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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Reviewed 01.16.2006

Average Rating: 2.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Its late. Chemo is definitely a fines figure. WIth all that poison armor piercing is a must. Force blast is more wasted on him than it is on most figures, you want them adjacent so you get use out of that poison. His plasticity is great, you can keep figures next to you. Now I dont know the ruling, but ill assume the giant's two square adjacentcy applies to plasticity and poison. This would make him a very good fig. If plasticity was in the begining instead of the middle he would be an AWESOME fig. His stats are average for his cost, his power set requires alot of finness and brains to use, and he requires at least two feat cards (auto regen and armor piercing) but he is a very nice figure.

200: 2.433/5 Hes decent but you wont have enough room for anything else if you put on the required feats
300: 2.886/5 Hes good.
400: 3.221/5 This is where he shines, if you know how to use him.
500+: 3.109/5 Hes worth tring but i dont think itll work quite right.




Today we'll be reviewing Chemo from DC Giants


A giant monster made of radiation.  He is similar to all of those characters that the major heroes used to fight in the fifties during the nuclear bomb scare.  I have never seen him talk in a comic, but he must be able to make decisions, because he joined the Suicide Squad.  Or maybe he just stands in a room until people assume he’s part of the team.


Experienced (but there is no Rookie or Vet):  144 points, Suicide Squad Team, Giant Figure



MOVEMENT:  Force blast….. this will never come in handy.  It is already hard enough for the no range characters to attack him, thus your opponents ranged characters will come after Chemo.  Force Blast with three damage is pointless against a ranged character.  Plasticity could really come in handy though, since Giant characters are adjacent to two rows of squares.  Nobody will attempt to charge him.


ATTACK:  10 Attack is decent, but I would have like to see it for another 2 clicks.  Poison is not that good.  Currently poison will only effect the characters directly next to Chemo, NOT CHARACTERS 2 squares away!  This is very important to understand.  So giant figures are already very hard to base and now you have an ability that can only be used when they are directly based.  Very poor decision.  Incapacitate is practically standard and the ending Pulsewave could at lease have a decent attack attached to it.


DEFENSE:  Very Nice.  High defense with a lot of damage reducing power.  Regeneration at the end will make him very hard to kill.


DAMAGE:  I hate when clicks do more damage on the second click then on the first.  Ranged combat and close combat are okay.  You can not make a ranged combat attack when another character bases you, even though you are a Giant, it does not work like it would if they were a flyer.  Close combat expert works great.


SCULPT:  Chemo vs. Godzilla would be neat.  I would root for Godzilla.



*       Suicide Squad is by far the most underrated team ability in the game.

*       He is very hard to kill

*       Because he is a Giant, he can not move easily into battle (No TK or being Carried.)

*       Everyone can shoot at him, because they can draw lines for fire over any characters

*       Chemo can see anywhere.

*       Being a Giant is a disadvantage, like having Battle Fury.

*       Very Low Damage.


Suicide Squad says that any friendly figure dies next to your character, that character rolls a standard regeneration roll.  However that regeneration roll will have to heal them AT LEAST 1 click.  Meaning if you add 5 single point Lian Harper Pogs and are willing to push them to death, Chemo becomes very hard to kill.  So that is a major plus, however Wizkids is still valuing Giants as if it is good to be a Giant figure.  Being a Giant figure limits your mobility and lets everyone be able to take shots on you.  Do not kid yourself that two square adjacency trick does not make up for it’s massive draw backs.  He is not a powerhouse, but he is a good start.  However, the poison trick does not work (unless they emend it) and his damage is WAY to low.


Another Giant in a long line of unplayable Giants.




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


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