power, on the last 4 clicks of his dial, enables him to swap his not-bad 3 damage value for his enemy's, and make it PENETRATING.
That's awesome. Invulnerability and Steal Energy helps preserve him (here his giant form helps him make the close combat attacks that Steal Energy requires, and Vengeance makes the damage stick to activate Steal Energy). But if the odds look too steep even for him, Spectre can Phase/Teleport away with ease, no matter what enemy Outwitters try.

That's because he's got the Quintessence team symbol, rendering him immune to Outwit and pushing damage. And that's a lot of strengths.

He's a Giant and high-cost, so enemies can swarm and out-action him. Also, wildcards can't benefit from his JSA TA special power, because they can only copy from those who actually possess a team ability...Spectre can only USE the JSA TA. Defensively, much of his mid-dial is very soft and his defense numbers grow decidedly mediocre for his point cost.

INSIDE INFORMATION is solid given his generic keywords like Detective and Mystical -- Batman and Shazam!
better watch out! PROTECTED is needed to protect his late-dial from a particularly hard hit. AUTOMATIC REGENERATION works for any fig with more than one Regen click. The METEORITE is good for any Super Strength figure, as is TOMBSTONE (even better for Spectre since he doesn't really need the boost to his damage).

A very powerful fig that works equally well in close or at range, this is one of the best tentpoles in the game.

RATING: 4 of 5. Lost a point due to the soft middle of his dial.

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