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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Cain Marko
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 05.05.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  155
Collector's Number  202
Rarity  Limited

Average Rating: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Yin Yang Dragon
Oh my god. This is the best Juggernaut click ever. Cain Marko is unbelievably strong. This is the piece I ve been wanting and waiting for. Juggernaut is one of my favorite Marvel characters, next to Hercules, Hulk, and many of the popular ones. When this set comes out I m going to get him and every other Juggernaut. I like him a lot because I think in ways I am him, or I want to be him in some aspects. That s why he s a favorite of mine.

Name: Cain Marko, aka Juggernaut

Cost: 155

SSADD: 8/12/17/4

Type: Unique

Set: Fantastic Forces


Range: 0

Targets: 1

Health: 11!

Cain Marko is Professor Charles Xavier s half brother. Prof. X s mom married Cain s dad. Cain s dad only married for her wealth and to get it Cain had to be really nice to Charles; that didn t happen. Cain always hated Charles for his money and because he was a mutant. Later, when Cain was in the jungle in the middle of a war he found the mystical ruby of Cyttorak. He found the inscription and read it, even though it was in another language, it was English in his mind. He read Whosoever touches this gem shall possess the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Henceforth, you who read these words shall become forevermore a human juggernaut. Since then, he has become the Juggernaut, an impervious force that is undefeatable unless you attack his mind. However, he is not the strongest of all characters because the Hulk, Gladiator and Galactus, and many others can beat him.

Cain Marko s unique is a great click to own and use. He has the standard super strength. He finally gets impervious, which becomes invulnerability, and then toughness. His speed is consistent throughout his 11 click dial. That s right, 11 clix. He also gains the ever loving ability of charge for 4 clicks on his dial.. Since he has no range and only 8 and then 7 speed, use a person with telekinesis. Use Jean Grey, or use blink from the last set. Use any person for that purpose because he needs them to move long range. His attack is steady, from 12, 11, 10, and down slowly from there, stopping at 7. The best think about him is his huge defense and his big 4 damage. Make sure to use outwit with him b/c when facing KC Flash, Supes, or GL, you ll need to outwit a few things for him to leave a nice size dent into their dial. I will be using him in my next tourney when I get him.

100: N/A

200: 1.8

300: 2.6

400: 3.4

500+: 4.0

Theme team: depends on the theme. But if it s a brick theme, he is a 4.4; there are others that are better people. Ultimate Hulk, KC Supes, Gladiator, Thanos, and others are examples.


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the Fantastic Forces LE Cain Marko

Cain Marko better known as Juggernaut is the older step brother of Professor X.  Cain was always jealous of Xavier, because his head was way shiner then Cains.  Chicks really dig bald men, so as revenge Cain found the unstoppable power of a mystic red gem.  The Gem made him unstoppable, if he starts moving…he can not be stopped…just like some unstopping car that sees a red light but does not stop.  Perhaps more impressively is how the Gem gives him the power to wear a suit made of metal and still look like a bad Aress.

Cost and Abilities: 

LE = 155 Points, 11 clicks of life, 0 range with 1 targets, No Team.        

Movement: Juggernaut all but means charge.  Just like Blade, must have blade/claws, Juggernaut must have charge…yet the first one did not, but THE BLOB DID!!!!  This version does have charge with an 8 movement, which is better, but still just not very good.  A 9 would be much better.

Attack:  12, 11 then a slower more reasonable drop with super strength throughout the dial.

Defense:  17, 16, 15 with Impervious.  Then 17, 16, 15 with Invulnerability.  Finally 16, 15,14,14,14.  I enjoy this way of figuring out the defense.

Damage:  4, 4 then 3 through the rest of the dial.

Sculpt:  We are getting better. This Juggernaut is a lot bigger and meaner then the original version.

Team Ability:  No team, Cain is kind of a loner.  He wanted to team with Magneto, but since he wears all metal it seemed inappropriate. 

Feat & Conditions:  I do not think that any feat cards would be worth playing on him.  His point totally is too high as it is.  Of course Incontact is good, but that card is good on everything!  Darkness would help sort out his lack of range and Radiation Leak is a good sense his defense stays a little too high to heal.

How to Beat Him:  Anybody with a six range or leap/climb or phasing or that is standing next to a flyer with phasing or has blads/claws or has psychic blast will be a bad match-up for Juggernaut.  Nearly every ability is bad against a character that has to stand next to you to hit.

How to Play Him Overall Score:   Can I start by saying don’t.  However, if you must; perplex and telekinesis will be needed for him to start landing his punches.  Perplexing his damage up twice and his movement up one will help him smash his cue ball brother-in-law and his puny team.

Overview:  This is the prize for the Fantastic Forces Marquee.  Only the champion will get one and in that manner I am not that impressed.  Although it is hard to say; if the veteran version of Juggernaut is not that strong and this proves to be the best, then he may prove to be worthwhile to own.  For competitive play his charge is very low, he can move only four and still attack.  His defense is okay, but 17 is very hittable now days and most of the time your opponent will get first crack at him.  Super strength on people without flying or leap climb is pretty useless, but at least they didn’t give him battle fury (that ability is horrible).  If you role well on impervious he can be unbeatable, but the same holds true for Domino with super senses.  He is way too many points and just does not have a range attack, and I don’t like to play with expensive characters with no range.  Veteran Havoc does 4 clicks of damage too and has an 18 defense (energy shield) when being hit from ranged attack, oh and he is 111 points less.


.04/300 (Way too much)



2.5/5 Draft

3.5/5 Fun Play (he is one of my favorite anti X-Men)

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

Question, comments and love letters can be sent too Cramcompany@hotmail.com


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