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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Clark Kent
Collateral Damage

Reviewed 01.24.2006

Average Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Well I actually reviewed this guy as part of my superman review a while back so here it is copy pasted in case yall dont wana look back again

Clark Kent

I really would have prefered the clark kent LE being red, that way there would be an equal amount of red and blue. His powers are also more inline with the red superman than with the blue one. ALOT more inline. This is why if i get him and use him, i will be putting a red superman on his base. This is essentialy a weaker version of the veteran, that accounts for the psy blast. I actualy prefer him over the vet. Starting with running shot instead of HSS is actualy an advantage on him. He also has the superman TA which is helpful. The toughness and low defense are a deterent yes, but thats what medics are for.

200: 3.222/5 running shot psyblast the biggest threat and you have the game won.
300: 2.645/5 the lowe defense is a killer
400: 2.776/5 he will probably die fairly quickly BUT the higher score is because he will most likely be able to pull his weight and take out something roughly equal to his point cost.
500: 2.776/5 again same as above, except hell die quicker and be more likely to kill something bigger.

~so said the spy
Dario Clark Kent, heroclix

Well, today we finish what we started a while ago with the Supes. This is a
Unique of this character, Clark Kent. He costs 127 points, has the Supes TA
(of course), 7 clicks of health, 8 range 1 target, and:


Speed: 10, 8, 10, 9, 9, 8, 8. Starts with 2 of Running Shot and then the
rest is all Phasing.

Attack: 10, 9, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6. Opens with 1 of Psychic Blast, then follows 3
of Energy Explosion, then is PB until the end.

Defense: 16, 16, 15, 15, 14, 14, 13. From the 1st till the 4th is Toughness,

and then has Regeneration on the last click.

Damage: 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1. The first 2 are Leadership, then 2 of nothing,
then 2 of Shape Change, and nothing else.

Analysis: I’d have liked him to either have a 10 range or 2 targets… but I
don’t know, maybe I’d be asking too much, it’s not that big of a deal
anyway… Onto his dial: Decent speed values, 2 clicks of RS is great...
Phasing is useful, specially at the end. Maybe we’d like more RS, but not a
lot of figures of his cost get much, so I guess it’s ok. His attack: Not bad

and, again, if we consider the new values around, I’d say it’s good. Except
that final 6. Start with Psychic Blast is cool, specially with RS… I have to

say that I dislike Energy Explosion, I’d rather have him the rest of PB
there and then the EE at the end. His defense is a big problem for me. If
you know me, you know that it’s the most important part of a figure (to me).

Well, this guy’s def. is kinda low… if we add to that the fact that he
doesn’t have a very long dial, and then fact in the fact the de has no
Impervious or even Invulnerability, we come across a 127 character that,
having just a decent speed dial and a decent attack dia, better have a very
good damage dial. And so go check it and find: Mediocrity. Those 2 clicks of

Leadership won’t do much for me… maybe you could find some use for those if
you’re making a 300 or 400 of weenies… but how cool can that be? I dunno…
And then Shape Change… of course it’s better than nothing (or Battle Fury
:P) But it’s not really a very good power. And his values won’t win any
contest, his only decent ones being the ones on the 1st and 2nd click… then
it’s all down hill.

Conclusion: He’s mediocre. Put ICWO and perhaps have a cheap perplexer near,

and maybe if you like give him 1 or 2 Feats more and you have a 1st string
attacker, but there’s nothing special about him and he does have a couple of

weak points.


100 – 1/5 N/A
200 – 1.5/5 mmm, not enough room.
300 – 2.75/5 Here he can be played already
400 – 2.5/5 Don’t go any higher with this guy, 400 as it is may be a little
too much…


This is Dario, mails to

The Le Clark Kent is a new unique from the DC Collateral Damage set. Clark is a somewhat uninteresting unique costing [127] points, but we have to take a close look at this figure to see if he’s truly any good, so let's get to it.

We start out with an average yet useable range of [8], with only 1 ranged attack (lightning bolt). Coupled with the Superman Team Affiliation (TA), it becomes quite powerful.

Superman Ally - Members of this team ignore the effects of hindering terrain on movement, combat, and powers and team abilities.

Being able to see through stealth figures is a great thing, especially with all those Batman family figures running around -- there are 5 Batman TA figures in this set alone, and another 8 from the DC Icons set. The Superman Ally TA is also great for taking out that Veteran Green Arrow that every player seems to put on their team.

As with most figures, the 1st click of life is the most powerful. Running Shot (RS) with a speed of [10] is a good start for Clark, and Psychic Blast (PB) with an attack of [10] makes it pretty easy to smack things around. The defense is average at [16], but only with Toughness. Finally we have a fantastic damage of [3] with Leadership. While [3] damage is nothing to write home about with all the damage reduction floating around, it is excellent when combined with PB. And with the Superman TA, it's even better. Overall an excellent first click for offense, but pretty lousy defense for a Superman figure.

Psychic Blast (optional): Give this character a ranged combat action. Damage dealt by this attack may not be reduced by any power that reduces damage dealt.

Also keep in mind that Clark is flying, which means he can taxi. More importantly it means he can make a ranged combat attack against any adjacent opponent. So even if your are based with someone early, Clark can still use his Psychic Blast (PB).

The 2nd click of life changes as we lose PB for Energy Explosion (EE). There is a drop in Speed from [10] to [8], and a drop in attack from [10] to [9]. But else wise everything is the same. The loss of PB hurts this figure quite a bit. While I have always been a fan of EE, I have found that it is not nearly as useful anymore because of the over abundance of damage reduction. Still, Clark is still useful here.

ENERGY EXPLOSION (optional): Give this character a ranged combat action. This character's damage value becomes 1 for this attack. If the attack is successful, compare the attack roll to the defense value of any characters adjacent to the target to determine if they are also hit. All characters successfully hit are dealt damage from the attack.

Before I continue, I want to address the first 2 clicks of Leadership. A lot of people complain about many Superman figures getting Leadership early on, rather than a different power. Get over it. Leadership is great. More importantly, Leadership is cheap. It helps keep his over cost down and still gives him a high natural damage value. And since most of them have the Superman Ally TA anyway, he is often built very well for ranged combat.

The 3rd and 4th clicks of life is more of the same. Running Shot is lot for Phasing for the rest of the dial, which makes Clark the ultimate taxi. His Speed also popped back up to [10][9], and just time because he has little else going for him. Attack drops to [9][8], defense drops to [15][15], and Leadership is lost while the damage drops to [2][2].

Ick. Sure he still has toughness but it's not going to help much with a defense of [15]. The loss of leadership is not sad, but you probably won't need leadership that much later in the game anyway. Overall these are pretty mediocre stats.

The 5th-7th clicks are his last, and gets some saving grace. Clark still has phasing with about the same speed, and gets Pyshic Blast (PB) again! Too bad his attack drops to [8][7][6], making any attack pretty tough. Normally I would be fine with the drop in damage [2][1][1] because PB is just so great, but I am hard pressed to be excited with those attack values.

Defense is also pitiful [14][14][13] especially since toughness is gone completely. There are some other powers here though as Clark gets Regeneration for the last click of life. This is just... sad. With such poor defense he will probably be KOed past this last click anyway. Even if he did land on it, odds are that he will fail his Regeneration attempt or simply heal 1 or 2 clicks, which keeps him in these medicre stats. (They really need to fix Regeneration to make it more useful).

Of course there is the Shapechange ability he gains on clicks 5 and 6. This gives Clark a 1 in 6 chance to avoid being attacked altogether (16.6%). While I have seen a successful Shapechange roll in the past, it is pretty rare. So this too ain't so great especially not for just 2 clicks of life.

What can I say? This is a pretty awful piece at 127 points. His stats are just too mediocre in the middle and too unplayable at the end for such a high cost. There are far better Superman Ally TA figures than this one. Here are some recommendations:
R Superman Blue (105 pts with 5 clicks of pulse wave)
E Superman Red (120 pts with 4 starting clicks)
U Krypto (100 pts with 3 clicks of charge, and good damage)

Hmmm... that's actually all the Superman Ally TA figures in the Collateral Damage set! There you go. Clark Kent is the worse Superman Ally TA figure in this set, and is fairly awful figure all around for 127 points.

1.5 out of 5 stars (over-priced at 127 points, he's the worst Superman Ally TA figure in this set)

--The Le (pronounced Tay Lee)
contact: TheLeGames@gmail.com
website: www.TheLeGames.com




Today we'll be reviewing Clark Kent from Collateral Damage


It’s Superman.  Remember him?


Unique:  127 points, Superman Team



MOVEMENT:  Running Shot for two clicks and then a lot of phasing.  I love phasing at the end of the dial.  It makes running away to a medic so much easier.


ATTACK:  Not much is better for attack abilities then Psychic Blast.  I wish he had it for more then the opening click.  Energy Explosion in the middle will not come in handy that often.   I’ve almost never needed or used EE. 


DEFENSE:  Very low for Superman.  Toughness is pretty bad for the point cost of this figure.


DAMAGE:  3 damage is not very good.  Shape Change is barely a real ability and leadership is rarely useful.


SCULPT:  Yep, that is a very accurate representation of Superman if he was made out of pure energy… good… now I know what that would look like.



*       Fantastic opening click.  Running shot and Psychic Blast is an amazing ability.

*       He then follows with 6 very unimpressive clicks.

*       Beware!  Fast Falling Attack.

*       Very Similar to Black Queen, but way more expensive.

*       The single click of regeneration, could come in handy, but probably will not.

*       He can run away really easy.

*       10 is an impressive attack in the new sets.



Clark Kent is not that hard of a place to judge.  He is a 70 point figure that costs 127 points.  Once he is off his first click you need to find a way to heal him.  He is not really easy to kill, but he is not that hard either.  He does have one of the best team abilities….so maybe he is worth 80 points.




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