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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Dr. Doom
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 05.13.2005

Average Rating: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating


Reviewed by Cramcompany


Today we are going to be looking at the newly previewed Dr. Doom from Fantastic Forces

This is the Ultimate version of Dr. Doom.  Much is different from the one we know and semi-love or hate.  This Dr. Doom was given powers by the same accident he was involved in with the Fantastic Four.  He has metal skin, can shoot metal spikes, breath poison gas and can Wolverine style regenerate.  He controls a small town called the Free Zone, by using mind controlling tattoos.  Which is exactly why I have never got a tattoo?  Expect for my I love N*Sync tattoo, but that was a mistake….I know that now.

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique 186 points.  8 range/ Single target.  Dr. Doom Team Ability (duh).

Movement: 10 with running shot.  This is for the first click only.  His movement slows down from there.

Attack:  11,10,10,9,9,8,87,7.  He starts with Pulse wave for 2 clicks, poison for three and the standard incapacitate for the final 2 clicks.

Defense:  17 with invulnerability. His defense follows the same patterns as his attack, which means he ends with a 13.  He has invulnerability for his first 3 clicks, then willpower for 3 clicks, then toughness until the end.

Damage: 3 damage for the first three clicks, then 2 all the way down.  Outwit at the beginning, perplex in the middle and outwit again to wrap things up.

Sculpt:  Pretty cool.  He is dark and evil like he should be, but I personally don’t like the Ultimates take on his look.  He is such a genius, but he is wearing a hobo robe that is ripped to shreds, why?  Just to make him look similar to the real Dr. Doom?

Team Ability:  The best team ability ever, wild card.  With the Ultimates, Mystics (gained probably by thunderbolt) and Batman Alley, the Dr. will be a lot less….doomed.  DARN!  I promised myself I would not pun.  Bad Scott!

Feats:  He is sooo expensive, there is nothing that fits well enough to put on him.  Well Incontact with Oracle, but frankly that should be on every character that can deal damage.   ICWO is far too broken not too spend 40 points on every game.

Battle Field Condition Hmmm, crosswinds and ordinary day are what I would go with.

How to Beat Him:  Build a team that does not have a 200 point character only capable of doing 3 damage.  Use smaller figures or expensive tournament quality figures that are worth their point cost.

How to Play Him:  He has to be on a 400 point team or you will not be able to abuse the wild card team ability enough.  First use the Jarvis and thunderbolt combo to get mystics team ability.  Alfred Pog is a good call here as well to get Doom stealth.  I would use Hawkeye to give him outwit and give you another solid attacker.  Telekinesis with Jean Gray to get him out there for his running shot pulse wave, then push to have him run back and be healed.  Outwit any ranged combat or running shot characters that might be able to hit you in the back while you run.  Pray that you can heal and have him pulse wave again.

Overview:  If I ever say the words PRAY in my how to play him section, he is probably not that strong of a character.  Wow, at first glance he is not that good and at second glance he is unbearably terrible.  186 POINTS!!!!!  He does only 3 damage and his main ability will make him a giant sitting duck.  I recently got the LE Polaris with running shot and pulse wave for attending the regional tournament.  I love using her, but when you pulse wave you have to be in the center of your enemies attack field.  She is 76 points and with a 17 defense and flying she can sometimes to break way and be healed, before being slaughtered by your enemies brased off team.  Yet it doesn’t matter too much, because I did not put all my eggs in one basket with Polaris.  Dr. Doom is the most expensive hard bait in the game today.  Sure he is loaded with some of the best abilities like outwit and perplex.  But he has to use them to help himself.  You’ll have to outwit the defense ability of the person you are attacking and if you hit there defense ability will probably change it and the rest of your team will still have to deal with a new defensive ability.  He will probably have to perplex up his own damage, not another characters.  He does have great abilities, but his stats are so weak the abilities are negated.  He gains willpower in the middle, which is really bad, because one blast on his really low defense will take him out.  This is terrible for your pulse wave and run strategy, because your opponent will bun through his invulnerability too fast.  Also, he has invulnerability not impervious!  This takes away any chance of you avoiding that first hit.  The other Dr. was truly a one man army, with a high 10 range and double target.  He had a ridiculous attack and his defense was 18!!!! With mastermind!!!!  Mastermind is so good with all the POG’S now days.  That Doom has nearly anything going for him.  This Doom would be crushed by the Clobbering Time version of him.  The first Doom would be like “Who’s Ultimate now!” and would pimp smack this one.  Because the first doom was a pimp, that’s why he had the green cape.  If you pull the new Doom, I say eBay him quickly.  You’ll get a good priced based on the initial demand, but once people try to play him they will truly be Doomed.  (DARN!  BAD SCOTT NO PUNS!)

Overall Score:  

.05/5 300 Points

1/5 400 Points (he is a wildcard)

.09/5 500 Points

1/5 Fun Games Assuming it is him versus the Fantastic Four, he will lose and lose badly.

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates.  (girls only!)

PS:  If Doom was in Legacy he would have had a 20 defense with Super Senses through most of his dial and they would have found a way to make him Kingdom Come….because everybody cool is KC.

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