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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 12.22.2006

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Today we review Korvac, my second favorite unique from Supernova. Because of his cost and TA, he will most obviously be compared to Thanos. Most will decide that thanos is better, and rightfully so. But Thanos has quite a few points on Korvac, for those points, you can fit on a few tie up characters, or a few feats. In a one on one, the battle will go to the figure that gets the first shot. And, since Korvac can actually afford to have a TKer with him in 300 points, it will most likely be him. Korvac has support. Something that is quite fun in no point limit certain number of figure games. Thanos has an extra click of life, as well as regen, so he can stick around longer. However, the way Thanos's dial is set up, by the time a skilled player lands on the regen clicks, the game is almost over, and a smart opponent will have taken out his support pieces. If you are playing a nonsmart Thanos player, you have nothing to worry about. At about 500 points, the are evenly matched, at anything higher than that, it goes to Thanos.

As for matches against non Thanoss? Well, Korvac obviously has the handicap of no move and attack powers. That's where TK and tie up figures come in. The power cosmic TA allows him to move and then attack the next turn. Almost, but not quite as good as a move and attack power. You should be able to make it work. The outwit is not for damage reducers, the psyblast takes care of that. Outwit move and attack powers.

Wow! What is taht on the last click? 5 damage pulse wave. That can definitely catch people off guard. And if you count clicks, you can turn off your TA and push at the right time so you can use it. Not a good idea, very risky, but if youre desperate its an option.

From now on, I will only sperate the point cost if it makes a big difference.

300-500: 3.031/5 Hes pretty expensive, and not enough imperv for his cost, you have to play smart.
600+: 2.732/5 Assuming no galactus. The bigger guns will take him out.


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