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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Captain Marvel











Reviewed 08.31.2006

Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World
Top 10 regional player in Chicago.


Edited by: Jamie Lewis


Today we'll be reviewing Captain Marvel/Photon/Pulsar from Sinister


Everybody loves these figures, unless you played a draft against her.  Then you probably lost and have sacred rituals to curse her and all that draft her.


Rookie:  58 points Avengers Team


Experienced:  76 points, Avengers Team




Veteran:  104 points, No Team



Who is the Best Pretty hard call.  The Rookie is out with her terrible 8 attack.  The Experienced is amazing and that Avengers team/Thunderbolts makes this figure really hard to kill.  The Veteran is a classically good upgrade for the points, three clicks of Hyper Sonic and a much better 10 attack.  Both are fantastic pieces, but if you want a review of the Experienced, look at my review of LE Aurora. Winner:  Veteran


MOVEMENT:  12 with Hypersonic Speed for three amazing clicks.  Running Shot is a nice back up mid-dial.  Phasing at the end is a great way to escape and get healed.


ATTACK:  10 is nice, but Incapacitate with Hyper Sonic is pointless, since they can not be used together.  I have never thought Pulsewave was a bad thing to have on a dial.  Her attack does go down a touch fast.


DEFENSE:  16 with Super Senses.  Energy/Shield is really nice mid-dial and will help protect her a lot.  I would rather have Toughness then Super Senses about 66% of the time.


DAMAGE:  3 damage is not too shabby for a Hyper Sonic Speed character.  Ranged Combat Expert keeps her really deadly.


SCULPT:  Is their even one figure that is clear green and not awesome looking?


feats:  In contact is a must.  I would definitely play Protected to make sure if you screw up it will not cost you her life.  I like Force Field on her to make her short dial longer.  I would definitely, without a doubt add Nanobots so she can push, push Heal.



*       8 range with 12 speed means that Pulsar has a 16 reach.

*       If your opponent can lock on to her, she is relatively easy to hit.

*       Very few characters can out maneuver her

*       Attack gets low fast

*       LE Aurora is MUCH cheaper and has a team ability

*       The very rare 3 damage with Hyper Sonic, instead of 2.


The main problem with LE Aurora was there was no standard upgrade.  Really the best upgrade for her was KC Flash.  Pulsar fits in-between these two characters nicely.  She is fantastic, but is also not able to carry a team like Flash.  I think her best fit is 400 point games, but she is definitely capable of handling the role of second string attacker.  Possibly a first string with a nice backup.  She will not break this game (except for draft), but she will definitely be considered playable.





Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


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Today's review is Cap Marvel/Photon/Pulsar from Sinister


Whoclix will tell you all you need to know


The rookie is terrible, and  has the best numbers, but does not have the Avengers team that the Exp does…she is not good enough to be a main attacker either.  She also does not get a better range.  The best is the experienced.


She is 76 points, 8 range 1 target, 6 clix of life, a flier, and an Avenger

Speed: 11,10,8,6,8,7  HSS for one, 3 of Running Shot, Phasing for 2

Attack:  9,8,8,7,7,7   Incap clix 2-4, Pulse Wave last two

Defense:  16,16,15,15,14,13  Super Senses for one, ESD for 2

Damage:  3,2,2,1,2,1  RCE clix 2-4

The Good:  WOW, lots of movement powers

      Kinda like Jean-Marie Bauber

      Great Nanobots candidate

      Avengers is best team to have

The Bad:   Attack values aren’t that great

    Defense is a little low

    Able to do some decent damage

    Glass Jaw, can die very easily

Feats:   T-bolts is a must, ICWO is too for the attack or damage, Protected helps everyone

Overall:    Take Jean Marie Bauber, make her more expensive, but make her still a good piece.  She is a run and gun kind of piece that is a decent secondary attacker and with T-bolts can help out the entire team.  She has a lot of hard to find abilities in the set, so she is a must in Sinister draft play.

Constructed/Unrestricted: 3 / 5

Sealed/Draft: 4 / 5


Overall:  3 / 5

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.

Rurouni KJS Rookie Captain Marvel
wing speed
58 points
Team: Avengers
Range: 6 x 1

01 02 03 04 05
10 08 06 07 08
08 08 07 07 07
16 15 15 14 14
02 02 01 01 01

Powers and analysis:
1: Running Shot, Energy Shield/Deflection
2: Running Shot, Incapacitate, Energy
3: Running Shot, Incap, Ranged Combat Expert
4: Phasing/Teleport, Incap, Ranged Combat Expert
5: Phasing/Teleport, Pulse Wave, Ranged Combat Expert

What a failure. Sure, Running Shot is OK. But an 8 attack value, 6 range and 2 damage? Not so OK.
Defensively, Cap here is hard to hit at first, but that short range leaves her pretty vulnerable to being Charged or having a bruiser TKed next to her, making her ridiculously easy to KO at only 5 clicks of life.
I really do not like this click at all.

If you don't put either THUNDERBOLTS or ALPHA FLIGHT on Ms. Marvel here, you shouldn't be playing her at all. Even though she qualifies for NANOBOTS, it just seems like giving the oppo free points.

In the biggest fast-tracking career in comics, she pretty much started off as an Avenger-in-training.
Which is the only explanation for that lousy dial...

Comic accurate?
...which still isn't comic accurate in the slightest!
Even as a green hero, she was flying around intangible at lightspeed! That deserves some Hypersonic Speed and a higher defense than 16!

In sum:
I want to like her, but can't.

Rating: 1.5/5. Subtract that half-point if you don't put one of the Avengers alternate TAs on her.


Experienced Photon
wing speed
76 points
Team: Avengers
Range: 8 x 1

01 02 03 04 05 06
11 10 08 06 08 07
09 08 08 07 07 07
16 16 15 15 14 13
03 02 02 01 02 01

Powers and analysis:
1-2: Hypersonic Speed, Super Senses
3: Running Shot, Incap, Energy Shield/Deflection, Ranged Combat Expert
4: Running Shot, Incap, Ranged Combat Expert
5-6: Phasing/Teleport, Pulse Wave

Starting with Hypersonic and decent AV/damage, the Exp. is much more like it. Better range also helps her live longer since she still needs ESD to help her middling defense numbers from middial on -- also where her ability to hit gets a bit shoddy as well.

Like the Rookie, she needs THUNDERBOLTS or ALPHA FLIGHT to be at all worth her cost. NANOBOTS can really help her stay in peak condition, too.
PROTECTED, while good on all figs, is particularly thematic on her.

She once led the Avengers, so she's right at home on an Avengers team.

Comic accurate?
Barely, thanks to the HSS clicks. But her defense is still quite poor for a character who's intangible most of the time in a fight.

In sum:
A marked improvement over the Rookie, Photon can, with feat help, be the prize of the REV set.

Rating: 3/5

Veteran Pulsar
wing speed
104 points
Team: none
Range: 8 x 1

01 02 03 04 05 06
12 11 10 10 08 09
10 09 08 08 08 07
16 16 15 15 15 14
03 03 02 02 01 02

Powers and analysis:
1-2: Hypersonic Speed, Incap, Super Senses
3: Hypersonic Speed, Incap, Energy Shield/Deflection, Ranged Combat Expert
4: Running Shot, Energy Shield/Deflection, Ranged Combat Expert
5: Running Shot, Pulse Wave, Ranged Combat Expert
6: Phasing/Teleport, Pulse Wave

Three clicks of opening HSS is an increasing rarity in Heroclix, so enjoy 'em. The Vet's Running Shot clicks never tank on movement like the junior versions, so take full advantage of the increased sniping ability.
Across the board, her stats and powers are so much better than the others'. But the loss of the Avengers TA is a blow that keeps her from being automatically the best of the REV and renders her almost overpriced due to her still-short dial. Only one click of late-dial Phasing is also not so hot.

PROTECTED fits. IN CONTACT WITH ORACLE is a cheap way of pumping her stats to a powerful degree for a 104 point speedster. STUNNING BLOW can make her an extra threat thanks to her opening Incap ability if HSS is not an option for some reason. But NANOBOTS is always a fine option to lengthen her short dial some more.

Once Supernova comes out, you could pair her up with Machine Man and add Meltdown for a Nextwave team, 'cause she's the leader of that team.

Comic accurate?
Still not quite. Again, being a character who's intangible when using most of her powers, she shouldn't start with less than a 17 defense with either Super Senses or ES/D.

In sum:
A bit expensive, but with a little help for her attack, defense, or both, she can pull her weight just fine.

Rating: 3/5


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