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Gotham City Detective & Black Spectre Twofer
Arkham Asylum

Reviewed 12.4.2008

Average Rating: see reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS This is the first in a series of side-by-side reviews of four Common pieces from Arkham Asylum and their Limited Edition counterparts. First we'll look at the GOTHAM CITY DETECTIVE vs. LE CRISPUS ALLEN.

boot speed
27 points
Team Ability: PD

Range: 6 x 1


Cheap Enhancement is always good, and this is the best value for the power among un-Retired pieces (for what THAT'S worth in this post-WizKids era of tournament play), thanks in part to the PD Team Ability allowing him to boost his Enhanced partner's Attack Value as well as long as he can see the target, too. Starting 9 AV is good for the cost. Push GCD a bit to gain Plasticity to be one mother of a tie-up piece with Willpower, or stay put to keep Enhancing shooters while throwing out a ranged attack himself. Even though his AV slips immediately to 8, he keeps it all dial long. His low cost resists adding feats, but SUPPRESSIVE FIRE is a cheap trick to extend his ability to affect the field. TAKEDOWN could be nasty if you want to use him for tie-up. ENTRENCH helps him help a dedicated sniper keep from getting hit too hard.

IN SUM: Multiple uses, cheap cost and good combat ability equals a great piece that'll fit a lot of teams. 4 of 5.

His LE defies quick analysis, though, so here's a full review.

wing speed
197 points
Team Ability: Mystics
Range: 8 x 2
Keywords: Detective, Herald, Mystical


Outwit + 4 damage + 11 AV seems to equal frontline fighter, especially with double-target Incap. A few clicks in, he's got damage reduction in Invulnerability and Impervious along with a peak 12 AV that never drops back to single digits. Also check out how his Plasticity + Phasing combo Special Power, "Vengeance Comes" allows him to come and go at will while holding foes down. That works well with "Your Powers Will Not Save You" which allows him either normal Outwit or the ability to counter all normal powers of 2 adjacent foes...no Line of Fire needed, apparently! Late-dial, he gets the potent combo of Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs. Mystics TA, too.

Riddled with them, actually. He's defensively soft on both ends of the dial. He's not likely to get damaged past his "hard" clicks, but still. No move/attack abilities (or Quintessence or Indomitable or even Willpower) is a big weakness for a tentpole-priced piece like him. And his 2nd click is REALLY terrible: his sole single-digit AV, NO defense powers at all, and his damage is halved to 2. Makes him particularly un-pushable to start.

Three opening clicks of double-target Incap (two with really good AV) begs for STUNNING BLOW, though his soft Defense may make him blow right past those. Don't count on PROTECTED to help, either (for once); using it on the top of his dial could strand him on his worst click while taking the hit usually puts him on his best clicks. If he's taking anything less than 7 clicks, save the Protected. FORTITUDE is always good on high-point figs, but OUTSMART is a decent alternative thanks to his copious Outwit. TAKEDOWN, which he can use his first 7 clicks, could be extremely good in conjunction with Super Senses and "Vengeance Comes." DAMAGE SHIELD is a good retired option from 3rd click on, and EXHAUSTION actually works to get him past that awful click #2 quicker.

Nothing at all like the Common figure he shares a sculpt with, Crispus Allen looks like a fun piece to run. But despite his vast power, he's not necessarily going to hang with his weight class all that well. 3 of 5.

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