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HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Invisible Woman - F4 Starter
Reviewed 07.02.2008 - Average Rating: 3.0
Graphics above by Le

Rurouni KJS

Now we come to the next review of the Fantastic Four set and, by extension, discuss some of the rule changes coming to Heroclix!



wing speed

100 points

Team:  Fantastic Four

Keywords:  Fantastic Four

Range:  6 x 1






Her biggest immediate strength is her first Special Power, "Invisible," which renders her immune to any powers requiring Line of Fire beyond her own 6 range. This forces enemies who want to deal with her to get within her sights. Until then, she's free to back up her team with an opening click of the new-and-improved Telekinesis (now can affect figures and objects 8 squares away) or using Barrier with her other SP "Force Fields," which also gives her Invulnerability.


That puts an enemy in a pickle once he actually can see Sue to, say, Outwit her. Does he counter "Invisible" so his pals can attack? Then she's still got "Force Fields" reducing damage (assuming she hasn't built a Barrier to block LOF already) and Range Combat Expert making her a potent threat to him on her own. Even if she takes some damage, she gets Incapacitate and her Attack Value rises to 10 and stays there until "Invisible" ends with click #6. Her dial ends with a balance of close combat and ranged prowess thanks to Force Blast, Quake and Ranged Combat Expert. (NOTE: Although the dial shown on WizKids' gallery seems to show a single click of Outwit on her 5th click, it actually reads "Regeneration" if clicked on and doesn't appear on her character card at all. This is probably a click of Ranged Combat Expert.)



Her damage is low, low, low without all the RCE boosting it. And for all the benefits of "Invisible," using it also keeps her from doing much actual fighting. Her defense is low for a Sue, even with Super Senses to help at the end.



In unrestricted, ARMOR PIERCING or NANOBOTS are ideal due to her low damage. But now? If you have it, use PROTECTED to keep her on her Invulnerable clicks as long as possible, if you care enough to. Otherwise, she's fine without feats.



It's great to see a Sue whose contribution isn't limited to hiding in hindering or hiding behind a teammate while using Defend. But she's still not a super fighter for the points but is instead a combination of a support piece and 2nd/3rd-string attacker. Make sure she has allies TO support and who can help her too...such as her brother Human Torch (reviewed yesterday) or husband Mr. Fantastic (tomorrow).


RATING: 3 of 5. Again, though, a little help can boost her score a bit more.

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