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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Invisible Girl
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 05.27.2005

Average Rating: 3.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Yin Yang Dragon

It's been awhile since my last review. I've been doing a lot of fixing in my room and at a new store I go to. Since I'm in Westchester, Scarsdale to be exact, I go to my local comic stores. I originally went to one and switched to another store about 10 minutes away. Now I got to an awesome store in my backyard called The Phoenix. They are currently the largest hobby and comic and card store in all of Westchester. I am currently the judge there for Heroclix and Duelmasters. If your ever there, ask for me and you can meet me and chat or play against me even.

           Today's review is going to be somewhat short. It's on the new Invisible Woman from the upcoming FF set in marvel. Here are here general stats:


Point cost: 49, very reasonable

Type: Unique

Team: Fantastic Four

Range: 6

Targets: 1

SSADD: 7, 9, 19, 2, I really like the 19


            This version of the invisible woman is less likeable by my standards. She is a great figure but she needs something more. She comes with stealth, barrier, incapacitate, and energy shield/deflection. I wish they gave her for a few more points defend. I mean invisible woman from clobberin time had defend, this one should be better than the last set. She does gain stealth, which I like with her, and she also gets barrier. I like this combo because she can hide in hindering terrain and put up a large barrier while hiding. If an opponent wants to hit her, let them try, she's got a 19 defense and if you use In Contact With Oracle, that's 20. Unlike her Vet. Version from this set, she lacks the extra click of health, and less clicks of barrier and damage. However, this version is very good for her points. I know there are better barriers figures, such as pyro or avalanche, but if you don't have them, which you should, then use her. She is really good for her points. Combine her with ICWO and Deep Shadows. If you're really crazy then use Fortitude on her. She's a great piece to have for the collector and her sculpt is good looking too.


Fun: 2.64/5.0

100: 2.8/5.0

200: 3.89/5.0

300: 3.21/5.0

400: 2.98/5.0

500+: 2.5/5.0

Sculpt: 3.0/5.0, even though she's in action, I would prefer her to be in a better pose, maybe with an actual clear force field.

Theme: I don't really recommend the unique from this set. If you do choose to use I.W. from this set, make it the vet. or experienced versions, but if you're low on points use the clobberin time rookie.


P.S.: If you need directions to the store, The Phoenix, located in Scarsdale, NY, then e-mail me and I'll tell you.


Email me at grizzly0420@yahoo.com, if you have any rants, comments, raves, hate, revisions on my review, or anything else, just e-mail me. I do check my mail everyday so if you send it, I will reply back.


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the R/E/V and LE of Invisible Girl

Okay, I want every body to pick up a dictionary…..no it’s okay….I’ll wait.  Come on, just get one.

Okay good!  Now look up the word hot.  Ya see it?  They’ve replaced the definition with a picture.  That picture is of Jessica Alba.  She’s playing the new Sue Storm in the movie.  Now when I think of Sue Storm I think of a white bread blonde girl…not a Latina goddess.  Is this poor casting…..NOPE.  I don’t care if they had cast her as MR. Fantastic, I would still watch her for hours on film.

Cost and Abilities: 

Rookie = 28 Points, 5 clicks of life, 4 range, no team ability

Experienced = 47 Points, 6 clicks of life, 6 range, Fantastic Four Team Ability

Veteran = 67 Points, 8 clicks of life, 6 range, Fantastic Four Team Ability

LE = 49 Points, 6 clicks of life, 6 range, Fantastic Four Team Ability


Which is best?  This is THE PIECE! What we have been waiting for.  We saw that fantastic four card a realized it could be broken, but how broken?  It all just mattered on Invisible Girl, what would her defense be???  Well Invisible Girls Defense is a sane 18 on her Veteran for 67 points.  Very evenly priced and fair for the cost…………but wait???  The veteran is not the best THE LE IS!  HOLY GOD, THIS IS OFFICALLY THE BIGGEST CHASE THEY’VE EVER HAD IN HEROCLIX!  The LE is the best in everyway, no more thought.

Movement: 7 with stealth. This is what you want.  Stealth will help her hide.

Attack:  9 attack value.  Not a bad bonus.  She can attack anybody that tries to bother her.  Yet frankly I’d run away.  Mid way through the dial you get incapacitate…sure why not?

Defense: 19.  That’s why she is fantastic.  She even has Barrier!  Barrier is way under rated! Later through the dial she gains energy shield/deflection.

Damage: 2 damage until she gains incapacitate.

Sculpt:  The other ones where she is clear or half clear is pretty cool.   But who cares.

Team Ability:  Fantastic Four.  Use the card and be happy.

Feats Obviously the key here is to change the team ability with the new Fantastic Four Card.  Incontact with Oracle is also a must to up the defense to 20 for all your team.  Thus making your team and wild cards all KC Green Lanterns!

Battle Field Condition  Nothing really fits her, because she is a support piece.

How to Beat Her:  Attack her first and pray.  There is no good strategy to beat her, that’s way she’ll be half  a million dollars on Ebay.

How to Play Her:  Build your team around the idea, which means wildcards or Fantastic Four characters.  They may amend the current ruling and not allow wild cards to mimic the ability.  But until they do just abuse it.  Use a lot of smaller characters to take full advantage.  Don’t fight with Sue Storm just keep running and hiding with her.  Use barrier to protect her.

Overview: Giving all your characters a 19 defense and 20 at times with ICWO.  This is in truth a breaking point for a game.  I will play with her in every game from here on out.  Nothing is more powerful in any game then missing.  Sue Storm will make you miss and miss frequently.  And yes, if you have energy shield/deflection your defense is 21.  I’m making the call right now.  She is the best character of this set.  I’m a little scared of trying to find one.  I’m going to a lot of tournaments to get her.  If only she really looked like Jessica Alba.  L 

Oh and did I mention she flies.

Overall Score:

5/5 300 Points

6/5  400 Points

6/5  500 Points

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates.  (girls only!)



The second of the Fantastic Four member REVs to be reviewed is Ultimate Invisible Woman.  Can the new REV live up to the mystique of the old?


Stats and Powers –   

All three versions have the same powers starting with Stealth and Barrier and later gaining Incapacitate and Energy Shield on their last few clicks.  Like her previous REV her Speed is below average, Attack and Damage about average and her Defense way above average.  The Experienced and Veteran are members of the Fantastic Four while the Rookie can’t play well with others and is not affiliated. Also only the Veteran can fly.


Strengths – 

Invisible Woman’s one strength has always been a high Defense.  In comparison the old REV had a Defense of 18, 18, and 19 respectively while the new REV has 17, 17, and 18.  So its lower, but still definitely acceptable considering the new REV is about 10 points cheaper then their counterparts.  The Barrier is a good power to start with as you can control where your opponents can aim their shots or keep The Thing covered before he gets into combat. Stealth has always been essential for Invisible Woman so keep her in cover.


Weaknesses –

Her Attack will never set fear in your enemies. She can do 2 clicks of Damage, but I think she is better off preventing Damage with Barrier. If Invisible Woman does take Damage she can’t reduce it so her precious Defense will drop and quickly.  Your opponents will try to take her down fast and leave the rest of the team vulnerable.


Playing With –

The key to Invisible Woman is to keep her on her highest clicks and allow your teammates to benefit from her high Damage.   On all her versions if she takes just 2 clicks of damage her Defense suddenly drops to 16 which isn’t much better then most figures.  Keep her in hiding with Stealth and away from troublemakers. In the end use her Incapacitate to try to slow up opponents.


Playing Against –

If you see Invisible Woman it will be vital to take her out quickly or it will be hard to hit any of her teammates.  With Stealth the best way to get to her is with Ultimate team members or with someone with Trick Shot.  After doing some quick damage you can ignore her and go after the more pressing figures, most likely The Thing and Human Torch.



The new Invisible Woman is designed around using the new Fantastic Four team ability.  That allows any member of her team to benefit from her Defense.  Otherwise you have no way to share her Defense since she doesn’t have Defend.  Consider using Force Field if you have extra points. This will give Invisible Woman Toughness, which could come in handy.


Sculpt –

Good, but not great. Most notable feature is how the Experienced begins to turn invisible, and the Veteran is completely invisible. Just like the earlier REV.


Tangibles and Overview –

With the new FF team ability Experienced and Veteran Invisible Woman should get some playing time on Fantastic Four teams.  I always loved the CT Veteran Invisible Woman, but her 80-point cost made her hard to field since she was a support piece. The new Veteran fits onto more teams with a 67-point cost.  The Rookie is a cheap Barrier piece, and not much else since she lacks the FF team ability.   The CT Invisible Girl still stands out as the best turtle piece in the game and I’m kinda glad to see she wasn’t duplicated. It makes her more rare and valuable in my opinion. Overall the new REV is not necessarily better or worse, just shows how the game has changed in a couple of years.


Extra Review – LE Sue Storm

Holy cow Batman!  A 49 point Fantastic Four member Invisible Woman with all the same powers and can Fly and a starting Defense of 19!  This figure will be mine if I have to steel from some 12-year-old kid (Just joking. I’m a nice guy).  If you want to field the best Fantastic Four team possible this is your version of Invisible Girl to do it with.


Overall Score: (Out of 5.  Score of: 1 = horrible, 2 = below average, 3 = slightly above average, 4 = great, 5 = outstanding)


Rookie Invisible Girl – 2.0

Experienced Invisible Woman – 2.75

Veteran Invisible Woman – 3.0

Limited Edition Sue Storm – 4.25

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