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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 02.10.2006

Average Rating: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Its almost midnight so this is gonna be a short review. For 108 points you get a more than mediocre, but less than great figure. Her stats are solit, her defense spikes when she gets will power. She has perplex and outwit giving the IL some brilliant tactician action which is completely outclassed by oracle but whatever. She only has charge for one click but other than that she is really good. Now it is my understanding that the earthbound at the end of her dial means she is no longer a giant.

200: 2.532/5
300: 2.869/5 You might want to push into that 4 damage, but i wouldn't treat that first click as an activation click. just charge someone with an action token, making sure to take advantage of the extra square, and next turn push to hit.
400: 3.019/5
500: 2.995/5

~so said the spy
VermillionSL Giganta

Holy crap! It’s Shanna the She Devil, and she’s pissed!

Nah… I’m only kidding; because Marvel’s lawyers would sue if I wasn’t, and if there were more similarities between this massive minx and their own forgotten silver age jungle queen.

First thing’s first; I know you all noticed that she has earthbound on the end of her dial. And this may lead you to believe that it may be a misprint, or that she can fly, or possibly swim. Well, the head designer, Seth Johnson himself, said that it doesn’t do anything to her now. He admits to having a few rules tweaks planned for the future, and the assumption is that earthbound removing giant status for a figure will be one of them. It’s either that, or she can swim, and then earthbound would take away that power from her. I assure you she cannot fly. I will even bet my Kingdom Come Statesman that she will not be able to fly.

“But there is no Kingdom Come Statesman,” you may whine in an unnaturally and uncharacteristically nasal voice.

To which I will reply “just like there’s no flight base on Giganta?”

He shoots, he scores!

Okay, back to the review.

Another thing you may notice early on is her sculpt; pretty lady wearing very little clothing. Well, I hope, for the children, if anything, that it is not anatomically correct. That loincloth is a little short. No way they’re going to let her into grade school like that; there’s a dress code, missy! But, yeah, she’s pretty, I’ll give her that. From someone who sketches nudes often, I can tell you that that’s a fine representation of a female form, if slightly exaggerated.

Now, this may be the best Injustice League member ever made. Not hard to pull off, considering that there are only 14 members, but Giganta’s the best. She’s a super genius, which is how she figured out the secret of giant growth, hence her powers, and her outwit and perplex. Outwit and perplex? Brilliant Tactician? Hell yes. With her giant stature, she can see over everything, ensuring that on outdoor maps she will give her buddies that +1 that they so desperately need. All fourteen of them.

Her numbers stay solid to the bitter end, when she (allegedly) shrinks down to normal size. But even then they stay relatively good for the late game.

Is she good? Why, yes she is. Tournament good? Nah… she’ll die in two turns thanks to Ultimate Thor or Veteran Superman. Does it really matter? Nah…

Theme play (for what it’s worth): 5 out of 5, for being the best IL member ever!

Tournament Play: 3.25 out of 5 (she’ll still get eaten alive by the current tournament regulars)




Today we'll be reviewing Giganta from The Giants Special Edition


Giganta is the end of our Giants Week here on POJO


FIRST A WORD ABOUT GIANTS:  Giant figures can see and be seen through characters.  They occupy an extra row of squares.  These figures can not be telekinesised or carried, AND they can also not carry other figures.  Being a Giant figure makes you a Giant target and a Giant liability.  I think you should minus 20 points if you’re a giant.


To learn more about the special conditions of giant figures visit:  http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/documents/DC_Icons_Rulebook.pdf

It is on page 16 of this rule book link.


WOW……………. As anybody every seen attack of the 50 Foot Center Fold?  “Nuff” Said.


Experienced:  108 points, Injustice Team (still a lame team name)



MOVEMENT:  Charge is a decent starting ability.  Earthbound???  Is she a flying Giant you ask?  No, it means she is no longer a Giant for the last two clicks.  Earthbound is really good thing and will make her easy to heal.


ATTACK:  Super Strength… seriously how is there a Giant that does not have this ability?


DEFENSE:  Decent damage reducers for her cost.  The Willpower at the end will help her run to a medic easier.


DAMAGE:  Grrr, why no 4 on the first click?  Why no perplex and 3 damage?  Why no Outwit and 7damage?  Okay, well that I understand, but why hold her off from doing real damage?


SCULPT:  Is it wrong for a man to have a crush on a Heroclix?



*       0 range, because why would anyone want to make a range attack?

*       The Injustice team has just gotten a big boost.   The new The Society card, makes your opponent roll to Outwit (similar to White Noise).  This will make her lot less of an Outwit target.  But remember your opponent can just outwit another character, even if they lose the role.

*       Her Attack and defense are very conistent.

*       She has good brick potential.

*       Her Ending abilities make her always useful

*       It will be the only time you will say, “Yes, Earthbound”

*       Her damage drops too quickly, you will have to use the perplex on her own damage…or attack.


Giganta is one of the more frustrating pieces in the game.  She has everything it takes to be great…she can even use Brilliant Tactician…she is probably the best candidate ever made for it, since she can see over characters.  Still I would not play that card, because it is way too many points and too conditional….anyway.  Giganta is frustrating, because she has all the right abilities and stats, but in the wrong places.  In an effort to make her useful throughout the dial, she is never truly good.  The 4 damage on the second click, with the lower defense and less damage reducing power is really insulting.  You can not treat it like a push click, because she loses too much.  Why can we not front load a character anymore?  I would have given her Outwit and 4 damage on starting click.  Then she would be devastating, now she is a moderate brick.  Once she is mid-dial your goal should probably be to heal her, not keep fighting.  Her stat combo will leave you with a bad decision.  So why would you play her?  The same reason I will consider playing her. because she is hotter then Juggernaut.


9 out of 10 on the CramCompany Hotness Scale*




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  Email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail


*Patent Pending


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