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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Green Lantern Corp

Reviewed 08.15.2006

Average Rating: 3.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World
Top 10 regional player in Chicago.


Edited by Jamie Lewis


Today we'll be reviewing Ch’p from Green Lantern Corps Collectors Set


My theory is Wizkids is determined to have us just playing with cartoon characters.  We already are having dogs with tuning forks carrying figures around.  Now Green Lantern Corps gives us a cartoon squirrel and a dog man.


Experienced: 82 points, Green Lantern Team



MOVEMENT:  Running Shot on his second click… grrr.  Forceblast might be somewhat useful because it is really bad for him to be based.


ATTACK: 9 with Telekinesis for two clicks.  He has some offensive spikes and only has one low attack of 8.


DEFENSE:  Okay first click with Barrier and a low defense, just means he’s definitely a push click character.  Now here is the big bang.  18 defense, with Defend and he can carry up to 8 characters.  That is just simply amazing.  Willpower on one click is not too shabby.  Energy Shield at the end will make him hard to kill off.


DAMAGE:  Three is not great, but for 80 points it is okay.  I wish he had Ranged Combat Expert on is 18 defensive click.  He is definitely a Nanobots candidate.


SCULPT:  How absolutely cartoony and ludicrous.  He has the classic green overalls that all cartoon characters have.  Frankly it’s a little embarrassing. 


FEATS:  Protected seems like a must for him, because he’s easy to kill in one shot. Nanobots is possible, but he may end up on his first click.  Healing might actually be a little better in this one case.  In contact could up his defense (although Defend must be unmodified) or it could help out his attack.

Notice the trend, Protected, Nanobots and In contact.



*       He is a push click character

*       Moderate attack values

*       Unbelievable Defend with Green Lantern Team

*       TK and Barrier on opening click can give you a good reason to push

*       WAY under-costed

*       Trick Shot will not work well with him

*       Nanobots can put him on his beginning click, which is inconvenient


Remember rookie Sue Storm from Clobbering Time?  Remember how she was used all the time?  Well this is the hyped up Sue Storm.  Ch’p can carry an entire team and give them all 18 defense.  Lian Harper POGS can be amazing now or Experienced Hydra Officers can get a 20 defense from ranged attacks.  The push click is not even that bad, because he can always TK twice in a row.  He’s amazing and there is a hundred ways to play him.  The only bad part is I’m going to building a lot of teams with little girl POGS, flying squirrels and dogs with tuning forks.




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


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Rurouni KJS Long before Green Lantern Hal Jordan lost his bleevin'
mind and became Parallax, there were a bunch of goofy-looking alien GLs. This one was the goofiest -- from a planet of cartoon animals.

Experienced Ch'p
wing speed
82 points
Team: Green Lantern Corps
Range: 8 x 1

09 10 08 09 08 07
09 09 09 10 09 08
16 18 17 16 15 14
03 03 02 02 02 02

Powers and analysis:
1: Telekinesis, Barrier
2: Running Shot, Telekinesis, Defend
3: Running Shot, Defend, Range Combat Expert
4: Force Blast, Willpower, Range Combat Expert
5-6: Force Blast, Energy Shield/Deflection

Do you hear that? That squeaking, chattering sound?
It's the chipmunk-like voice of Ch'p here saying:
"Push me. PUSH MEEEE!" Ch'p is made to be played on his 2nd click as one mother of a GL tank, able to lend his 18 defense to a full ring of carried figures.
Mid-dial he goes into alien squirrel battle rage when he gains RCE and a 10 attack value. His dial's a bit short, but by the time the enemy digs through to hit him, the game's likely over.

To be even more annoying to hit, try out FORCE FIELD to lengthen his dial some. TRICK SHOT is OK if you want to push him to his middle fighting clicks.
NANOBOTS can get him right back to his sweet defensive spot if need be. I'd really only recommend 10-15 points of cards on him, though.

Aside from the obvious GLC, try a Furry theme team!

Comic accurate?
Who knows? Never read the character.

In sum:
A superlative mix of support piece and 2nd/3rd line shooter, Ch'p is going to make a lot of opposing players mad to see him on the other side of the board.
Methinks his future haters will say the letters "E"
and "A" are the missing vowels in his name...

Rating: 4/5

Today's review is Ch’p from the Green Lantern Corps Collectors Set


Ahhhh…everyone’s favorite squirrel member of the old GLC.


He is an Experienced, 82 points, 8 range 1 target, 6 clix of life, and a GLC member 

Speed: 9,10,8,9,8,7  Running Shot clix 2 and 3, Force Blast last three

Attack: 9,9,9,10,9,8   TK first two

Defense: 16,18,17,16,15,14   Barrier first, Defend next two, willpower, then ESD to end

Damage: 3,3,2,2,2,2  RCE clicks 3-4

The Good:  Running shot and decent damage is great

                      Great support piece

                      GLC team and 18 with defend is a great combo

                      Great attack values

                      Good range

                      Stays hard to hit

The Bad:  Basically a push click character

Feats:  Protected and Nanobots works great, besides that don’t add any more

Overall:  Hmmmm….interesting.  What we get here is a very interesting piece that can just work to help out the entire team.  He can carry almost a full force with him, boost their defense, and still be able to tk the pieces out there.  Pushing with telekinesis actually works to your benefit since you go on the much better click after the first one.  Once you are done helping out your force, you can go out and attack on your own.  If he gets hurt, he can always use nanobots to go back up to full health while keeping a high defense that is hard to hit but easy to heal towards the end.  He is good in the standard 300pt constructed team because of all the spots he takes up (basically your tk’er and secondary attacker), but in 400 or more he is a must.  This piece basically took everything great about the old CT Rookie Invisible Woman and made her more than just a one trick pony.   Team him with a Blackfire sporting vendetta and you have a points machine.  I would give him a 4, but his high point cost and the fact that fliers cannot carry fliers hurts a little because he cannot carry your main guy along with the rest.

Constructed/Unrestricted: 3.5 / 5 

Sealed/Draft:  N/A / 5


Overall:  3.5 / 5

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.




Reviewed By Insane Ewok


Woahhhh, its a flying squirrel with a bow tie, I dont care if this guy sucks, i want one!


WhoClix Bio: Well the bio's for whoclix greenlantern corps arent up yet, so just your on your own for now



Green Lantern Corps


Figure Type-

Experianced Single Base



Experianced- 82



Speed- 9,10,8,9,8,7







Speed Powers- Running Shot on 2nd and 3rd, force blast down the rest of the dial

Attack Powers- Telikinesis for the first 2 clicks

Defense Powers- Barrier, Defend on 2nd and 3rd, Willpower on the 4th, Energy Shield Deflection for the last 2

Damage Powers- Ranged Combat Expert on the 3rd and 4th



- 18 Defense Value with Defend for 80 points

- Consistent Values all around

- Gains Running Shot after you push him



- I would rather not have Barrier on opening click

- 10 attack value for one click

- Willpower could be put to better use on last 2 clicks


Which Is Best?


By default, the EXPERIANCED





- Hes the only version

- Hes a squirrel

- My review format is incredibly flawed




100 Point Games - 2/5 (Dont doit, but worse pieces could be used instead of him)

200 Point Games - 2.5/5 (Needs more room)

300 Point Games - 3/5 (Fits better here but still will feel cramped)

400 Point Games - 4/5 (Works here to his true potential)

500 Point Games - 3.5/5 (Still works out, wont be a big target, but could get knocked out fast)



4 Out Of 5



Ch'p is interesting, he cannot be used as a primary attacker, hes a good utility piece, who

I can see being used for his defend quite often. The great thing about Ch'p though, is after a

piece has been damaged he can come in and dish it out severly weakening your opponent.

He might cramp you for points for being a utility piece, but play smart with him, thats how

youll win.



"Girls Like Guys With Big Clicks"


Dont Agree With Me ?




captainn00b Today we are reviewing Ch'p from the Green Lantern Corps. Set. Ugly foot peg aside here is my review:

82 Points
8 range 1 target

9 10 8 9 8 7
Running Shot on the second and third, and Force Blast on the fourth, fifth and sixth.

9 9 9 10 9 8
Telekinesis on the first and second.

16 18 17 16 15 14
Barrier on the first, Defend on the second and third, Willpower on the fourth, and finished off with Energy Shield/Deflection on the fifth and sixth.

3 3 2 2 2 2
Ranged Combat Expert on the third and fourth.

Green Lantern Corps. Team Ability

1. I like the Green Lantern Corps. TA
2. Running Shot is nice

1. He needs pushed to fully be realized.
2. Kinda costly money wise
I give him a 3 out of 5
Dario HEY!! How’s everybody doing?! Remember me? C’mon, you know me… the guy that
reviewed clix with Cram? No? Well, nevermind…I’ve returned, and it seems
like I picked a very good week to do it, as we have some interesting clicks
to review. Today we have Ch’p, from the Green Lantern Corps Collector Set.
He comes at 82 points and for that you get a flyer, Green Lantern TA, 8
range 1 target, no Archenemy and:


Speed: 9, 10, 8, 9, 8, 7. Running Shot for the 2nd and 3rd clicks, last 3
have Force Blast

Attack: 9, 9, 9, 10, 9, 8. 1st and 2nd clicks have TK and that’s all.

Defense: 16, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14. 1st has Barrier, 2nd and 3rd have Defend,
4th has Willpower and the last 2 have Energy Shield/Deflection

Damage: 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2. RCE for the 3rd and 4th click.

Analysis: Ok, let’s see this little guy: Having RCE on his 3rd and 4th
click makes him unfit for the regular human shield tactic, I’d say… The fact

that he gets Running Shot and a high defense on his second click sucks, but
considering he has TK, you could just push him to his better second click
while putting your guys in position… or maybe use Barrier… as for the rest
of him: such a high defense with Defend and the GL TA is sweet, Willpower
never sucks and the Energy S/D gives him a nice ending defense from far and
allows him to be relatively easy to heal. His attack is really good for his
points; as for his speed… well, 2 clicks of Running Shot with decent values
are to like.

Conclusion: Nice piece, I’d say. He can be useful on a 300 points match,
but I think he could really shine on 400/500 points games… Slap ICWO on him
and 2 DEO Agents by his side… push the agents to the Perplex and push him to

his second click while moving your guys. Then he can give the agents a sweet

18 defense, while they give him an 11 attack value, leaving ICWO free to up
his defense to 19 and the Perplex to give him a 5 damage (or maybe 4 and
more movement?) The whole combo costs you 128 points, so I think you could
try this on a 300 points, but it’d be sweeter on higher point games where he

wouldn’t even be your second offensive option!


300 – 3.5/5 He fits nicely here
400+ – 4/5 For his potential…


This is Dario, mails to


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