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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 05.10.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  107
Collector's Number  018

Average Rating: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Already starting with the Fantastic Forces set, eh? Today we have Yellowjacket, and before this review even starts i'm irritated with this figure. Why does it deserve n REV? it should have been Rookie=Giant Man, Experienced=Goliath, and Vet=Yellowjacket. And not only do we not get different sculpts, but they couldn't even bother with the different names. Anyway, on to the review.
Cost~ 107 points, 8 clicks of life, Avengers TA, 4 range / 1 target
Movement~ Starts out at 10 with a single click of running shot, then changes to charge for a few clicks throughout his dial. Not too bad
Attack~ rolls 9 through 6 with clicks of Super-strength, quake, and incapacitate throughout the dial
Defense~ maintains a 16 through 13 throughout, with invulnerability and toughness all the way across.
Damage~ mostly 3's, then 2's. I was disappointed in the lack of RCE
Sculpt~ Meh. It seems too plain for a giant figure. Not enough detail to it, and the poste is uninspired at best.
Score~ It isn't a bad figure, but there are far better figures to be used for the point cost. Especially given a giant figures vulnerability to getting hit, that will probably keep this Hank Pym out of most tourney teams. But at least it makes up for the debacle that was Giant Man....
2.5 / 5

meh meh meh. this is a pretty straight forward brick. Another giant figure with range, im guessing most of them will have range. everyone knows what the advantages and disadvanatages of being giant are so ill leave those out unless the pretain to something on this charecter directly. For example, with his extra square reach for close combad he has the same range for charge and range attacks on his second click. At 144 points on the vet, playing him in a 300 point game seems like a bad idea, steel is better for that. He has 4 damage, which is nice. 10 attack on his first two clicks makes sure hell have a good chance of hitting (except on green lantern) A defense that leaves a little to be desired, All in all not a particularly good figure. Not bad, useable especially in the preview, but not great.

100: :-) / 5
200: 1.443/5
300: 1.666/5
400: 2.003/5
500: 2.443/5

~So said the spy


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to be looking at the newly priveed Yellowjacket from the Fantastic Forces Set.

Yellowjacket is Giantman who is Antman who is Henry Pym.  This is the guy beats his wife in comic books.  He can control ants with his helmet and has wings to fly around.  He also enjoys a good round of BEATING HIS WIFE WASP!  Wasp is hot…..I’d date wasp….ya know…if she was real.  I however, would not hit her!  (more then likely)

Cost and Abilities: 

Rookie = 107 Points, 8 clicks of life, 4 range / 1 targets, Avengers team ability

Experienced = 129 Points, 9 clicks of life, 6 range / 1 target, Avengers Team Ability

Veteran = 144 Points, 9 clicks of life, 6 range / 1 target, Avengers Team Ability

Which is best?  This is where I decide which to review.  Definitely not the rookie, because he has a 4 range with 1 target….four is a terrible range.  The Exp and Vet are pretty close. In fact too close.  With the only real difference being the veteran version hits for 4 damage his first click and the experienced only 3.  Not a tough choice Experienced with Incontact with Oracle is a lot better and still cheaper then the Veteran.  BEST VERSION = Experienced.

Movement: 10 with running shot and then 10 with charge.  Loses and gains charge throughout his dial.   Since you can not telekinesis any big figures, I think that his running shot, then charge combo is very good.

Attack:  10, 9, 9,8,8,8,7,7,6 not great for 129 points.  He has super strength which is terrible for non-flyers, unless big figures can use flyer rules for picking up objects?  Not sure on that one.  He then has quake, which I love on big figures, then incapacitate.

Defense: 16 with invulnerability for 4 clicks.  Later he gains toughness with a lowly 13 defense (which is good enough to heal).  Nowadays 16 is low to start with.

Damage: 3 damage pretty much to the last click, when it become 2.

Sculpt:  Not too bad of a sculpt from the picture, but he does look stupid.  Looking stupid just means that the sculpt is accurate to the costume.

Team Ability:  Avengers.  Which used to be bad until……see next section.

Feats:  Avengers and thunderbolt!  For 5 points Yellowjacket can be any team you want.  Ultimate or Mystics spring to mind.  Other then that the Incontact with Oracle is a must in order to push him above the veteran version of himself.

Battle Field Condition  Darkness will help even out the range issue for the man in the yellow hat.  It will also make running shot more powerful.  And poor tam work is tailor made for him since he can’t be carried. 

How to Beat Him:  It’s simple enough, hit him with anybody that does 4 damage.  He will lose to most bricks or ranged combat experts.

How to Play Him:  Use him as a secondary or third attacker.  He is push able once, use that to finish somebody off or weaken the most immediate threat.  He could tie up figures pretty well too.  Perplexing up his damage will be your best friend  J 

Overview:  Quick impression of Wiz Kids at an idea meeting.   Okay what is better then a heroclix?  A big heroclix!  Bingo Bangoh!  Do you really think people will be okay with spending $8 for only 3 figures?  Of course, because the figure will be big!  Okay, Bob, let’s just make sure the big figures dominate this game for years too come! If the people are trading two clix for every one big figure they all need to be playable or spectacular!  This is very important to me that we…. What?  That’s too hard…..well okay, let’s just make them suck, I get paid either way. 

Yellowjacket will not see much play which is unfortunate, unless of course they add a new feat or condition I do not know about.  He’s middle of the line, mediocre as you would say.  His movement abilities are good and well thought out, but his attack and damage leave much to be desired, considering the point value.  There are just a lot better bricks out there and overall I find the giant ability to be hindering rather then productive.  The fact that everybody has a line of site to you is like trick shot for all your opponents.  Sure it works in versus, but that is one point for your one character against giving all there characters that same point.   

Overall Score:

2/5 300 Points

1.5./5 400 Points

1/5 500 Points

3/5 Fun Games Bingo Bang-oh!  A big Heroclix!

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates.  (girls only!)

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