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Reviewed 03.25.2005

Average Rating: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

skilanky64 Well, what can I say about Alfred?
Best friend of the Bat, and a helluva good piece. Best pog in the game.

It's a six point Batman team ability...how could you go wrong?
It's attack, defense, speed and damage are decent. If it had a few more clicks of life, it would be at least a 65 point piece.

But it doesnt
It has one click of life

but its great, use it in any wildcard tourney


Sealed- N/A
Constructed 200- 7/10
Constructed 300- 8/10
Constructed 400- 9/10
Constructed Anything- 10/10

Amazing Alfred

Great in all games, Vs, Clix, etc

Thats the review

peace out


Today we are going to review the POG Alfred from the DC Map Set

A WORD ON POGS: (same as last reviews) Personally hate the Pogs.  I dislike the idea that they can be used in competitive play to tie up figures or hide behind with trick shot.  Nubula with 10 Aunt May Pogs and trick shot, pretty much can not be killed.  The Fact that a veteran Superman needs to “break away” with Iris West-Allen seems ridiculous to me.  I love getting that something extra in the pack and I love the idea of doing a “save Ben Urich” scenario, but if we are taking competitive tournament, the Pogs can be way too abused.  I hate playing with them, but I do when I really want to win.

Cost and Abilities: 

POG = 6 Points, 1 clicks of life, 4 range/ 1 target   Batman Alley Team Ability.       

Movement: 7 in movement.  If your movement is over your points, then you are fantastic.

Attack:  8. This is very high for a piece that is only 6 points.  While 8 and 9 is a little low in my mind for competitive play 8 is outrageous in this case.  His attack is 2 higher then his point value.  If that was true for everybody, Ares attack would be 277!

Defense: 15.  Okay just stop it!  He is 6 points with a defense as high as 40% of the characters in the game.  This is a Pog you can miss on!  Wow.

Damage:  1. Hey one damage is real nice for a Pog

Sculpt:  What sculpt?  Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid Pog!

Team Ability:  He is Batman Alley, all of them have stealth.  This makes sense of course, but let me be the first to say.  ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!   A 6 point, 15 defenses, stealth character!  With a range!  This brings me to Alfred’s secret middle name; “ABUSE THE HECK OUT OF ME!”.

Overview:  Of the Pog’s I like Alfred the best.  He can hit, has stealth and a very healthy defense and attack.  But he shouldn’t be in the competitive tournament play.  It’s one thing to have KC Green Lantern or KC Superman, they are great figures and nearly broken, but they take a certain amount of dedication to your point total.  Alfred is 6 points.   Now every wild card has stealth, which ironically leads to more people needing to play trick shot.  That leads to more people wanting to play Pog Alfred’s to put in front of their trick shot monsters.  But since this review is more about; do you play the figure or don’t you and not about the general game of heroclix, (which is still great by any measure), I must say play him.  Why wouldn’t you play him?

How to Beat Him:  Don’t bother.  Ignore him or pulse wave.  But wasting one or more attacks on him is horrible.  If you have a Hydra Medic or a DOA Officer that is not doing anything well that’s different, but honestly just play around him.

How to Play Him Well of course you want as many wild cards with Stealth as possible.  Jinx and Loki are my two favorites.  But another idea for him is to put him in a bush (hindering) in front of a hypersonic speed character and he will become blocking terrain.  You can’t see Alfred to target, but you can’t see past him to hit Count Nafaria.  Nafaria gets to run fire for four damage and jump back behind Alfred.


Overall Score:

300 Point Games 5/5

400 Point Games 5/5

500 Point Games 5/5

Fun Games 1/5 (He gets a 1 because something is kinda fun about Batman fighting Joker side by side with his butler.)


= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

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