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HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Human Torch - F.F. Starter Set
Reviewed 07.01.2008 - Average Rating: 3.00
Graphics above by Le

Rurouni KJS


wing speed

100 points

Team: Fantastic Four

Keywords: Celebrity, Fantastic Four

Range:  8 x 2





STRENGTHS: Torch starts as a capable first-striker with Running Shot and double-target Energy Explosion. His second Special Power, "Fiery Streak," aside from giving him more Running Shot, prevents him from having to stop next to enemies while moving.


"But...he's got the Wing symbol," someone out there protests. "Flier never have to stop next to enemies!"


That used to be true. But now the Wing symbol grants two Abilities: Flight and Carry...and both can be countered with Outwit! So "Fiery Streak" is useful in the event that Torch loses his flying ability somehow.


Torch is a range specialist, so it's a good thing his other SP "Flame On!" grants him Energy Shield/Deflection and Poison. Because the new rules make range attacks useless in base-to-base contact even for fliers, making foes afraid to base him is a nice bonus. Moreover, the free Smoke Cloud (in squares he moves through) the SP offers means he'll frequently have a +3 to his Defense Value.


By dial's end, he has Pulse Wave and Ranged Combat Expert to still deliver a punch.



As with all ranged figures under the new rules, being based is a weakness. The second half of his dial loses his Specials, his mobile attack options and only having ESD at this point makes him HIGHLY vulnerable to close-combat.



His Poison and Energy Explosion both cry for ARMOR PIERCING. If you have the chance to play him in unrestricted and you have the points, ALWAYS use this feat. But with AP being (happily) retired for at least a little while when this set comes out, OPPORTUNIST might be the best option for him...if you hold him back for a few turns to build up the tokens. Otherwise, Torch is probably best left featless.



Human Torch is a lot like Lightning Lad from last year's Legion of Super-Heroes starter set, only better. But he's not 30 points better.


RATING: 3 of 5. You'll have to play him with Perplexers -- especially his brother-in-law, Mr. Fantastic -- to really get the best out of him and add a half-point to his score.

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