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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Collateral Damage

Reviewed 01.13.2006

Average Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Take a good long look at owlman. He is a VERY special figure on his first two clicks. Go ahead think about. Now, look at his team ability. Ok, got that? Now look at a certain feat card that is currently ebaying for about $10, and it has a figure that can be placed on it to make it better. Do you have it yet? Owlman is the first figure that can have all three support powers on a single click. Isnt that awesome? Now sure, there have been wildcards and superman enemies that can do it with another..... um thats gonna get me quoted out of context but you get where im going with that. Now thats going to cost you 127 points, but you get a good figure besides that as well. Well ok i guess 137 points if you take into account that ICwO has to be placed on at least two figures. He only has one click of incap, which i dont really like because it doesnt make him very pushable. He has smokecloud on clicks 6-8 but fortunately it comes with a nice boost back up to 10 attack value and stealth, which makes the possibility of using smoke cloud more than 1/30 that it normaly would be. The sprinkled will power is nice, and since he only has one click of toughness damage shield is nice. He is a very nice figure. Is he a game breaker? No, but he is very intresting, and i plan on using him at least once, maybe in a large enough point game for a CSA theme team, I like the idea of evil alternates. Now the question Im sure is on alot of peoples minds, is Owlman better than batman? To me, he kind of is. I have never been a big fan of the batman figures and this guy is just different enough to make me like him. Should you use him in place of batman? Probably not, but he has his own niche.

200: 2.114/5 He doesnt quite fit.
300: 2.435/5 He can be usefull here, but not to his full potential.
400: 2.823/5 Ok here he can be used to his full potential, hes still not great, but he is fun. You have enough room to fit a heavy hitter and you are all set.
500: 2.941/5 Same as above, but you can fit more figures.

~so said the spy




Today we'll be reviewing Owlman from Collateral Damage


The last major member of the Crime Syndicate.  I can only imagine Owlman become a villain, because he was mocked a lot for being a man that pretends to be an Owl.  The worst part is that his costume doesn’t even look like an Owl…or is that best part?


Unique:  87 points, CSA Team



MOVEMENT:  Leap climb does not do too much for me on high cost figures.  Unless they have a wildcard team ability, leap climb does nothing.  I do like the stealth at the end of the dial.  That unexpected Stealth will make an opponent change his plans when he’s trying to finish off owlman.  And the single click of flurry is not that bad of thing.


ATTACK:  The two target opening dial incapacitate is great, but not long enough on the dial to warrant putting Stunning Blow on Him.  Smoke Cloud at the end will “probably” be useless, but it won’t hurt.  If you really need to protect him he could throw up a smoke cloud and he can hide in stealth, but realistically running to a medic will work better.


DEFENSE:  Nice high 17 with toughness is nice.  The sporadic willpower will not hurt.  For the price he should have a few more damage reducing powers.


DAMAGE:  I like this a lot.  Opening click outwit is the best place for it.  Two close combat abilities back to back will make him quite the monster against the higher point cost figures.


SCULPT:  Ha ha ha, a silver owl guy on a tombstone.



*       The team ability is a gem.  Probability Control as a team ability will help keep his 17 defense from being easy to hit.

*        But remember that team ability can not be copied.

*       I would have like to reverse the order of his speed abilities.

*       Never count out an opening click outwit character.

*       He has a nice attack spike that keeps him useful throughout the game

*       His 8 click dial will seem very short, because of his lack of defensive reducing ability.

*       Other then Incontact with Oracle and Protected no feats really suit him.


Owlman is one of the better Uniques in this set, but that is not saying much.  He has a lot of good things going for him.  When you put a Lian Harper POG in the background you can give her the token for the CSA team ability and use the probability control at will.  He is a decent choice in draft and he is so darn close to being good enough to use in a game, but movement powers are the most important and his are not good enough.





Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  Email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail


Dario We close the week with a Collateral Damage Unique, and from the side of the
baddies: Owlman. This guy comes at 87 points, he's 8 clicks of health, 6
range 2 targets and the CSA TA:


Speed: 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6, 6. From the 1st till the 4th click he has
Leap/Climb, then follows a single click of Flurry, then Stealth till the

Attack: 10, 10, 9, 8, 8, 10, 9, 8. Starts with a single click of
Incapacitate, then has Smoke Cloud on the last 3 clicks.

Defense: 17, 16, 16, 15, 15, 15, 15, 14. Starts with a click of Toughness
and then he has Willpower on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th clicks. That's it.

Damage: 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1. Outwit the first 2, then 2 of CCE, then 2 of

Exploit Weakness and finishes with 2 of nothing :P

Analysis: Although the nicest powers for the speed dial are always the "run and shot" (HSS, Running Shot, even Charge) Leap/Climb is not that bad, it
lets him move around the board freely, and get an excellent 18 defense while on hindering terrain. Then he has that single click of Flurry. with a 2
damage, an 8 attack value and EW (which you can't use together with Flurry)
doesn't mean much, but then comes Stealth, great for running to the medic!
The attack part of the dial. not much to say here, good values for the cost
(remember that it seems that the new tendency is lower values, so those
would be just excellent) that starting Incapacitate doesn't mean much, but
hey, it doesn't bother either. and the Smoke Cloud at the end is great
combined with Stealth. His defense isn't the best thing, but it ain't so
bad, that starting Toughness helps a bit, as does the Willpower, and
remember that he has Probability Control (because of his TA) That improves
his defense (his attack too, of course, but his defense specially) Finally,
his damage part of the dial. Decent values for cost combined with good
powers. Outwit right out front the dial is cool (you know well why) CCE and
Exploit Weakness help him cause damage to the opponent (of you are adjacent, obviously).

Conclusion: A really decent secondary attacker. With PC and those attack and defense values (and of course, as always, ICWO) he'll hit more often than
not, and he'll be hard to hit. He can be a pain because of Willpower, and
because that very same power and Stealth he can easily run to a medic. Even
with the range, he's meant to attack in close combat. That's pretty much it.

Still, sadly, big range characters will always be better :S


100 - 1/5 Nope
200 - 1.75/5 A little costy.
300 - 3.25/5 Can be very nice here.
400 - 2.75/5 Probability Control and a decent defense give him a good chance to last a while
500+ - I barely play games with so many points, so I can't really say how it affects a figure's playability (more space vs. bigger guns) So I'll just
stop ranking for this points.


This is Dario, mails to


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