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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Crimson Avenger
Collateral Damage

Reviewed 01.20.2006

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

I know there probably will be a lynch mob at my door for this, but I really like this trend in uniques. Now don't get me wrong, I love those high cost figures as much as the next guy, but i think there should be a relatively equal balance both amongst uniques and nons. That out of the way, crimson avenger is a nice 3rd string attacker. The RCE doesn't overlap with the psy blast, which is nice since they cant be used together anyway. That last click of regen will rarely be used, but if successful it can heal her back up to almost full health. The defense is otherwise lacking, but what else do you expect on such a low cost figure? impervious? If there was a marquee for this set she would be quite good in it. I definitely plan on using her at least once if I pull her, I don't often use figures like this but it would make a fun 400 point team to have just low level shooters, probably with some incontact, this click can definitely use a boost in attack.

100: 2.955/5 Obviously your primary attacker, and she can heal herself up rather nicely.
200: 2.646/5
300: 2.968/5 Low cost clean up hitter.
400: 3.011/5 Low cost clean up hitter.
500: 3.221/5 You will definitely get your points worth

~so said the spy




Today we'll be reviewing Crimson Avenger from Collateral Damage


Yeah, no idea.  But she looks like somebody who would try to team with Batman, but would die in like three issues.  She looks like a person somebody would get to avenge, rather then an Avenger.


Unique:  53 points, JSA Team



MOVEMENT:  Phasing to start is not too bad.  Although, I would rather phase at the end of the dial, when you need to run away.


ATTACK:  I love that her attack never goes down.  That is very neat.  Psychic Blast is one of the best abilities in the game.


DEFENSE:  Wow, she is just a sitting duck.  Life Model Decoy will be a must play on her, just to keep her alive awhile.  The 1 click of regeneration, might be useful if you hit it.


DAMAGE:  3 damage, then Ranged Combat Expert makes her pretty lethal for 53 points.  However, if she is based, she blows.


SCULPT:  Without a doubt that is blind chick firing off two gun on the top of a roof building.  I grew up in Detroit so I’ve seen this a bunch, but I’ve never owned a collectible figure of it!!!!!



*       Average Attack + Average Defense = Unique?

*       Very impressive after being hit, but she can only take like 2 hits (at best)

*       Very well designed figure.  Psychic Blast then Ranged, then Psychic Blast again.

*       She seems designed to hurt big figures.

*       Those 2 targets will be very useful.  Target their big gun and a support piece and if you don’t strike it rich with Superman, kill their hooker.

*       No damage reduction, so if your opponent hits you’ll take it the hard way.

*       If you put Incontact and Life-Model Decoy on her, she’s more likely to be a threat, but now she is 75 points.


She is really, really close to Jinx.  But she is not nearly as good.  She lacks the wild card team ability that could give her stealth, she also does not have probability control.  But comparing her to the best figure in the game is a touch unfair.  She is a very good piece and can be used to take down big figure, but she is also a sitting duck and an easy kill.  But that is assuming you do not have a good strategy, if you use barrier or Lockjaw, Crimson Avenger could be house.  I think she is worth giving a shot.




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  Email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail


The Le The Crimson Avenger is an interesting unique that clocks in at 53 points. At first glance she looks very over-costed with only a spattering of powers and a boring JSA Team Affiliation (TA).


While the JSA TA can be useful, it really is not in this case, due to the lack of JSA figures in this set -- only Dr. Midnight has the JSA TA and he starts out with the same defense value! The good news is that there are more JSA figs out there, but the bad news is that they are mostly from the hard to find Legacy set, and the worse news is that most of them have the same defense value. Then there's the movement. The Crimson Avenger has some pretty mediocre speed stats, starting at [7] with Phasing on the first click, then just getting worse from there. Definitely nothing to write home about.

JSA - A member of this team may use the unmodified defense value of any other adjacent friendly member of this team instead of its own.

Fortunately this is the only real downfall of this piece, because we are then treated to a smattering of powers that makes this 6-click-life Crimson Avenger really stand out. Let's take a closer look.

The Crimson Avenger has a pretty good range of 8 with 2 ranged attacks. This is quite respectable as is, but it's really her powers that makes her useful. She gets 2 clicks of Psychic Blast with a very useable damage of [3] and [2] to start out with, as well as a respectable defense of 16 for those first 2 clicks. Not too shabby. She can deal damage straight through invulnerability? Yeah baby... yeah...

The Attack Value is not great at just [9], but she keeps that [9] for the entire dial!

On to her 3rd and 4th clicks of life, her defense drops to [15] and damage to [2]. Psychic Blast (PB) is lost in exchange for Ranged Combat Expert (RCE). While I prefer PB, RCE is still pretty good for [2+2] damage, more than enough to hurt an opponent with invulnerability. Sure you can only target 1 opponent with RCE, but it is worth it to deal [4] total damage.

The last 2 clicks of life has a drop in defense to [14], and drop in damage to [1]. However, Psychic Blast is back, and just in time. Being able to deal 1 damage directly through any damage reduction certainly puts a smile on my face. This makes the Crimson Avenger useful and very dangerous through her entire dial.

While her low [14] defense makes her easy to hit here, this also makes her easy to heal. As a ranged combatant she should be hiding behind an object anyway, and I suppose this is where the JSA TA can come in handy. But don't forget that she has Regeneration on that last click of life too, which can potentially bring her all the way up to her 2nd click of life.

I still have some hesitations due to the lack of any powers in her defense slot, and her less than stellar TA, but overall the Crimson Avenger packs a huge punch for just 53 points.

4.5 out of 5 stars (a great ranged attacker that can bypass any damage reduction)

--The Le (pronounced Tay Lee)
contact: TheLeGames@gmail.com
website: www.TheLeGames.com
Dario Another Unique from Collateral Damage: Crimson Avenger. I don’t have the
least idea of who this girl is. She comes at 53 points, is a member of the
JSA, has 6 clicks of health, and an 8 range with 2 targets:


Speed: 7, 7, 6, 6, 5, 5. Just Phasing on the first click.

Attack: 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9. Psychic Blast on first 2 clicks and last 2 clicks.

Defense: 16, 16, 15, 15, 14, 14. Regeneration on the last click.

Damage: 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1. RCE on the 3rd and 4th clicks.

Analysis: The TA is pretty useless… his speed is not good, with low numbers

and just one single click with a power: Phasing, on the first click. It
helps to get him into position… but it’s not really much. His attack dial is

excellent, specially considering this set. Besides it has Psychic Blast very

well placed (right when he doesn’t have RCE). Then comes the defense…
One single click with a power again, but this one is on the last click, the
power is Regeneration. Can come in handy, but it’s only one click, so it’s
no much. Finally the damage, the first 4 clicks are nice because first comes

3 and 2 that will go in no matter what, thanx to PB, and follows the one
with RCE. The last 2 aren’t too great, but at least those 1’s will go in,
again thanx for PB

Conclusion: If we consider the cost, we can’t really expect a lot from her.
I think I could actually like her if she either had a better defense, a
better movement or a better TA. As it is, I guess she can make it into Theme

teams and some teams in general, but won’t see much play because people will

choose to use those points for feats/other characters.


100 – 1/5 No way
200 – 1.25/5 Nope.
300 – 2.25/5 Here she can demonstrate a thing or two, I guess…
400 – 3/5 I guess she could be ignored here, that’s be a huge advantage…


This is Dario, mails to



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