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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Kyle Rayner - DC Crisis
Reviewed 04.03.2008 - Average Rating: 3.50

Rurouni KJS Veteran Kyle Rayner
wing speed
182 points
Team: Green Lantern Corps
Keywords: Green Lantern Corps, JLA
Range: 10 x 1


Kyle's main strength is the first power of his first click, "Ion," which allows him the use of the Quintessence team ability. This protects his other normal powers of Telekinesis, Impervious and Perplex from Outwit and allows him to push freely to attack with his starting 11 AV. And with an 18 DV he's unlikely to be easily knocked off that first click.

Even after "Ion" wears off, he's good for Running Shot, Energy Explosion (and still more Perplex) and his other special, "Constructs" which works just like the Construct feat from the Green Lantern Corps set:
when he uses Barrier, enemies adjacent to it are forced to break away to move or be moved no matter what powers they, or their allies, have.

Mid-dial, his DV spikes back up to 18 before beginning a steady slide down. He also gets Range Combat Expert to deal a lot of hurt at range. End-dial, he gets Phasing, Incap and more Perplex/RCE to boost his 2 damage a bit.

Finally, don't overlook his natural Green Lantern Corps team ability. With his Ion-granted free push, he can carry a load of boot speed friends and attack or TK next turn.

As mighty as that first click is, he's considerably more mortal once he loses it. Not having true
move+attack on that first click is also a blow.

That first click I keep mentioning should be PROTECTED, always (or save it for the soft clicks #2-4 or 7-8, in case you critmiss off Ion before burning the feat).

A first-click character if there ever was one. But what a click; it almost makes him a great tentpole.
He's also a good support piece thanks to his TK, TA and Perplex. Build a team to take advantage of this dual nature and he may do well.

RATING: 3.5 of 5. Just too costly to properly support enough of a team at 300, and not quite tough enough to be a proper tent pole.

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