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Image from heroclix.com

Worlds at War Mail Away

Reviewed 05.06.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  236
Collector's Number  141
Rarity  LE-Mailaway

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Wow its Our Worlds At War Superman, whom will now be OWAW Supes for the remainder of this review.
Hypertime is a time that most people want to remember as the set that introduced Impervious and Hypersonic Speed, Nightwing, and the Bat-Ally TA. Most people remember that this set had a Superman in it that couldn't knock down walls. This mail-away Superman has a 236 point value. He has an 11 attack and base 3 damage with leadership. He was also the first Supes to have Hypersonic. Thats right KC Supes, while one of the best, was not the first Supes to have the power. He has Impervious too. Supes here just isn't my cup of tea, but he is cheesy as all get out. With his 8 range and Hypersonic he can hit and then run, from range. Only Amazo, KC Supes and Count Nefaria can also boast such a claim, but this Supes could do it long before any of them around. Just give him some perplex and go to town. Don't forget the heavy objects though. A one man Army is not this Supes. He needs a lot of help. That means only think about him on 400 and up teams so he does not get swarmed.
Remeber to leave him in soaring after he does, whatever so always go outside.

Sealed: N/A
100: N/A
200: N/A
300: 1.5

First off id like to start of by saying happy birthday to me (well almost, technicaly on the 7th). Anyways by user request we are reviewing OWAW superman. Im sure you all know the story, or maybe one of the other reviewers will tell you so im not gonna bother. Click one:Very good. Click Two: Good CLick three:good Click Four:getting low for his cost but good CLick 5+:Meh. This superman suffers from hypertimeitis. basically all pieces in hypertime decrease stats by one with every click. Now superman holds up better than most, but still. His damage is also remarkably low. 3 damage!!!!!!!!!!#@$@#% hes 236 flipping points and only three damage, WTF mate, WTF? But..... his assortment of powers is realy quite nice. Now leadership is really wasted on a figure of this point cost. Now in a large enough game, with some nice feat card and figure support he can do quite well. Armor piercing is a nice plus. Rip it up could help as well, but really for that many points you can have KC supes, 10 times better. He is a nice figure, and unlike KC supes has his hypersonic speed up front, which is a plus. But three damage seriously hinders this figure. And on his last 4 clicks his attack falls to sub-pog level. And with a base damage of only two forceblast isnt gonna be doing you much good. he was a great figure in his day, but this is a new generation of clicking, a generation of pogs with blades claws fangs to deal him 4 damage and knock him of his best clicks, a generation with figures below 50 points with a nice attack and 4 damage. But hey, at least hes better than the REV set, or michael jackson superman.

100: 8575/5
200: 7754/5
300: 2.323/5
400: 2.567/5
500: 2.875/5

~So said the spy


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today (upon request) we are going to review the Unique Mail-Away Worlds at War Superman

Superman is faster then a speeding bullet, more powerful then a locomotive and in the mid-80’s and early 90’s his comics were used as a Fast and Powerfully sedative.  Nothing is more interesting then watching the worlds most powerful being fight a small man incapable of growing hair….WHO WILL WIN?  However, if you want some good superman humor check out;  http://www.nationallampoon.com/supermanisadick/

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique = 236 Points, 11 clicks of life, 8 range / 1 targets, Superman team ability


Movement: 11 with hyper sonic speed for his first three clicks. Then later on he gains force blast.  FORCE BLAST, YES NOW I CAN WIN!

Attack:  11 with super strength through most of his dial.  He starts with 11,11,10,9,9,8,8,7,6,5,4.  Yeah he goes down to a four, which means at one point he is as strong as Aunt May.  This would be great, if I saw Superman like that I would slap him, because he couldn’t do anything about it.  I am assuming I am stronger then Aunt May here, (except for the one issue she was Golden Oldie)

Defense: 16 with impervious for 4 clicks.  Then he becomes a 17 with toughness.  He never goes down below a 14.   

Damage:  3 for the first 6 clicks, then two for the rest.  He never loses leadership…sweet I guess.

Sculpt:  Hypertime Superman is the best example I have of a really crappy sculpt.  All the paint jobs either make him look retarded or just confused.  Is he punching or just flying dramatically?

Team Ability:  Superman Team Ability is fantastic, ignoring stealth and hindering terrain.  This can be useful, but most of the time he will be picking up a heavy object and doing close combat, so it is not useful in this case.

Feats:  I think the obvious one to use here is Fortitude.  If you are committing 236 points to the man, I would think that you want to protect him as much as you can.  You don’t want them outwitting your LEADERSHIP!  The less obvious one to use is Large Object to boost your attack when it starts to get low or when you need to pound some KC Green Lantern.

Battle Field Condition  Darkness is pretty good since it makes you harder to catch.  Cutting your opponents range attacks down to only 6 makes HSS all that much better.  Earthquake is good when you play against a well balanced team with a lot of ground beaters.

How to Beat Him:  Create a well balanced team and realize that he will take out one of your guys.  Make sure when you put up the bait you will be able to hit him after he takes it.  You really just have to hit him off those first three clicks with hypersonic speed and he will become very pathetic.  Only hitting for two is just plain sad.


How to Play Him:  Use him like you would Black Adam.  (or maybe just use Black Adam) Grab a dumpster and knock somebody out for 6 clicks then run away.  With your remaining few points use a cheap telekinesis character to get him close then use the rest of your movement to run away.  Running away is the best thing you can do with this character.


Overview:  The power of a flyer with HSS and Super Strength is undeniable.  Black Adam is one of the most powerful figures in the game and this Superman is a lot like him.  This Superman can be used, but why would you?  Black Adam is clearly better in nearly everyway.   This piece is just designed oddly.  I respect that this was the start of the HSS and Super Strength Combo and that this figure used to be the most expensive points pieces ever, but some of it just makes no sense.  If you have this expensive of a piece why would you need leadership?  You probably won’t even have as many pieces as there will be turns.  Next his defense is designed well in the beginning, but then he never goes below 14, making him really hard to heal.  Yet his attack goes down to a four, but he still has force blast?  Speaking of Force Blast…force blast blows it is almost never useful.  But the major thing is that he is 236 points and hits for 3 clicks.  Havoc (who is my favorite click) hits for 4 and is 44 points.  Sure superman can crush you with a heavy object in the beginning, but once HE loses his speed. YOU will lose the game.

Overall Score:

1.2/5 300 Points

1.4/400 Points

1.2/500 Points

1/5 Fun Games (The Sculpt is horrible and since everybody plays Black Adam they will be burned out on HSS with Super Strength.  He gets the one point because mail away stuff is cool)

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)


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