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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Allen the Alien

Reviewed 07.27.2006

Average Rating: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World



Today we'll be reviewing Allen the Alien from Invincible Set


Allen the Alien…sometimes the jokes write themselves.


Unique: 87 points, No Team



MOVEMENT:  I hate Movement powers on the second click, but not on the first.


ATTACK: 11 with Incap is pointless, you’ll never use Incap, unless your Close Combat Expert is outwitted.  11 and only drops to a 9, wow where were these attack values in Sinister?


DEFENSE:  17 with Combat Reflexes is really dumb on a flyer.  You can always make a ranged attack on a flyer even if you are grounded.  If you do not have a range it is usually very simple to Inconact your range up to one and ignore his ability.  Willpower and the naturally high defense is great.  Regen for those last two clicks make Allen almost as annoying to play against as his name is say.


DAMAGE: 2 damage with Close Combat Expert is pretty nice.  Exploit Weakness is sweet at the end.


SCULPT:  That sculpt is definitely an Allen.


FEATS:  Incontact with Oracle giving him Outwit might just make him playable.  I would stop there.



*       0 range

*       No move and attack

*       Flying means he can’t be carried

*       He might be a nice carrier

*       Iron Fist style attack slots

*       Nice stats all the way around

*       He would probably have to be TKed

*       Combat Reflexes is too easy for your oppenent to get around


Wow, this guy is really an interesting one to review.  In general if you can not be carried, do not have a range and back all of that up with no ability to move and attack you can not be played in a competitive environment, no matter what you’re stats are.  Allen the Alien definitely proves me 100% RIGHT.  He has the brutal defense and attack and some decent damage to back it up, but how can he get to your opponent?  If Allen bases you and has some Outwit from Oracle he can definitely go toe to toe with a lot of guys.  The problem with a lot of guys is they will slaughter him, before Allen bases them.


I liked this click better when he was called Veteran Mockingbird and only cost 34 points. 




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


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Please no hate mail


Fun Fact:  Einstein slept with countless women while he had a wife.  But in the end he will be remembered for his good achievements.  Make sure you’re good out weighs your bad, at least enough to cover up for sleeping with Countless Women.

Rurouni KJS Allen the Alien
wing speed
87 points
Team: none
Range: 0

10 09 09 08 08 08 07
11 10 09 09 09 09 10
17 16 16 17 16 16 15
02 02 02 01 01 02 02

Powers and analysis:
1st click bears Incapacitate, Combat Reflexes and Close Combat Expert.
2nd click adds Plasticity.
3rd click loses Incap.
4th click gains Willpower.
Click 5 loses Plasticity.
The last two clicks swap in Regeneration and Exploit Weakness.

Allen is supremely designed for close quarters fighting. But his total lack of reducers and relatively short dial means he should not tangle far above his weight class if you can help it -- esp.
without the Super Strength to make best use of his high and steady attack value. That said, he can be a beast of a tie-up piece in bigger games, esp. with the right feats...

...such as AUTOMATIC REGENERATION to extend his fighting ability further; this feat is practically required, IMO, as a big hit from the enemies who'll fight Allen will likely put him right on those Regen clicks. HEIGHTENED REFLEXES might help him early on against the move+attackers. ENTANGLE fits, but again Allen may well get shoved past his Plasticity clicks and never get to use the feat. And LAZARUS PIT is actually a very thematic card for him.

I think he's been a pal to both Invinicible and his dad Omni-Man at various times in his career.

Comic accurate?
I don't read Invincible very often, so I can't really say.

In sum:
He's like Vet Mockingbird's first couple of clicks times three. That's both good and bad because fielding three Vet Mockingbirds cost the same number of points but will render better results, I think.

Rating: 3/5 If you don't mind paying for expensive tie-up, he's the best.

Today's review is Allen the Alien from Invincible

 I never read Invincible, but it has a lot of fans, enough for its own collector set.


He is an Experienced, 87 points, 0 range 1 target, 7 clicks of life, a flier, and no team

Speed: 10,9,9,8,8,8,7    Plasticity clicks 2-4

Attack: 11,10,9,9,9,9,10    Incapacitate first two

Defense:  17,16,16,17,16,16,15    Combat Reflexes first three, Willpower for 2, then Regeneration

Damage:  2,2,2,1,1,2,2     CCE for 5, EW for 2

The Good:  Wow, where did these attacks come from?

                    Great for the points

      High Defense

      Always able to do some good damage

      Very good for the Points

The Bad:    No move and shoot

     Can’t be carried by Lockjaw

     Needs a TK’er 

     No damage reducers means he needs he will take a bad hit

     The Incap is wasted points

Feats:   ICWO, Protected, Automatic Regeneration, Nanobots, Heightened Reflexes are all good…..Entangle if you want

Overall:  Is Seth still making these pieces or is there a new guy for Invincible because these attack numbers are ridiculous.  He is low points with some high numbers and can do a lot of damage.  A telekinesis character is a must because of his lack of move and shoot, but is still a threat.  I so badly wish the Plasticity was on the first click; cause then he would not only be a close combat beast, but a close combat beast that is going to have a hard time getting away.  Then again, Protected could always push click him onto that.  Watch out for ranged characters, they are his worst enemy.  He is a must have and the main reason I am going to get this set. 

Constructed/Unrestricted: 4 / 5

Sealed/Draft: N/A / 5


Overall:  4 / 5

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.




Allen the Alien, 87 points, Flier, No team, 0 Range, 1 Attack


                        1    2    3     4   5     6    7

Movement      10  9    9     8   8     8    7         Plasticity on clix 2-4

Attack             11  10  9     9   9     9    10       Incap. on clix 1-2

Defense          17  16  16  17  16  16   15       CR on 1-3 Willpower on 4-5 Regen. on 6-7

Damage          2    2    2     1    1    2     2        CCE on clix 1-5  and EW on 6-7


The Good

Decent movement

Consistently high attacks for the recent sets

A 19 defense from close range

Defense spike in the right place

A long stretch of CCE with consistent damage

Willpower is always good

Regen. Is ok


The Bad

Going to be hard to heal

Incap with no range and one attack is just pointless

He has no damage reducers so from range he’ll drop pretty fast

He needs a Tker to get going



ICWO and Protected are your standards but otherwise I would add Damage Shield, and a real big iffy one Repulsor Shield, but only for a real big game.



He is meh at best because he doesn’t have any move and shoot; also his incap is useless you will never use it.  On the flip side he has pretty good attack and decent defense.  Close range he will be a beast but from any longer you’re going to be stuck.


100 points:   1/5     Not a chance.

200 points:   1.5/5  If you were desperate.

300 points:   2/5     Only if you built a team around him.

400 points:   2/5     Still not worth it.

500+ points: 3.5/5  This is where you will get the most out of him.


Comments, Questions, Concearns, or just want to chat.

E-mail: gamerj@fuse.net

AIM:    gamerj92

--Hollow Golem-- Allen The Alien
87 Points
0 Range
No Team
Wing Speed

10 09 09 08 08 08 07-Plasticity on 2,3,4
11 10 09 09 09 09 10-Incapacitate on 1,2
17 16 16 17 16 16 15-Combat Reflexes 1,2,3 Willpower 4,5 Regeneration 6,7
02 02 02 01 01 02 02-CCE 1-5 Exploit Weakness 5,7

Speed-10 is a nice starter, but with no move and attack he's lacking.
Plasticity is a nice touch.

Attack-Very, very consitent. The incapacitate is also very nice.

Defense-This is where he is gold. 17 with Combat reflexes means he has a 19 close up. Willpower is also very good. The ending regeneration means that he

really doesn't need a healer. If he gets hit, I'm guessing it'll be for 5-6,

so he'll just heal himself right up. Supes'll ocasionally hit for 7, though,

and he'll get crushed.

Damage-CCE is a great power on him because he has to be close up anyway.
Exploit Weakness is great at the end. It'll allow him to kill off any close threats.

How to play him-He's a great 2nd or 3rd string hitter. You can send him right our there (TKing him might not be a bad idea) and smack around some tuffies and not have to worry about healing him. And, if you put Pummel on him, you won't have to worry about Probability Control, either. His Plasticity will also make sure they don't run away. Don't, however, load him

with tons of feats. It'll ruin his low cost.

Feats-Auto Regeneration for sure and Pummel. Life Model Decoy wouldn't hurt,

but it would raise his cost pretty bad. And, if you have some spare points, Knockdown won't be a bad choice either.

SO, The Good:
-Very good attack
-High defense close-up
-Doesn't need to rely on other pieces
-Flier :)
-Can carry some extra support with him

The Bad:
-No damage reducers
-No team
-No move and attack


100 2/5 He'll get creamed. No room for feats.
200 2.5/5 With all of the nescesary feats there won't be room for other attackers.
300 3.5/5 Solid here. Could use some extra room, though.
400+ 4/5 Best here. Just great.

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