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Metron & Ghost Fox Killer
Arkham Asylum

Reviewed 12.17.2008

Average Rating: see reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS


wing speed

195 points

Team: Quintessence

Keywords: New Gods, Scientist

Range:  8 x 1






Quintessence = immunity from Outwit and push damage. That's a big bonus. He also sports two loaded Special Powers.  "The Price of Knowledge" offers extra attack powers Quake, Psychic Blast or Pulse Wave with a 33% chance at taking self-damage. The Probability Control granted by "Mobius Chair" helps avoid that damage, but with his natural 4 damage and the Outwit + Perplex also packaged in "Mobius Chair" he should never NEED to risk using Psychic Blast. Similarly, a dial full of Phasing is the way to deal with swarms, not Quake. And while Pulse Wave MAY be worth using sometimes, well, actually it's not. Not when you've got 4 damage with Outwit. (OK, there MAY be a time when Skrull Ms. Marvel is hiding in range of PW and you want to blast her off those cheating clicks and don't mind risking the self-damage to do it.)


"Mobius Chair" also offers Metron the chance to use either Support or Leadership if he's not using Perplex. Both are pretty situational, but it doesn't hurt to have the options.



From mid-dial on, he has Super Senses instead of his starting Impervious, meaning a solid hit wins the enemy about 200 points. His first SP, as noted above, is essentially a load of wasted points. Leadership is also a waste at his cost, no matter the team size...you'll never want to use it instead of the Perplex offered by the SP. His AV is weak for the cost, too.



PROTECTED is great on non-pushing pieces to nix the quick KO if Impervious fails. (You really want to keep Metron on his damage reduction at all costs.) Field the ELEHA'AL VINE too...it's ideal for his combo of Phasing to get away to it and Quintessence to heal turn after turn. (You really want to keep Metron on his damage reduction at all costs.) Because he doesn't have to use the Leadership part of "Mobius Chair" in order to use CONTINGENCY PLAN, that's a way to get real mileage out of the SP. In unretired cards, it may be worth using REPULSOR SHIELD to thwart those Psychic Blasters out there. (You really want to keep Metron on his damage reduction at all costs.) His high damage may make WAR ZONE attractive for once.



Part tentpole and part support piece, Metron's best held back for big games with capable secondary attacks to share the load and draw some fire, lest he take just two big hits and be done. 3 of 5.





boot speed

68 points

Team: none

Keywords: Great Ten, Mystical

Range:  0 x 1






Phasing/Teleport and Poison to start is a pretty good combo, but suppose you want her more active in the fight? Then a simple push grants Flurry and Probability Control, still Poisonous with 17 DV + Super Senses to protect from counterattacks. Phasing and the Flurry/PC combo alternate all dial, but midway her attack slot swaps Poison out for Steal Energy. Late-dial she's rocking 17 DV again with PC  and Willpower to make her a tougher-than-average KO. 7 clicks of life is good for her cost and she's got a good keyword in Mystical.



2 damage or less. No damage reduction (not even via feats). Her back & forth power progressions can be a liability for pushing (and it's terrible for her later Flurry+Steal Energy combo, as the non-optional heal knocks her OFF Flurry and can prevent the 2nd attack). Her AV slips to 8 way too soon, and her DV bottoms out to 15 mid-dial.



In the restricted setting (whatever that means now), there's not much that fits. BOOK OF DESTINY? RETALIATION? These recent prizes are way too situational to be worth fielding. But the unrestricted field has lots to offer GFK. ARMOR PIERCING is exceptionally good with Poison and her low-damage Flurry, especially once she's Stealing Energy, too. NANOBOTS is great with her Phasing clicks. PASSENGER  or DOUBLE-TIME are great for getting her to her PC/Flurry click faster; the former allows her to bring a pal to double-team a nearby Poison victim while the latter allows her to reach just about anyone on the board.



Not bad. Not one you'll reach for first by any means, but effective, used correctly. 3 of 5.


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