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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Multiple Man

Reviewed 08.08.2006

Average Rating: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World
Top 10 regional player in Chicago.



Today we'll be reviewing Multiple Man from Sinister


One of those characters that you want to have 30 of on your team.


Rookie:  17 points, X-men Team



Experienced:  32 points, X-Man Team




Veteran:  44 points, No Team



Who is the Best They all have the same opening stats, which does make the Rookie much more impressive then the Veteran.  The Outwit and Mastermind is really good for the points.  The Vet is basically half of the Joker.  Half of the Joker is not worth playing when you could spend more points to play all the Joker.  The Experienced is one of the cheapest perplexors in the game and has the X-Men team.  The Experienced is pretty nice, but the Rookie is also amazing for his points.  Willpower is underrated and his X-men team is great to feed into Phoenix or a good X-Man.  But how do I review a cheap attacker that does nothing?  Winner:  Experienced


MOVEMENT:  8 movement with nothing.  Flurry at the end increases his chances of getting a luck hit.


ATTACK:  9 attack on a basic supporting piece is pretty nice.  It drops pretty fast though.


DEFENSE:  16 with nothing.  Not great, but at least a little harder to hit then a Con Artist.


DAMAGE:  2 damage with Perplex for that first click.  Close Combat Expert… hmmm… that is pretty nice.  He could hit for 4 damage…hmmm…. if he gets really lucky and hits.


SCULPT:  The sculpt looks better the more of them you have in a row.


feats:  Do not put a feat on him.



*       X-Men team can really help near the end.  Him sharing a little life, once he’s lost his Perplex can make him a perplexor that also heals

*       No range

*       Low or standard defense.

*       Really short dial

*       Useful on every one of his clicks


The first thing I would like to get across is that in nearly every circumstance he is more useful then Experienced Jessica Jones.  He has very similar stats and is just missing Toughness and Wildcard.  Unlike Jessica though he is useful on every click, has a higher attack and has a team ability that can be used to heal.  Wildcards are nice, but only on a 1,000 point Wildcard abuse team would I run Jessica over Multiple Man.


The second and more topical point is why are you running Experienced Multiple Man?  The answer is you want Perplex on your team.  The real question is what is the price of Perplex?  Do you need to spend 32 points for somebody that does nothing but Perplex???  No, you do not.  Perplex is nice, but the character that has it is usually dead weight on your team.  Incontact is only 10 points a character and is more versatile.  If you need more Perplex then you should use Oracle on her card, because that is not easy to kill and can be changed to Outwit.  To waste 32 points to make a figure hit for a little more is pretty crazy.  You could be using those points to get Mockingbird on your team.  Her Veteran is insane and is only 34 points.


Bottom-line, if you are using Perplex, this is the character to use since Con Artists are retired.  However you should not be wasting this many points on Perplex.  The price on Perplex is going up, so I suggest you stop buying it.





Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


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Rurouni KJS Rookie Multiple Man
boot speed
17 points
Team: X-Men
Range: 0

08 07 07 06
09 07 06 06
16 15 15 14
02 02 01 01

Powers and analysis:
1st click has Willpower, and that's it for powers.

You don't get much more plainer than this. Rookie MM is pure fodder, whether for Mastermind or the X-Men TA or for meat-shielding. The Willpower helps him get where he's most useful, though, and his 1st click is good in a fight if needed.

None. Keep him inexpensive.

Perfect for an X-Factor team and good for X-teams in general. And, of course his "own" team.

Comic accurate?
Multiple Man is an impossible character to translate exactly to 'Clix without creating a bunch of special rules JUST for him. So each REV is focused on a particular stage of his duplication power. The R represents his standard, early-career dupe.

In sum:
By himself, he's worthless. With the right teammates, he's very useful.

Rating: 2/5.


Experienced Multiple Man
boot speed
32 points
Team: X-Men
Range: 0

08 07 07 07
09 08 07 07
16 16 15 15
02 02 01 01

Powers and analysis:
Click 1 has Perplex. Click 2 switches to Close Combat Expert. Click 3 adds Flurry and the last click loses CCE.

Practically the same stats as the Rookie, but the powers make this Madrox much better alone and as a teammate. Perplex gives the X-Men a rare boost, and his melee powers make him a threat throughout the rest of his dial. Unfortunately, his weak attack value on his Flurry clicks hurt him somewhat.

DAMAGE SHIELD works if you push him to be a tie-up piece.

This version's even better for the X-Factor theme.

Comic accurate?
Multiple Man is an impossible character to translate exactly to 'Clix without creating a bunch of special rules JUST for him. So each REV is focused on a particular stage of his duplication power. The E represents his mid-career dupe, one that's closer to the original in experience. His late-dial Flurry also shows his multiplication powers when taking damage.

In sum:
Cheap but effective boost for your teams (especially X-teams), this is the version you'll want to field more than all the rest.

Rating: 3/5


Veteran Madrox
boot speed
44 points
Team: none
Range: 0

08 07 07 06 06
09 09 08 08 07
16 16 16 15 14
02 02 02 02 00

Powers and analysis:
Starts with Mastermind and Outwit for the first 2 clicks with a switch to Leadership as of click 3.
Click 4 loses Mastermind. Final click gets Stealth and swaps in Close Combat Expert.

Mastermind and Outwit are a pretty good combo. He can stand back and turn off powers with virtual impunity by shifting the damage to fodder such as his R and E brethren, who could then pump themselves back up with the X-Men TA. It's merely a nod to game balance that Madrox himself lacks the X-Men TA -- that could get abusive. His fighting ability isn't too bad, either, esp. on his OW clicks.

Alas, Vet Madrox is not an X-Man proper, so INSPIRING COMMAND is wasted on his perfect-for-it dial.

This one fits the current X-Factor series, but of that lineup only V Wolfsbane is yet made.

Comic accurate?
Multiple Man is an impossible character to translate exactly to 'Clix without creating a bunch of special rules JUST for him. So each REV is focused on a particular stage of his duplication power. At this stage of his career, Madrox has absorbed the experiences of countless dupes to become a formidable jack-of-all-trades -- hence all the Outwit. It's also made him a bit of an oddball -- hence the lost TA.

In sum:
Loss of the team ability is regrettable; he'd be at least a 4-star fig with it. As he stands, he's still plenty playable -- just don't forget to field fodder for him!

Rating: 3/5.

Today's review is Multiple Man/Madrox from Sinister


Jamie Madrox has to power to create many different copies of himself that all have independent thought to carry out different tasks.  When he puts them all back into his one self, he gains the knowledge of each copy.  Pretty cool, huh?


It is tough to say which one is the best because they are all so different and bring so much to the table.  All of these guys, like the OMACs, are in high demand to build swarm teams (if you add the point cost of the REV, it is 100 points exactly.)  I love all these pieces so I feel it is only fair that I do separate reviews of each one (this is going to be a long one folks.)

 The Rookie comes in at 17 points, has 0 range, 4 clicks of life, and is an X-men team member

Speed: 8,7,7,6   No Powers

Attack:  9,7,6,6   No Powers

Defense:   16,15,15,14   Willpower first click

Damage:  2,2,1,1   No Powers

The Good:  Cheap attacker/tie-up piece

      Decent values for 17 points

      Good attacker for a click, good X-men fodder for the rest

The Bad:   No Range

     Dies really fast

     Can only attack for a click

Feats:   Don’t bother

Overall:    Not much to say here, taxi him out to attack twice in a row, hope he doesn’t get hit, if he get shit with EE, use him as fodder.  You really should have no use for him outside of an X-men theme, I would save those points for feats.  When he gets based, he can fight them off with willpower.

Constructed/Unrestricted:  2.5 / 5

Sealed/Draft:  2 / 5


Overall:  2 / 5


The Experienced comes in at 32 points, has 4 clicks of life, 0 range, and an X-men


Speed: 8,7,7,7   Flurry last two

Attack:  9,8,7,7   No Powers

Defense:   16,16,15,15   No Powers

Damage:  2,2,1,1   Perplex for one, CCE for two

The Good:  Hello new Con Artist

      Hello Con Artist who can attack

      Can do some high damage

      Flurry is never bad, but would have been much better early on

     A great support piece for X-men teams and just about any team

The Bad:   One again, will die FAST

     Flurry needs to be frontloaded to be any good

     Lack of Willpower hurts more than you could think

Feats:   Lets go with no on this one

Overall:   Like I said, an attacking Con Artist who can do some good damage and is still pretty good for the points.  No range is a shame, but how could you expect it for a piece like this.  The lack of willpower hurts, because doing two actions in two turns would enable him to fight off anyone thanks to a perplexed up three damage.  My personal favorite, he is a good piece for just about any team in the upcoming tournament scene.     

Constructed/Unrestricted: 3.5 / 5

Sealed/Draft: 4 / 5


Overall:  3.5 / 5


The Veteran comes in at 44 points, has 0 range, 5 clicks of life, and no team


Speed: 8,7,7,6,6   Stealth last click

Attack:  9,9,8,8,7  No Powers

Defense:   16,16,16,15,14    Mastermind first three

Damage:  2,2,2,2,0   Outwit first two, Leadership next two, CCE last

The Good:  Mastermind and Outwit is a pretty good combo

      Hard to kill, especially on swarm teams

      Consistent defense

      Able to do some damage whole time

The Bad:   I sooooooo wish stealth was frontloaded

    If his mastermind gets outwitted he’s dead

    No team kinda sucks

    Non ranged pieces are always at a disadvantage

Feats:   Fortitude if you want, but besides that bother

Overall:    Now here is an interesting click.  Mastermind means you can basically build a team around him, and his outwit means that he can be very dangerous.  If his stealth was front-loaded, he would be better than Icons Starter Batman, but he doesn’t, so he isn’t as good.  The Stealth and CCE is a good combo, because the stealth means he needs to be based to be hit, and the CCE means that he can do some damage once based.  For another 3 points though, Batman is just that much better.

Constructed/Unrestricted:  3 / 5

Sealed/Draft:  4 / 5


Overall:  3 / 5


Multiple Man Overall: 3 / 5  (personal favorite is experienced)

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.




This is my review on Multiple Man one of the oddest figures in the set.

Multiple Man, 17 points, X-Men team, Grounded, 0 range, 1 attack

1 2 3 4

Movement 8 7 7 6 None

Attack 9 7 6 6 None

Defense 16 15 15 14 Will power on 1

Damage 2 2 1 1 None

Multiple Man, 32 points, X-Men team, Grounded, 0 range, 1 attack

1 2 3 4

Movement 8 7 7 7 Flurry on 3-4

Attack 9 8 7 7 None

Defense 16 16 15 15 None

Damage 2 2 1 1 Perplex on 1, CCE on 2-3

Madrox, 44 points, No team, Grounded, 0 range, 1 attack

1 2 3 4 5

Movement 8 7 7 6 6 Stealth on 5

Attack 9 9 8 8 7 None

Defense 16 16 16 15 14 Mastermind on 1-3
Damage 2 2 2 2 0 Outwit on 1-2, Leadership on 3-4, CCE on 5

The winner is the Veteran

The Good

Stealth is always good

Mastermind is ok

Leadership are good

Starting outwit is always good

The Bad
Movement is low

No attack powers

Attack drops steadily

High enough that it will be annoying to heal

Why ending CCE


ICWO, you really can't use protected.

Unless you use it in mass like its supposed to be used you shouldn't use it.

100 points: 2/5 Go ahead

200 points: 2.5/5 More multiple men means more fun

300 points: 3/5 See above

400 points: 4/5 See above

500+points: 4.5/5 See above

Sorry for the short review guys.
InsaneEwok Multiple Man

Reviewed By Insane Ewok
Multiple man huh? Wasnt he in the new X-men movie? You know, the guy who the only reason they added him was for that one ambush/trick scene. Lets just hope he doesnt succumb to such averageness like alot of other sinister figures.

WhoClix Bio: Unlike most mutants who develop powers later in life, James Madrox's mutant power to split into multiples manifested when the doctor spanked him at birth! His scientist parents developed a suit that kept his power in check but when it malfunctioned, Madrox sought out the help of the Fantastic Four. He eventually became Moria McTaggart's lab assistant and met the X-Men while battling Proteus. Multiple Man finally joined the mutant team X-Factor but "died "when he contracted the Legacy virus. It turned out it was a duplicate that died while the real Madrox lives on, now a private detective in New York City.


Figure Type-

Rookie- 17 Points
Experianced- 32 Points
**His Veteran isnt listed on the heroclix site

Rookie- X-Men
Experianced- X-Men

Speed- 8,7,7,6
Attack- 9,7,6,6
Defense- 16,15,15,14
Damage- 2,2,1,1

Speed Powers- None Throughout Entire Dial
Attack Powers- None Throughout Entire Dial
Defense Powers- Willpower On The 1st Click
Damage Powers- None Throughout Entire Dial

- 17 Points!
- Willpower On A Figure This Cheap?! All I Can Say Is Wow
- Great Stats For Point Value

- 1 Hit And Hes Pretty Much Gone

Speed- 8,7,7,7
Attack- 9,8,7,7
Defense- 16,16,15,15
Damage- 2,2,1,1

Speed Powers- Flurry On 3rd And 4th Clicks
Attack Powers- None Throughout Entire Dial
Defense Powers- None Throughout Entire Dial
Damage Powers- Perplex On 1st, Close Combat Expert On 2nd And 3rd

- Any Piece Capable Of 4 Damage For 32 Points Is Good In My Book
- Still Great For The Points

- No Willpower!
- Same Short Lifespan

Which Is Best?



- 17 Points Is Amazing For What You Get
- Willpower Is A Fantastic Power
- Decent Stats All Around

100 Point Games - 3.5/5 (You Can Fit 5 Of Them, Just Might Work)
200 Point Games - 4/5 (Great Expendable Piece's To Annoy Your Opponent)
300 Point Games - 4/5 (See Above)
400 Point Games - 4/5 (See Above)
500 Point Games - 3/5 (Still Good, But Might Be Harder To Attack With)

4 Out Of 5

At First When I Saw This Figures Point Value I Thought "17 Points, Thats Some Expensive Moving Terrain", But It doesnt Take Long Before You Realize How Durable This Piece Is. This Click Can Do It All. And Besides, Willpower Should Cost 50 Points On Its Own.

"Girls Like Guys With Big Clicks"

Dont Agree With Me ?

Am I The Only One Who Just Noticed I Wrote The First Letter Of Every Word In Caps :D

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