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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Speed Demon

Reviewed 08.01.2006

Average Rating: 2.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

2006 Philly
Wizard World



Today we'll be reviewing Speed Demon from Sinister


Call me a traditionalist, but if you’re name is Speed Demon, you should be red and you should have horns.  Plus if you’re really fast and had horns you could stab people with them.

I have also been wondering why nobody really fast ever carries a knife?  If you’re a villain why not stab people really quickly before they can figure out a way to get you?  But if I was a really evil villain with super speed I would carry around some sturdy paper and paper cut people to death.  No matter how you lived your life, if you’ve been paper cutted to death you’ll be mocked hard core.  Imagine being at Superman’s funeral and hearing he died from a million paper cuts, you wouldn’t cry you would just shake your head and say; “That’s just a dumb way to die”.


Rookie:  36 points, Sinister Syndicate Team



Experienced:  45 points, Sinister Syndicate Team




Veteran:  53 points, Avengers Team



Who is the Best 8 attack and Sinister Sindicate team which is basically unsuable with Hyper Sonic Speed is what the Rookie and Experienced have.  So those two versions are good for anything BUT draft.  You’ll pretty much have to go with the Vet.  Winner:  Veteran


MOVEMENT:  Even one click of Hyper Sonic Speed is great.  But more then one would be much better.  Flurry is a fabulous ability.  Charge… why not?


ATTACK:  Incap is pointless, a nine attack is pretty standard.  It falls too low and too fast.


DEFENSE:  16 with Super Sense is pretty low for a harasser piece, but honestly I do not think it will be too important.  Usually the idea is you run away where they can not attack you.  His second click of Combat Reflexes makes him pretty hard to hit and you could even push him next to a character and flurry in a turn or so.


DAMAGE:  2 damage… of course.  He has Hyper Sonic Speed they pretty much all have two damage.


SCULPT:  No, horns or a red Outfit.


feats:  Thunderbolting Masters of Evil or Ultimates team would be pretty amazing.  Masters of Evil is great because he could keep pushing and then Nanobotting.  He could even push and stay next to a character then Flurry the following turn.   Incontact would be nice, but Protected wouldn’t work too well since he’ll always have a token on him.  Armor Piercing is great, but is not necessary.  Swingline can definitely work but you may be getting into a few more points then Speed Demon is worth.



*       Only one click of Hyper Sonic

*       But Hyper Sonic Speed is still great

*       Avengers team is fantastic

*       Not great attack or defense

*       Super Senses is amazing… if you roll a 5 or a 6


I do like Speed Demon and I think he is pretty good with all the new rules. However he is like many different characters in Sinister, a victim of their being somebody better from another set.  This time it is Experienced Quicksilver that has much better stats.

You get all this for only 62 points and he’s an Avenger.


That does not mean Speed Demon is too terrible.  He’s actually pretty decent.  I must say; ‘Sorry, Speed Demon, but Quicksilver has the draw on you this time.” 




Good, Bad, I’m the Guy with the Clix


Questions, comments, sexually confused?  Email me at cramcompany@hotmail.com.

Please no hate mail



Challenge:  I will issue an open challenge for an OMAC LE or ANY Unique from Collateral Damage at the Chicago Wizard World event this weekend! 

The rules are:

*       Build an ULTRA competitive 300 point team

*       This will be a timed event

*       You can pick a battle field card of your choice AFTER you see my team

*       I will pick one of the ones I am playing to defend my championship.  I will not pick Ordinary Day

*       I only have a limited time there on Friday or Saturday, but will be at the play area most of those days.

*       You will only get the LE or Unique if you beat.

*       I can refuse to play you if I feel you team is not competitive enough.

*       You can build or rebuild your team after seeing my team.

*       Contact me at Cramcompany@hotmail.com if you’re interested.

Rurouni KJS Rookie Whizzer
boot speed
36 points
Team: Sinister Syndicate
Range: 0 x 1

He's a speedster. And a villainous one.

08 09 08 08 07
08 07 07 06 06
15 15 14 14 13
02 01 01 01 01

Powers and analysis:
1st click bears the all-mighty Hypersonic Speed and the less-mighty Energy Shield/Deflection. 2nd & 3rd clicks switch to Flurry. Click 4 & 5 finish with Plasticity and Combat Reflexes.

Whizzer is NOT a tentpole. At all. Nor is he a solid backup attacker -- not with that mediocre attack that just gets worse. (And no, the team ability won't help much here.) Whizzer is a pure harass-and-tie-up piece.
Use him as such on a big team to take heat away from your mains and bring some heat to your opponents'
support crew. Or, if you're running a team he can share attack values with via his TA, hold him back until he can do so to make the most of his HSS speed.

DOUBLE-TIME is a solid choice to cheaply enable him to get to softer targets behind the front lines and then breakaway to a safe distance away. ARMOR PIERCING helps him get his damage in, but with that low attack, why bother? DAMAGE SHIELD, if you want to spend the points, makes his tie-up ability a little more potent.
And SWINGLINE is always useful on grounded HSS figs.

A member of the Sinister Syndicate. (Or was that the Squadron Sinister?)

In sum:
As the cheapest hypersonic piece by far, he's a point filler that can help the cause of the points you really care about. Not bad.

Rating: 2.5/5


Experienced Speed Demon
boot speed
45 points
Team: Sinister Syndicate
Range: 0 x 1

10 08 06 07 08 09
08 08 07 07 07 07
16 15 15 14 14 13
02 02 01 01 01 01

Powers and analysis:
1st click: HSS and ESD. 2nd & 3rd switch to Charge.
4th click switches to Flurry, and the 5th click drops ESD for Combat Reflexes for the rest of the dial.

Like the Rookie, he's a speedy harasser at first, but the Charge makes him a bit more offensive.
Unfortunately, so is that lame attack value. He's another tie-up piece but designed more as a fighter and too expensive for what you get in either role, really.

Again, DOUBLE-TIME is a solid choice to help his movement. But that's about it.

He's been a Spider-Man villain and, I think, one of the Masters of Evil. I think.

In sum:
Not good enough to be a proper 3rd-string attacker, too pricey to be a cheap tie-up figure.

Rating: 2/5. But HSS is always worth an extra half-point at least.


Veteran Speed Demon
boot speed
53 points
Team: Avengers
Range: 0 x 1

10 09 08 06 08 10
09 08 08 08 07 07
16 17 16 15 15 14
02 02 01 01 02 02

Powers and analysis:
1st click has, yeah, HSS and...oh! Super Senses! 2nd switches to Flurry and Combat Reflexes. 3rd click adds Incapacitate. 4th click switches to Charge and ESD.
5th and 6th drop Incap, and that's it.

Oooooh-kay. Speed Demon starts as a solid attacking piece with the HSS and SSenses (and finally a decent attack value). But then he converts to the same tie-up piece I've been reviewing, only with better stats and powers. And then he becomes unusable for THAT, converting to a Charging piece with a lousy attack. I dunno, man. The good is that he's now an Avenger and a Thunderbolt -- a real one, not like those fakers who use the feat card.

THUNDERBOLTS, obviously. And finally, I think ARMOR PIERCING *might* be warranted this time since he might actually hit something. And DOUBLE-TIME again.

Thunderbolts, baby!

In sum:
He's finally a half-decent attacker, but again better-suited for tie-up work past his first click.

Rating: 2.5/5

Today's review is Speed Demon from Sinister

From the Thunderbolts comes the Speed Demon.


The best version of the three is the veteran.


He comes in at 53 points, has no range, 6 clicks of life, and is an Avenger (nice)

Speed: 10,9,8,6,8,10  HSS first click, Flurry next 2, finishes with 3 of charge

Attack: 9,8,8,8,7,7,7  Incapacitate clicks 3 and 4

Defense:  16,17,16,15,15,14  Super Senses first, Combat Reflexes next two, ESD last three

Damage:  2,2,1,1,2,2 no powers

The Good:  Lots of abilities on the movement dial

      Avengers team can be T-Bolted to just about anything

      Pretty good defense dial

The Bad:   Only one click of HSS, so no pushing

     Cannot hit and run from people with range unless TK’d
                     Incapacitate with no range (4 range given though) with one target is really bad

                     I would have preferred the 17 def be on the Super Senses click

                     ESD and Charge is a pretty bad combo

                     Low Damage, typical of HSS pieces

                     Low typical attack for this set

Feats:   Protected to keep him on the first click, ICWO (optional) for the low attack, Swingline to give extra movement and no hindering effects, Armor piercing to actually do damage, all help. Thunderbolts is a must, Lucky Break can keep him from Critical Missing off of his HSS click

Overall: Not much to say about this guy….he is far from anything special.  He is your standard ground based HSS’er who needs too much help to be any good.  You will never see him in constructed except for theme teams and in sealed he is nothing really special.  If you want to play a cheap HSS’er with the Avengers team, use Quicksilver.

Constructed/Unrestricted: 1.5 / 5

Sealed/Draft: 2.5 / 5


Overall:  1.5 / 5

Need help? Send any emails to batmandx@aol.com.



P.S. – I just wanted to say Hey to all the new reviews here, welcome aboard!



This is my review for Speed Demon out of Sinister. 


Whizzer, 36 points, Spiderman Enemy, Grounded, 0 Range, 1 Attack

                        1   2   3   4   5

Movement      8   9   8   8   7  HSS on 1, Flurry on 2-3, and Plasticity on 4-5

Attack             8   7   7   6   6  None

Defense          15 15 14 14 13            Energy Shield on 1-3 and CR on 4-5

Damage          2   1   1   1   1  None



Speed Demon, 45 points, Spiderman Enemy, Grounded, 0 range, 1 attack

                        1   2   3    4   5    6

Movement      10 8   6    7   8    9       HSS on 1, Charge on 2-3, Flurry on 4-6

Attack             8   8   7    7   7    7       None

Defense          16 15 15  14 14  13     Energy Shield on 1-4, CR on 5-6

Damage          2   2   1    1   1    1       None



Speed Demon, 53 points, Avengers Team, Grounded, 0 range, 1 attack

                        1    2   3   4   5   6

Movement      10  9   8   6   8   10      HSS on 1, Flurry on 2-3, Charge on 4-6

Attack             9    8   8   8   7   7                    Incap. on 3-4

Defense          16  17 16 15 15 14                  SS on 1, CR on 2-3 Energy Shield on 4-6

Damage          2    2   1   1   2   2        None


Drum Roll please and the winner is……The Veteran……DUH!!!!?!?!


The Good

Avengers team and HSS always good

Finally an attack power

The defensive powers are finally in order

Attack powers are mediocre

He’ll be hard to heal most of the time


The Bad

Attack is average for the set

Movement is really low so the HSS wont be as effective

Incap. with 0 range and 1 attack is just pointless

Why energy shield for a close combat character

Energy Shield isn’t even on the HSS click

No Damage powers really do not help


Feats: ICWO is standard and you really can’t use protected, but damage shield would be one that would work really well.


Overall: NO…just…NO.  Most of the powers are either in the wrong place or you will never use them.  Off of his first click he is pretty much just dead points your opponent will leave until the end to pick them off.


100 points: 1/5            Not unless you’re a noob or are really desperate

200 points: 1.5/5         Still just no

300 points: 2.5/5         Maybe if you can protect it long enough

400 points: 3.5/5         This is where you will get the most out of him

500 points: 3/5            Too many big guns to shoot it down really fast


Questions, Comments, or just want to chat.

E-mail: gamerj@fuse.net

AIM:  gamerj92

-This is gamerj over and out-

Sandstrom Well, since I'm a new reviewer I thought I should introduce myself. However you probably don't care about me, you're probably more interested in.... Speed Demon!

Maybe you'd be more interested in my life's story after all... Although Speed Demon is exactly the kind of Clix I and many other like, he just doesn't have enough juice to make it up with those guys. Here's Why.

Speed: 10 speed is actually kind of like a slow hypersonic person. The only person I can think of with a slower hypersonic is Captain Boomerang. (Yes, Captain Boomerang gets hypersonic, you just sold him before you got to that click) Later on he gets flurry which is a great power but unfortunately it means he's lost hypersonic. 6 charge is slower than Ultimate Clayface.

Attack: Bad.

Defense: Average values all the way through. Combat reflexes and Energy Shield may keep things interesting. Some people might put Heightened Reflexes on him to try and save him, but nothing can save him, so I wouldn't even try.

Damage: 2 damage is supremely standard, then 1. But wait, you'll get a spike at the end! That spike won't inhibit Nanobots, but you failing breakaway will.

When all is said and Done: When all's said and done, I wouldn't use him. Avengers is the best team ability in the game if you Thunderbolts because you can modify it through a tournament. He's also cheap hypersonic who might help you out of a bind or get some cheap kills. But these are all theoretical assumptions. I've seen this guy used in action, and he's terrible. You can't push him no matter what, because he'll lose hypersonic. You're not going to In Contact him because he's a cheapie, so his 9 probably won't fare well against the new standard of 17. In fact, when I played him, he couldn't even take down easy pickins. If you like people in this vein, I recommend (E) Quicksilver from Armor Wars. He's more solid in every way statistically he's pushable, and he can T-bolts.

If you insist though....:
Rating= 2/5

"Go suck a lemon"

Speed Demon

Reviewed By InsaneEwok

Hey everyone this is my first review, ill try to do my best to give you as much information as possible on this heroclick!

WhoClix Bio:

Pharmacist James Sanders was granted super-speed in return for joining the Grandmaster's Squadron Sinister. Originally known as the Whizzer, Sanders changed his name to Speed Demon when he joined the Sinister Syndicate to assassinate Spider-Man. Speed Demon's hyper-sonic speed allows to him to create tornadoes, move at high speeds and repeatedly attack opponents. Despite his amazing powers, Speed Demon has been constantly defeated and has reformed to join the Thunderbolts. Allies: Beetle, Blizzard, Rhino, Hydro-Man, Syndicate Enemies: Spider-Man, Silver Sable, Sandman, Quasar, Captain America, Cable, Defenders, Avengers

Set -


Figure Type -


Points -

Experianced - 45 Points

Veteran - 53 Points


Speed: 10,8,6,7,8,9

Attack: 8,8,7,7,7

Defense: 16,15,15,14,14,13

Damage: 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1


Speed Powers: Hypersonic Speed, Charge, Charge, Flurry, Flurry, Flurry

Attack Powers: No attack powers throughout entire dial

Defense Powers: 4 clicks of Energy Shield Deflection, Combat Reflexes, Combat Reflexes

Damage Powers: No damage powers throughout entire dial


Pros -

Cheap Hypersonic Speed

Really Tough To Hit In Range


Cons -

Low Attack Value

No Attack Powers

No Damage Powers



Speed: 10, 9, 8, 6, 8 10

Attack: 9, 8, 8, 8 ,7, 7

Defense: 16, 17, 16, 15, 15, 14


Damage: 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2

Speed Powers: Hypersonic Speed, Flurry, Flurry, Charge, Charge, Charge

Attack Powers: Incapacitate for 3rd and 4th clicks

Defense Powers: Super Senses, Combat Reflexes, Combat Reflexes

Damage Powers: No attack powers throughout entire dial


Pros -

Better Attack Value Than Experianced

Gains Incapacitate, usefull to run back to a medic

Great Defense in range


Cons -

Not Pushable becuase of low attack value

Better Hypersonic Speed Alternatives

Which Is Better -




- 8 attack value is not acceptable, the veteran gains a 9, but only for one click

- Should be able to take down small support pieces

Personally, I wouldnt use speed demon unless it was a 200 point match. He could be a third string attacker and should be rushed out to kill your opponents medic right away.

100 Point Games - 1/5 (Will take up half your team, doit if you wannna lose)

200 Point Games - 3/5 (Best fits here)

300 Point Games - 2/5 (Way better hypersonic speed character that could fit here)

400 Point Games - 2/5 (Will get mauled by bigger pieces)

500 Point Games - 2/5 (Use Icons Flash, or some other version of him)



6 OUT OF 10


"Girls like guys with big clicks"


Dont agree with me?



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