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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Emerald Empress
Collateral Damage

Reviewed 01.06.2006

Average Rating: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

VermillionSL Emerald Empress

Move over, Polaris; there’s a new Pulse-wave Princess in town! (Yeah; I realize she’s an empress…)

Let’s look at the REV that WK previewed for us.

Sculpt: I have personally never seen this crazy lady in comics before, so the only thing I know about her is that she’s a member of the Fatal Five. The sculpt that was done actually looks competent; no ape face or anything. She looks like she’s supposed to be imposing, and she might actually be able to do that if she weren’t wearing that shade of green…

Dial Breakdown: They all look the same. The key phrase with this REV set is running shot pulse wave + 4 base damage. Lowest front loaded AV is 9, which is the new standard, just like pink is the new black. I’m not sure if I agree with either…

My only gripe is that her late dial falls short of the rest of the set, and the trend of figures getting consistent dials. She’s incredibly front-loaded. But check out that front end, eh? Hotter than an El Camino that’s been sitting on the top story of a parking garage for three hours mid-August.

The rookie is great: 4 damage running shot range 6 pulse wave should automatically scream Nova Blast to you. She’s got some invulnerability, so she can take a hit, but she is easy to hit. She could replace LE Polaris in teams that use her, and with her Wildcard powers, she could surpass her in every way, and she costs only 5 more points. So someone has to go without some In Contact with Oracle… big whoop.

The Experienced version is a beefed up rookie, with a boosted 8 range. This one is probably the best version to go with if you want a one trick Pulse wave nuke. The Veteran makes a good front line fighter. The rookie can take the place of the Experienced version, but you should really dig for the 7 points to burn.

The veteran has a frontloaded 10 AV and 17 DV. With the new changes being made in Heroclix recently, those are some awesome stats. You may actually want to hold of setting her off and nuking the playing field right away. At 102 points, that’s an awesome dial. Same 8 range, running shot 4 damage pulse wave… and some of you thought that the new dial designer had no Velveeta-sense.

Another member of the Fatal Five that will own in friendly games. But in tournament play, probably not so much. She costs a lot, which is her main failing. LE Polaris is a bit cheaper than this psycho, and her green hair is metallic. Still, with the right support, she may very well help to further disband the LAMP combo that legitimate players loathe so much, and is a worthwhile threat to the veteran Icons Superman that has since dominated tournament play.

If she has the right support.

4.25 out of 5

emerald empress

Ok im going to tell you all my theory. at the desk of one of the head creators of the DC sets there sits, a decapirated nimrod figure missing an arm, and all dirty and chewed up. that person is thinking "ok, how can i take the only trully good high priced figure marvel has ever made and make it competely useless" this is the person responsible for braniac, and for the superman blue, and for emeral empress. ok so she doesnt have the range or attack of nimrod, but you can fit three of her in his place, and itll still cost you less points. and less we forget like i did once, nova blast is one time use so three of these with a nova blast each is better than a nimrod with three nova blasts. she even gets runing shot to overcome the problems keeping superman blue from being as good as nimrod for less than half the points. now granted once again, shes missing alot nimrod has, like outwit and regeneration, and amazing stats, and i will still use nimrod out of sheer love of the figure, but she will make it tough. and this is just the rookie im looking at so far, lets whip out the experianced. For 7 more points you get a small boost in stats as well as an extra click of running shot. you lose absolutely no movement powers whatsoever *cough* *cough*. You also get 8 range. The vet, for 12 more points than the experianced brings 10 attack to the table, now it isnt nimrods 12, and that is his saving grace. SHe gets a more respectable defense, and more movement on her second click. which is best? nimrod! no really, id have to say the rookie, they all fill pretty much the same role on your team, secondary attacker, and the rookie does it the most cost effectively, especially because all three are useless after novablasting. i might be inclined to go after the E just for the extra range.

all ratings assume nova blast

100: 3.142/5 ok shes the bulk of your team, but shell also kill the bulk of your opponents team. just hope you dont miss.

200: 3.432/5 the ability to seriously damage half of your opponents team for less than 100 points? check please

300: 3.653/5 see above

400: 3.878/5

500: 4.001/5 feel free to read my old reviews and see how rarely figures get ratings in the 4 range. its very rare. this is a great figure, a must play.

The LE is an entirely different animal. MInd control, psy blast, mastermind, and probability control for over half the dial with better than decent stats. the movement is pretty low, but thats what TK is for. also a great figure.

3.446/5 for anything over 299 points 2.87 for anything under.

~so said the spy

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