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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Convention Figure

Reviewed 03.23.2007

Average Rating: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Rurouni KJS He has Cosmic Multi-Attack. That's essentially Hypersonic Speed with the ability to Pulse Wave. He beats every other figure, including Spectre.
DrStrange86 Today's review is Galactus

Do I really need to talk about who Galactus is?

He is the first Convention Exclusive Colossal Figure, and still the best

He is 1800 points, 16 range 3 targets, no AE, and the original Power Cosmic

I could put up the dials, but I am lazy and this is finals week for me (hence no Fing review), so here is the link


Speed: High numbers all around, and he is huge, he can hit anyone, no move and shoot though

Attack: God like, as they should be, and psy blast makes him even more ridiculous

Defense: Once Again, ridiculous

Damage: Wow….just wow

The Good: Everything

The Bad: Cant be used outside of friendly play (where do you find 2000 point tourneys these days?)

Feats: Can you use them? I don’t have Galactus so I am not sure.

Overall: Well, if you are using him, you are probably going to win. He is ridiculous, plain and simple. It is not like his stats are bad enough, but he is immune to so much and can do so much attack it is sick.

Constructed/Unrestricted: 5 / 5

Sealed/Draft: N/A / 5

Overall: 5 / 5

“Heroclix….they’re cool, addictive, and available….the things practically sell themselves.”

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.

Today's Click of the Day is  Galactus
Galactus is known to devour planets and is one of the most powerful villians,if not THE most powerful, in the Marvel universe. But can he live up to that name in the HeroClix universe? Let's find out.
He is 1800 points; Flier; Power Cosmic Team; 16 Range; 3 Bolts
(Once again, dial is too long. But for clarification I'm reviewing based on mostly dial #3)
 Speed  -- Wow 20 speed! Nowhere to hide when Galactus can storm to anywhere on the map in one move. But no powers..
 Attack  -- Does it get any better than 16 with Psychic Blast? Basically he can hit anyone. Too bad it's only 4 clicks deep.
 Defense  -- No wonder he's nearly 2000 points.. what's that, 11 clicks of straight Impervious.. And half are 21 defense? And the rest.. 20 defense? I'll leave it at that.
 Damage  -- I was amazed by the defense until I saw a full dial of Exploit Weakness and 8 damage! Some figures don't even move 8.
 Sculpt  -- If I had some extra cash I'd get it just to see it in person.
 Romanco's Breakdown
~ When are you ever going to have a 1800 point team?
~ All values stay strong throughout dial
~ I only reviewed one dial; he has FOUR!
Take out the opponents with high attack. You can hit three at a time for 2 or 3 clicks each so in a couple turns there may not be much left. Don't be afraid to take damage; Galactus doesn't become earth shattering until Dial 3.
~ Galactus is very versatile. He can be successful from range and close combat. I don't see many figures pulling off a 21 more than once. Power Cosmic Team means he takes no pushing damage. I can't say anything else because I think you get my point. ~
I give Galactus a 4/5.
 Have a good weekend! 
~~  Romanc   mcromanco95@aol.com.


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