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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Icon Promo

Reviewed 05.03.2005

Rank Rookie
Point Value  102
Collector's Number  208_Promo
Rarity  Promo

Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Yin Yang Dragon
Today we're reviewing Icons Batman, or as some say the promo Batman. I really like his sculpt first of all because this is the old fashioned batman, the one with the black cape and cowl, gray suit and yellow and black symbol. Not very stealthy with the yellow but it works. I would prefer this type of coloring versus the newer types of the navy blue and gray. So here is our Batman:

Set: ?

Cost: 102

Range: 6

Targets: 2

TA: Batman, duh!

Type: Rookie (promo)

SSADD: 9/10/17/3

Health: 7

Batman is Bruce Wayne, yada yada yada, and he kicks butt. This batman is awesome for his points and he's the rookie. You get automatic stealth with his TA and he has leap climb. So you can jump from a bush on the ground to a _____ on the roof, crazy good. His starting stats are good for him. He has 4 clicks of out wit, the first and second and the last two. I would've liked to see another click of life but he is only the rookie version after all. He has a good 10 atk. with incapacitate to hold back your opponents. He also has willpower which is what Batman should always have because that who he is. He doesn't stop a fight so he can lick his wounds; he gets back up and whoops your behind. What surprised me was the fat that he has 3 damage for his first 2 clicks without any CCE. I guess it's because he might not have learned to be a "open a can of whoop***" type of fighter yet.

I really like his sculpt and how he is in one of his most famous poses, on top of a gargoyle head looking over Gotham. Try using him with deep shadows so everyone has his range or if you re a wild person, use stunning blow. He does have 3 damage with double incapacitate.

Theme team: depends the theme but, if batman then 4.5. There are better versions, like the Legacy one.

100: N/A

200: 4.1

300: 4.4

400: 3.8

500+: 2.999... Can t give him a 3.0 because even though he is good he'll only be a medic or second line string killer. Plus there are better choices for cheaper point costs.


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to review the DC ICON Sets newest piece (and only piece shown) BATMAN PROMO (ROOKIE?)

Do I really need to mention to you who Batman is…if I need to you probably stumbled on this review while looking for porn.  Well more power to you, porn is what the internet was created for.  Email me for more “adult” site info.  (Just joking….find your own porn.)

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique = 102 Points, 7 clicks of life, 6 range with 2 targets, Batman team ability        

Movement: 9 starting base and it goes down to 7 very slowly.  All versions have leap climb.

Attack: 10 base that slowly goes down throughout his dial.  He has incapacitate most of his dial and loses it for some reason in the middle.

Defense: 17 to start then 16 twice in a row.  Not too bad of defense for a rookie.  Like all Batman figures he has willpower throughout his dial.

Damage:  3,3,2,2,2,1,1  He has outwit for the first two clicks and the last two clicks of life.

Sculpt:  The sculpts are getting better and better.  Eventually they will just have to hire tiny people to stand on the clicks, because they will not be able to top some of these sculpts.  How he looks is the best reason to pick one up.

Team Ability:  Batman Team Ability means that he has stealth.  Stealth being one of the best and worst things about this game.  Since he will be on your team, you will think best.

Feat Cards:  Stunning Blow is a pretty good option for this Batman and might make him worth the total point cost. 

Overview:  Well first off the rules state that since he is a PROMO figure he can not be used in any tournament.  Second off he is free to anybody that goes to any comic store May 7th.  If you are unaware May 7th is national FREE COMIC DAY.  Or as I call it CHRISTMAS Version # 2.0.  The figure is mediocre, but sculpt is sweet and the price is just right.


Overall Score:

CAN NOT BE PLAYED IN TOURNMENTS  But if he could I would say 2/5

5/5 For Fun

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

If you would like to contact me with questions or article feedback email me at Cramcompany@hotmail.com


For those of you that read my review about the new Fantastic Four Feat Card and it’s conjunction with the Thunderbolts/Avengers Feat Card, I have since heard the official ruling on all of these matters.  You can not use them in conjunction with each other.  That is, you can not change an Avenger into a Fantastic Four Member, then change the Fantastic Four Ability.  Because the Avengers card does not actually change the team on the figure itself, just the ability, thus you can not use the Fantastic Four Ability on an Avengers’ Team.  This got a lot less broken then I originally had thought and sorry for the misinformation…it was very common confusion around the internet. 


Wow! It's been a while since i've reviewed, Lots of projects must be done! But now i'm back, in time for the Batman Promo to be reviewed. On to the click...

Cost~ 102 points, 7 clicks of life, Batman TA, 6 range / 2 target

Movement~ This Batman starts out at 9 movement, sliding slowly to a 6 by the end of his dial. He keeps Leap/Climb throughout, making it simple to keep the dark knight mobile. Particularly given the other abilities on his dial.

Attack~ starts out at a decent 10 with 3 clicks worth of incapacitate. Then that power disappears for some unknown reason, only to reappear 2 clicks later to finish out the dial. weird.

Defense~ nice start out at 17, along with 5 clicks of willpower. Getting the most out of 102 point figure has never been this easy. He then picks up toughness to finish out his dial, which will help ensure he survives long enough to get near a medic.

Damage~ 3's at the start with a couple clicks of outwit, powerless for his 3 clicks of 2 power, then outwit returns when his power drops to 1 to round out the dial.

Sculpt~ Oh, I like it! Muy macho! This is the coolest Batman sculpt, hands down. The expression on his face, the way the cape folds, the ledge he stands upon....Awesome. The only complaint I have is the chest logo. In the pics, it looks really flat, almost tacked on. And I just prefer the non-circled bat-logo.

Score~ No point saying how it would do in a tourney, it isn't tourney legal. But I would definitely have fun using this piece in friendly play. Heck, I may also use the sculpt to replace the ones on my hard-to-turn-without-breaking-an-ankle Legacy Bats.

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