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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 03.06.2006

Average Rating: 3.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating




Today we'll be reviewing Venom from Sinister


After giving us the other Venom that was nearly unplayable Wizkids made a pretty smart move by offering him up as a Clixbricks Exclusive.  The Sculpt is awesome and very Venom-ish.  He also has another exciting concept; he has an ability in every slot of his dial!


Everybody knows who Venom is…right?


LE:  105 points, Sinister Syndicate Team



Before anyone freaks they’ve changed the rules of Combat Reflexes.


COMBAT REFLEXES (optional): Modify this character’s defense value by + 2 against close combat attacks. This character may choose to be knocked back by any attack from which it takes damage. Knockback damage dealt to this character is reduced to 0.



MOVEMENT:  Grr…Leap/climb to start.  THEN STEALTH, THEN CHARGE!  Wow, that is so completely backwards of what would be useful.  Plasticity at the end is decent with Steal Energy, but don’t YOU want to run away to heal, instead of keeping a character next to you?  Charge is what needed to be first, although having it 4 clicks down is better then have it the second click.  Realistically if he’s hit, he’ll be hit for 4.


ATTACK:  Very nice attack values for the sets.  Except his highest attacks are on his second click L  Super Strength is always nice to be loaded on his front dial.  Incapacitate is useless on a character that has Exploit Weakness and Charge.  Blades/Claws are great to have mid-dial, and amazing to have when you have Outwit!  Steal Energy is nice, but if you’re playing a medic it will lead you to some very hard choices.  Steal Energy CAN be used with Close Combat Expert, so Venom is really deadly at his end, hitting for 4 clicks and healing one click.


DEFENSE:  17 willpower…having no damage reducers at the beginning is ALWAYS bad for a brick.  17 is nice, but is becoming the new standard in clix and is losing its impressive edge.  His defense gets ridiculously low, which is great for healing! 


DAMAGE:  You will never want to use him as a range character, all of his powers work best close up.  He has some great abilities here that will always keep him useful.  Close Combat Expert is nice to have front loaded and is not an ability you can use with Charge, so it all does make sense.  Blades/Claws and Exploit Weakness do not work together, so that is pick and choose, but both can be used with Charge.  Outwit is always good, but I prefer it Front-loaded….also not sure when Venom has Outwitted somebody in the comics?  Close Combat Expert at the end makes him insanely dangerous after being hit. 


SCULPT:  You can try to complain about whatever you want, but Wizkids is kicking butt and taking names with these sculpts.


Feats:  Incontact and Protected are all good for him…and every Heroclix character ever made. Life-Model Decoy may prove to be a useful feat on him, while it is not always useful, it does make his opening click a lot better and his dial a lot deeper.



*       He has a lot of cool abilities and much like the Joker from Legacy is probably really fun to play with.

*       You pay for those abilities with his slightly over costed 105 point dial.

*       Not being front loaded with a move and attack ability means he is very hard to play and you have to design your team around getting him a first hit.  Protected can also help with that problem.

*       He does have range and that will help him a lot.

*       Sinister Syndicate is a very good ability, if you build your team around it.

*       Nice and playable attack

*       His move abilities are all wrong

*       His damage abilities are alright

*       You’ll have to memorize his dial and work hard to play him effectively.


He’s a very hard figure to rate.  He consistently does high damage and will probably hit with most of his attacks.  His second click and his last click are clearly his best, but his starting click is not terrible either.  He feels like he is really easy to kill, with a little Outwit and a couple of hard hitters he’ll go down very fast.  Life-Model Decoy may be able to save him, but it drives up his points even more.  I personally would not play Venom in any game that is less then 500 points, he really has to move into being third attacker to be really useful.  Non-competitively I will play him a lot, he’s one of my favorite characters accurately portrayed as a Heroclix.  Most of all he looks like a lot of fun to play and isn’t that why we play this game?




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  Email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail


PS:  I agree with Dario, Mary Marvel LE is indeed terrible.

Dario Venom

Today we take a break from Collateral Damage to take a look at something new from Marvel: Venom, from the Sinister outcoming set. I imagine that you all
know, or at least have a slight idea, of who this guy is: Eddie Brock...
Symbiote... coolest Spidey's nemesis... coolest Spidey's ally... bla bla...
So, onto the figure itself: Very nice sculpt indeed, 105 points, Sinister
Syndicate TA, 6 range 1 target, 9 clicks of health and:

Speed: 10, 10, 9, 8, 8, 7, 7, 6, 5. Starts with Leap/Climb, then moves to 2
clicks of Stealth, then follows 2 clicks of Charge, then 2 of Leap/Climb
again and finishes with 2 of Plasticity.

Attack: 10, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 8, 9, 10. Begins with 2 of Super strength,
follows 2 of Incapacitate, 3 of B/C/F then, and ends with 2 of Steal Energy.

Defense: 17, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10. Starts with Willpower then
comes Toughness for 3 clicks and the rest is Combat Reflexes.

Damage: 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2. Starts with 3 clicks of CCE, follows 2 of

Exploit Weakness, then 2 of Outwit and finished with 2 of CCE.

Analysis: Wow... what a rainbow, i must say... but is that any useful? let's see... First things first: His range means pretty much nothing as his base
damage is low and he has no useful powers to use from range (Incapacitate is no good with 1 target 6 range, and Outwit is way too far from the
beginning). His TA is pretty much nothing, too... moving on, the second half of his speed dial, i like. Leap/Climb and Plasticity are good for running to the medic, or you can choose to tie somebody up with Plasticiy if you want.
The first half... i dislike very much that he doesn't start with Stealth,
it's a big downside... Flurry is ok, especially on those clicks; Charge will come in handy, i think. Attack: Super Strength without HSS or Charge isn't
reaslly good, neither is Incapacitate in this guy's case... B/C/F is nice,
especially with the Charge; Steal Energy isn't too great, but it's a nice
little ability. IMO that his numbers here are darn good. Defense: Starts
nice (17, 17, 16), but drops way too fast to way too low numbers, and he has almost no damage reducers (Toughness, and for only 3 clicks... :S) I guess
the starting Willpower is nice, but would have been much better with
Stealth... the whole lot of Combat Reflexes, with the new ruling for this
power, helps him but not too much... Damage: Very nice, if you can get him
next to somebody he'll wreck him.

Conclusion: I can't like him even though i want to: with Leap/Climb,
Plasticity and Combat Reflexes he has a way of running to the medic, and his low defense makes him very healable; but that same low defense with almost
no damage reducing powers will be his doom. As well as his inability to be a danger to characters with range. I mean, when dealing with a figure is
easier than playing it, it's pretty obvious it's not too great, and dealing
with Venom is easy: just outrange him, or use a 6 range character (would be
withtin his range) but with Impervious or Invulnerability, and he's yours.
Just make sure you finish him swiftly so he doesn't get heal.
The Le

Wizkids recently announced it's Clix Brick special figure, and it's VENOM! To get this unique figure, you need to buy a Clix Brick of the new Sinister set, coming out later this spring -- which allows you to get Venom for free! Make sure you save the Clix Brick UPC symbols (on the booster), since they are required to get your free Venom figure.


Let's get right to it. Venom has a low cost of [105] and a range of [6], with one lightning bolt. Taking a close look at the dial there is one glaring fact -- a full dial of color! That's right, Venom sports a power in every single slot of those [9] clicks of life, and the Sinister Syndicate Team Ability (TA) to boot.

Even at a quick glance it is easy to see that each and every power is carefully placed for maximum effect. I'll tell you right now -- Venom is a very nice figure!

We start off with Leap/Climb (L/C) to go anywhere, Super Strength (SS), Willpower, and Close Combat Expert (CCE). He starts with a very high Speed and Attack of [10], excellent defense of [17] and respectable damage of [2]. All of these are fantastic starts. Willpower is gold in my book, and this combination allows you to quickly get in close and deal [2]+[2] damage with a heavy object or [2]+[2] damage with CCE. (remember, SS and CCE cannot be used at the same time). First clicks of life are critical for any figure, and this first click is gold.

At the 2nd click of life we get a drastic change as Venom loses L/C for Stealth, and Willpower is lost for Toughness. Stats are pretty much the same, except we have a bump in Attack to [11], meaning he can hit pretty much anyone at this point. SS is still there, so you can always throw that heavy object you are carrying for [2] damage. The loss of Willpower is sad, but tougness will do for now, and we do still have a high defense of [17].

The 3rd click of life sees a drop in all values, but they are all still very good. SS is also lost for a more useful Incapacitate (INC). With an attack of [10], you can hit anyone for [1] damage, but more likely you will want to use INC, a power I like to call the "Hulk Stopper". Of course, if they base you, you can always use that CCE for [1]+[2] damage.

The 4th click is more of the same, with drops in all values again, except for damage. Damage actually increases to [2], and CCE is lost for Exploit Weakness (EW). You can still stop that Hulk figure with INC, but EW is where the fun comes in. And if you aren't in range, just close in on them, since Stealth has been dropped in favor of Charge! Remember though, Charge cannot be used with INC or CCE. But who cares? It's nice to have all these options at your disposal.

The 5th click sees the biggest change, with a Speed of [8], Attack of [8], Defense of [14], and Damage of [2]. Charge is still there, but INC is dropped for Blades/Claws/Fangs (BCF). That's always a nice option to have, but only if your EW is outwitted.

The biggest change, however, is that the rest of the dial is full of Combat Reflexes (CR). His defense drops to a mediocre [14] and gets worse, but take a look at the new rule change that takes effect this summer:

COMBAT REFLEXES (optional): Modify this character’s defense value by + 2 against close combat attacks. This character may choose to be knocked back by any attack from which it takes damage. Knockback damage dealt to this character is reduced to 0.

That's just sweet. Looks like all those complaints about CR has finally paid off. With this change, Venom's [14] defense is now looking like [14]+[2] in close combat, which is very good at the 5th click of life.

The 6th & 7th clicks of life loses Charge for L/C, BCF is still there, CR is there, but Exploit Weakness is lost for Outwit. I'll take Outwit over EW any day. L/C will let you break away and heal, or just get up close and personal for that BCF. Lots of options here. And don't forget that Venom has a range of 6.

There's also an interesting change starting with the 7th click. Venom's Attack went from [7] to [8], and keeps going up by +1 every click thereafter. That's just... well, really bad for opponents.

The last 2 clicks of life (8th & 9th) are still very dangerous. L/C is lost for Plasticity. BCF is lost for Steal Energy (SE), CR is still there, but Outwit is lost for CCE again. Speed and Defense is pretty lousy, but CR helps with this, and this is the last 2 clicks of life after all. However, Damage is still [2] with CCE, and that Attack Value is very dangerous at [9] and [10]. Now, before you blast SE for being weak (you heal 1 life for a successful close combat attack), please note that SE works with any close combat attack, even CCE! So, you can do [2]+[2] damage and heal [1] click in the process! I'll buy that for a dollar! With such a good Attack value here, I'd be willing to take a chance and push Venom with an attack, since SE will be able to offset that push damage.

And finally I end with he Sinister Syndicate TA.
Sinister Syndicate: A member of this team may use the unmodified attack value of an adjacent friendly member of this team instead of its own.

There are two kinds of figures that fit into this mold: lenders & borrowers. Venom is definitely a lender. His attack value dips to [7] only once (on the sixth click), And stays at [9] or higher for six of those clicks. That's really good.

Which brings me to my conclusion. Venom is fantastic. His color dial is very good and each slot is very well chosen. Kudos to the designers for putting together a good figure. There are definitely some overlaps in abilities, but this simply means Venom is very versatile and should not be afraid of opponent's outwit.

I'd hate to say it, but I think Venom may be overpowered, especially at the paltry cost of 105 points. That's a whole lot of powers packed into a very deep [9] clicks of life. The defense does drop in the end, which some would consider his "glass jaw", and he is certainly an easy target against ranged attackers.

Rating: 5 out of 5. (Perfectly placed set of powers, for a measly cost of 105 points)

--The' Le (pronounced Tay Lee)

contact: TheLeGames@gmail.com
website: www.TheLeGames.com

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