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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 07.12.2006

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World



Today we'll be reviewing Maximus from Sinister


He kinda looks like Moe of the Three Stooges.  If Moe found some kinda super bug suit and gave up comic jokes to try and become some lame villain.



Unique:  109 points, No Team



MOVEMENT:  None, until he gains Mind Control at the end of the dial.  So essentially nothing.


ATTACK:  9 with Telekinesis, then you push into 10 attack with Quake?  His attack is all over the place from here on out.  So it’s really a crap shoot on weather or not he’s good.


DEFENSE:  16 with invulnerability to start which is pretty decent for a Telekenisis figure.  I actually like the Mastermind at the end,  It’ll make him hard to kill and then he can Nanobots.


DAMAGE:  3 with Outwit.  NOW WE’RE TALKING!  Perplex after the Outwit is not too bad either.


SCULPT:  Pretty embarrassing to play with.



*       Anybody that has TK on their first click gets an instant 2 thumbs up, it’s a really rare ability now days

*       Outwit and TK is a combo that does not exist on any other characters starting click

*       No move and attack

*       Sometimes very low attack

*       Sometimes kinda high attack

*       Low defense

*       Somewhat over priced


Alright, if there is a review that I will get letters about, it’s going to be this one.  Maxius is not a great figure, but there is so few tournament legal figures that start with TK that all of them should be considered.  TK is basically a supporting power and without 31 point Jean Gray who do you use?  You can either use 42 point Red Tornado and basically throw those points away or you can try to make your TKer a secondary attacker.  If you’re doing that you’re going to either go Green Lantern, Songbird, possibly Veteran Red Tornado, Sinestro or  Maximus.  Maximus does have an Outwit, but not a move and attack.  He can be pushed and will get better because of it.  He’a going for about 50 cents on Ebay right now, but currently with the lack of options I am giving him a pretty high rating.  When other sets come out, I’m willing to bet he’ll be a lot less playable.




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  Email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail



Today's review is Maximus from Sinister


I think he is Black Bolt’s brother and Arch Enemy, but if you want to make sure, you know where to go.


He is a Unique, 109 points, 6 range 2 targets, 7 clicks of life, and no team

Speed: 8,7,7,7,6,6,6  Mind Control last three

Attack: 9,10,8,6,8,10,6  Telekinesis first, then 4 of Quake

Defense: 16,16,17,16,15,15,14   Invuln for one, then 3 of Toughness, then 3 of Mastermind

Damage:  3,3,2,2,2,1,1  Outwit first two, then 3 of perplex

The Good:  Outwit and perplex are always good

                      Mind Control works with 2 targets

                      Damage Reducers and Mastermind helps keep him around

                      TK can help move the other members of the team

                      Good attack points.....

The Bad:   …..but weird placement of those points

                     No move and shoot

                     Mastermind and MC should be frontloaded

                     6 range is not that great

                     He will never hit Quake thanks to those low attack numbers

Feats:   None, don’t play him.

Overall:  We go from a good click to a bad click this week, and this guy does not impress me at all.  I don’t think I need into why he is bad, I think the checklist says it all.  He is too many points for too little use.  He has some good support abilities, but you can probably get those from a lot of different characters who are much better for the points.  LE Clarice Ferguson and Starter Batman provide the same abilities with better attack abilities and usefulness later on….not to mention the same range for fewer points combined.  Some might play him in the Marquee to try to sneak in Arch-Enemy points off a Black Bolt, but still, he is not worth it.  I guess I should mention that I would probably use the Wizard over him, and I despise the Wizard. 

Constructed/Unrestricted: 1 / 5

Sealed/Draft:  2 / 5


Overall:  1 / 5

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.



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