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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Green Lantern Corps

Reviewed 09.11.2006

Average Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World
Top 10 regional player in Chicago.


Edited by Jamie Lewis


Today we'll be reviewing Arisia from Green Lantern Corps Collectors Set


Does anybody out their play HORRORCLIX?...........  Anybody?.........................................  Why do I hear crickets?


Experienced: 103 points, Green Lantern Team



MOVEMENT:  Running Shot at the end.  Forceblast in the middle.  Phasing in the beginning.  In bizzaro world this is perfect.


ATTACK: Incapacitate is always bad if you have only one target.  TK is mainly good in the beginning, having it sporadically through the dial is going to be very hard to use.  Energy Explosion is again very bad if you only have one target.  The attack is stupidly placed, she basically has to get hit to be playable and then she can’t even hit for much.


DEFENSE:  Barrier to start is all right, I guess.  Energy/Shield will help protected her from anybody just hitting her.  Her defense is very low for the set.


DAMAGE:  Enhancement is fantastic for a Green Lantern Corp.  Carrying 8 people that can all hit for one more damage using a ranged attack is priceless.  Perplex is also nice.  Her damage is so low that she is practically useless.


SCULPT: God those Horrorclix are fantastic.  This sculpt is okay, just not by comparison.


FEATS:  Sigh… I would not do anything.  She costs way too much already.  Nanobots would work well if you have the points.



*       So absolutely generic it’s sad.

*       Low attack

*       Decent defense

*       Bad power set for the price

*       All the powers are in the wrong place.

*       Enhancement is cool to try out with Green Lantern Corps in a much larger point game

*       Kinda a one trick pony


I’m not sure what to say.  The powers are a scrambled mess.  She is as hard to play as the original Doc Strange was, but much more pointless to play.  I figure the idea was not to try and use Enhancement with Green Lantern Corps.  It’s a neat idea and if you were playing a 1,000 point swarm team it would be amazing.  However, is it really THAT great to have your figures do one more damage???


Personally I don’t think so.ealHeal





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