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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Tomar Re
Green Lantern Corps

Reviewed 08.18.2006

Average Rating: 4.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World
Top 10 regional player in Chicago.


Edited by Jamie Lewis


Today we'll be reviewing Tomar Re from Green Lantern Corps Collectors Set


What in the heck is he supposed to look like?  Is he like a fish guy???


Experienced: 111 points, Green Lantern Team



MOVEMENT:  Running Shot on his opening click!  With an impressive 12 range and Running Shot he can hit from 17 squares away.  If you push him first he’ll get an 18 reach.  18 squares is how far away Icons Superman can hit from.   Nice high movement through out his dial.


ATTACK: 2 full clicks of 10 attack!  Yes!  Energy Explosion will be pointless, since he has only one target.  TK is always great for a character that can carry 8 people.  Pulsewave at the end that hits people for 6 squares can be useful.  Although, you may be carrying to many people to pull it off.


DEFENSE:  They didn’t use to put 18 defense on characters so willy-nilly like, but never the less he has an 18 defense!  If you push him your opponent will be trying to hit a 19 from range.  Barrier is alright and can help block off your team.  Willpower will help him run away.  Willpower is always nice at the end.


DAMAGE:  Three damage with Perplex!   Not too bad, I love opening click Perplexors.  A lot of people have been going nuts over the Enhancement that he has.  A lot of people are right, being able to enhance all your figures is going to be great.  The three damage at the end will stop you from being able to Nanobots, but that's the only draw back.


SCULPT:  As fish like as he looks in the comics.  I like his classic lantern pose. 


FEATS:  I would definitely put Protected, Nanobots and In contact on him.  He’s going to be your primary attacker so you can definitely spend the points on him.  Nothing other than the big three will be useful enough to spend the points.  If you are just spending points, surround him with some Lian Harper POGS.



*       Amazing Defense and very good attack

*       Should easily cost 140 points or more

*       Nice helpful abilities that make him both a primary attack and a supporting piece

*       7 clicks long dial

*       Toughness at the beginning will help make his long dial longer

*       Long Reach with Running Shot


Sometimes there are figures that have no real downsides, This is one of them. He is both a support figure, giving you a reliable way to carry your figure and a perplexor., and He is also a pretty heavy duty attacker, that can hit and is hard to be hit.  He’s a lot like what Experienced Green Lantern from Collateral Damage should have been.  Do not rely too heavily on his long range, the new small maps rarely have 12 spaces of clear terrain to take advantage of a long range.  But who knows what the next map holds?  Tomar Re, is a piece that I will definitely consider building a team around for competitive play.   I think you should too.




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


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Please no hate mail


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Today's review is Tomar Re from the Green Lantern Corps Collector Set


Yet another popular Green Lantern is made in clix form, and what a clix he is.


He is an Experienced, 111 points, 12 range 1 target, 7 clicks of life, and a GLC member
Speed: 10,12,9,9,9,9,8  Running Shot first two

Attack:  10,10,9,9,9,8,7  Energy Explosion 2-3, tk for 3, then Pulse Wave to end

Defense:   18,17,16,15,15,14,14  Toughness for one, ESD for 2, Barrier for 2, Willpower for 2

Damage:  3,3,2,2,2,3,3  Perplex for one, Enhancement for 3

The Good:  Enhancement and GLC is a cool combo

      WOW…..12 range

      Highest numbers for the cheapest cost of any Exp GL

      Star of the set

The Bad:   I wish TK and 12 movement was up front

    EE and one target sucks, but with a 12 range I can forgive it

     …..he’s a really good click

Feats:   You really do not need much, ICWO and Protected help everyone, Nanobots works great with him as well

Overall:    Someone pinch me…..that is all I need to say.  He can carry your forces, make their damage higher, he has a 12 range, and is incredibly cheap.  You can easily build a team around him and he is just plain old amazing. 

Constructed/Unrestricted: 4.5 / 5

Sealed/Draft: N/A / 5


Overall:  4.5 / 5

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.


--Hollow Golem-- Tomar Re
111 Points, Flier 12 Range
Green Lantern TA

10 12 09 09 09 09 08 RSx2, Nothingx5
10 10 09 09 09 08 07 Nothingx1, EEx2, TKx3, PWx1
18 17 16 15 15 14 14 Toughnessx1, ESDx2, Barrierx2, Willpowerx2
03 03 02 02 02 03 03 Perplexx1, Enhancementx3, Nothingx4

Movement: The Running Shot is very, very nice. As is the spike. Going down three, though makes it not wise to push him in that second click.
Attack: 10 is pretty nice. Energy explosion might come in handy, but I doubt it. Telekenisis has a chance of being used if you play him like I would..
which we'll get to. Pulse wave is OK if you can hit.
Defense: 18 with toughness is very nice to start off with, and Energy Shield/Deflection is even better. Barrier is alright and Willpower is always a great addition.
Damage: Perplex is nice, but the Enhancement is the best part.

How to play him: First off, this is a great piece in my opinion. What you can do is push yourself, carrying a team of semi-cheap pieces with long range. What Tomar can do is Enhance ALL the people he is carrying, while making long ranged attacks himself. Feats that will help him mostly would be Protected or In Contact With Oracle, with Oracle on the card. If you give him an action to gain Outwit or Perplex on first turn, it will help him get the push sooner. Outwit is a pretty dang nice addition, too. I'd suggest carrying S.H.I.E.L.D. Snipers, Hand Ninjas, more Enhancement or whatever else you could think of.

100 NA/5
200 3/5 Him and some Snipers would do great. Even some room for support.
300 4/5 Same as above, but more room for, well, everything.
400 4/5 Two of these guys with their mini armies would do great.

Tomar Re


Reviewed By Insane Ewok


Well where to start, I never followed Green Lantern, and at first glance this things face makes him look like flipper the dolphin... Well, that is if Flipper wore spandex, had legs, was orange, and had magical powers, but hey other than that I really see some resemblance.



Green Lantern Corps


Figure Type-

Expierianced Single Base



Experianced- 111




Speed- 10,12,9,9,9,9,8

Attack- 10,10,9,9,8,7

Defense- 18,17,16,15,15,14,14

Damage- 3,3,2,2,2,3,3,




Speed Powers- Running Shot for the first 2 clicks

Attack Powers- Energy Explosion for clicks 2-3, Telikinesis for clicks 4-6, pulse wave on click 7

Defense Powers- Toughness, Energy Shield Deflection on clicks 3-4, Barrier on clicks 4-5, and Willpower for 6 and 7

Damage Powers- Perplex, then Enhancement for clicks 2-4



- Another 18 defense from GLC is great

- He can hit you for up to 4 damage from 16 spaces away!

- Damage never drops below two

- Hes pushable !

- Only 111 points, fairly cheap



- Energy Shield Deflection instead of toughnes would have truly made him a ranged combat beast



Which Is Best?







- God i really need to fix my review layout, it only works for entire REVs






100 Point Games - N/A

200 Point Games - 3.5/5 (Its entirely possible, keep that 18 defense tough to hit)

300 Point Games - 4.5/5 (This guy can strike from so far away and still have a team to back him up)

400 Point Games - 4.6/5 (Gets even better, my highest rating so far)

500 Point Games - 4/5 (Stays a constant threat)




4.5 Out Of 5



The best rating I have ever given a piece, he has very few flaws other than with just toughness he wont stick around for long. To counter that you could say hell be able to hit you from so damn far away it wont matter.



"Girls Like Guys With Big Clicks"


Dont Agree With Me ?




Does this click look nothing at all like flipper the dolphin...


captainn00b Before my review I want to say this: I screwed up. In my Man of Steel review I said I wanted to give Ch'p a 2.25. I did not mean that, and you can just ignore it. I posted that by accident, and I remain by my stand of a solid 3. Now, on to my review:

Tomar Re
111 Points
12 range, 1 Target

10 12 9 9 9 9 8
Running Shot on the first two.

10 10 9 9 9 8 7
Energy Explosion on the second and third, Telekinesis on the fourth, fifth and sixth, and Pulse Wave to finsih it off.

18 17 16 15 15 14 14
Toughness on the first, Energy Shield on the second and third, Barrier on the fourth and fifth, and Willpower on sixth and seventh.

3 3 2 2 2 3 3
Perplex on the first, and Enhancement on the second, third and fourth.

Running Shot is good with his range.
He has good ways to stay alive.
Willpower rocks.
Perplex is awesome, unless you are Outsidered.

Can't say much for his attack though...

Altogether a good figure but I don't think I will be able to acquire it soon.

I give it a 3 out of 5.

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