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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Collateral Damage

Reviewed 02.24.2006

Average Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating




Today we'll be reviewing OMAC from Collateral Damage


Infinite Crisis starts and ends with the OMACS, literally ordinary citizens with Braniac 13 Nano-technology implanted in them without their knowledge.  These robots evolve with every punch and are loyal to one brother eye satellite.  The OMAC have torn apart Wonder Women’s home and nearly killed Batman.  So who is responsible for this kind of horror?  The blame falls to Batman and his distrust of the Justice League.  Well, Max Lord had something to do with it too.


Rookie:  59 points, Calculators Team



Experienced:  83 points, Calculators Team


Veteran:  109 points, No Team



LE:  124 points, Calculators Team




Who is the Best The Rookie has Perplex and no range, clearly the weakest.  The Veteran flies, but has poor combo of charge with Psychic blast and no team ability.  Clearly it is the LE or the Experienced.  The LE has a push click and is 41 more points, but gains a longer range and better attack.  The Experienced has front loaded Toughness later gains Exploit Weakness.  They are both exceptional characters, but since it is easier to own the Experienced I will review him.  WINNER:  EXPERIENCED


MOVEMENT:  Plasticity and Exploit Weakness with a high defense is a nice combo.  Stealth on the first click is very important.  The Stealth keeps him very playable even if he ends up getting hit with Disbanded or Saboteur.   Leap/Climb is great to have at the end of the dial.  There is no shame to running away to a medic…well very little shame.


ATTACK:  9 attack is not good when is it front loaded with nothing.  His second click with Psychic Blast is great, I wish it was his first click.  Pulse Wave at the end of the dial, typical but always good. 


DEFENSE:  Wow, 18 defense, followed by 2 clicks of 17.  Toughness and a “maybe you’ll get lucky” click of Regeneration at the end.


DAMAGE:  3 is a respectable damage for the point cost and the front loaded Outwit.  His damage powers are pretty incredible.  2 clicks of Outwit and then when your opponent has to get close to hit you, then comes Exploit Weakness.  The Shape Change near the end will give you another shot of not being hit while you’re running away.  Perplex at the end?  Sure, why not? 


SCULPT:  Slightly clear and shiny blue clicks are cool


Feats:  Any character that has that high of defense and a great second click should definitely have Protected on it.  Incontact in Oracle is a must, pushing his 3 damage up to a much more deadly 4.  Anything else on him would just be wasted points. 



*       Very well designed piece, that is always useful.

*       18 defense is absolutely ridiculous for his price!

*       9 is a touch low attack for his point cost

*       I think it’s funny, he’s a dolphin speed (the first in good one in forever).  Finally a character that could use the Submerged Feat, but he is front loaded with Stealth…so there is no point.

*       He’d have a huge rating if not for only his second click has Psychic Blast.

*       Six range is not to great.


Stealth and Outwit is one of the most powerful and rarest combos in the game.  Few characters are even front loaded with Outwit anymore.  He reminds me a lot of Ghost Widow.  Both are figures that are support/utility pieces, but super charged and ridiculously hard to kill with a hyped up powerful team ability.  Ghost Widow works and is a very good piece, but her problem seems to be she has to hang back to heal.  OMAC can run straight into a battle, without any worries.  His high defense will only be approved with the new lower attacks on figures.  OMAC has very few weakness; he can be carried by Lockjaw, Outwit a Poison team, take a good hit and still be brutal, can run away to be healed, can have his wildcard team ability abused badly and can even survive if Disbanded is played.  He’s a tough machine to beat, if you play against him just try to stay out of his range and to take away his support or anybody that is carrying him.  Once he is all alone try to beat him from a ranged.

If you do see OMAC across the table from you, be prepared for an Infinite Crisis.







Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  Email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail



Dario OMAC

We close the week with a review of the R/E/V of OMAC. Why it has both the
R/E/V and a Unique version, I still don’t know. Oh well, onto the figure (I
assume you know this thing):
The Rookie is the first one to go: for 59 points the attack is not good
enough, and it has too much Combat Reflexes on the defense for my taste.
Between the Exp.(83p.) and the Vet. (109 p) The later has 1 extra click, but

there’s no improvement on the range/target, the Exp. def is better, and it
bothers me that the Vet. starts with Psychic Blast and Charge!!! Plus The
exp. is a wildcard and the vet isn’t, so I give you the exp: 7 clicks of
health, 6 range 1 target, Calculators TA, not a flyer, and:


Speed: 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 7, 7. Starts with 1 of Stealth then has Plasticity on
the 3rd and 4th clicks and Leap/Climb for the 5th and 6th.

Attack: 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7. Psychic Blast on the 2nd click and then Pulse
Wave for the 5th and 6th.

Defense: 18, 17, 17, 16, 16, 15, 14. Toughness on the first 2 clicks, follow

2 of Combat Reflexes, and then has Regeneration on it last click.

Damage: 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2. Starts with 2 Outwit, follow 2 of Exploit
Weakness, 2 of ShapeChange and finishes with 1 of Perplex.

Analysis: Starting with Stealth is very good, never underestimate a
Stealthed Outwitter, can be a real annoyance; I like the late Leap/Climb,
helps to run to the medic… Plasticity might be good to keep ‘em next to you,

so you can use Exploit Weakness. The fack that it doesn’t fly is actually a
plus, because given it doesn’t have move and attack, transportation will
come in handy (although of course TK is just as good in this case). Its
attack is a little low, it’s really painful that it doesn’t start with the
PB, it would have been so much better, so you hit with it and then see if
you need to Outwit that defense or you can save it for some other thing.
Pulse Wave doesn’t hurt. The defense starts pretty high, that’s great, and
the drop is steady. Those 2 clicks of Toughness will help to make the first
blow not too devastating but once it gets hit, it’s kinda in trouble. The
damage dial is nice: Starting with Outwit is cool, the following
ExploitWeakness is cool as well, because given that starting Stealth, range
and Outwit, opponent is probably going to base it, and if it is based and it

takes a hit, chances are it will land on EW. Next is ShapeChange… not a
favourite, but I might help, and represents the thingy OMAC well. Ends with
Perplex which can be something but no too much, since you’ll be either
trying to heal or Regenerate, and if you don’t make it, you’ll be Koed, so
that Perplex isn’t really something. Oh, yeah, wildcard always help… in this

case, Stealth most than anything.

Conclusion: It has a nice sculpt, interesting features (the damage powers,
the high defense and its TA) and its great for making some scenarios, but in

competitive play I don’t think it will cut it. The only real thing that OMAC

can do for the rest of the team, as a support piece, is provide some Outwit,

but we have some great good Outwiters; so it would have to be able to do
some damage… but it can’t…


100 – 1/5 Nope.
200 – 1.5/5 Not quite
300 – 2/5 Here’s the best place for this thingy
400 – 2.5/5 Forget it
500 – 1.5/5 See above


This is Dario, mails to



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