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Reviewed 03.23.2005

Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today we look at the Jarvis Pog or Bystander Tokin from the Marvel Map Set. If you don't know what that is it was a map set with the Avengers and X-men outdoor/indoor maps and a lot of Pog characters including Mary Jane and Jarvis! Jarvis has only one click of life and can do absolutely no damage and his "starting" stats leave a little to be desired since does zero damage and has no powers doesn't do much.
He does however have the Avengers TA, so if you have some wildcards they can move for free copying this TA from the cheapest person to have the Avengers TA.
After your team is doing well you can have Jarvis sacrifice himself by tying another person down for 1-2 turns. If you find the map set now it can probably be had for somewhere around $2. Not a bad price for the cheapest Spidey, Avengers and FF TA's around.

300&up:5.0 (He will be ignored)

Today we review one of the better pogs.

Jarvis (Avengers S6A7d13D0)

Sure those stats arent exactly stelar but what do you expect for 4 points? The new set introduced quite a few wild cards, good ones too. So for four points, all of your wild cards can move for free. This is very very helpful. And that is pretty much all jarvis does. Hes a decent point filler himself, and can run and hide without using up one of your actions, but his primary use is wildcard abuse.

100: 2.635/5

200: 2.754/5

300: 3.466/5 free movement is most useful here

400: 3.135/5 you probably have destiny on your team

500: 2.788/5 chances are you already have someone that mvoes for free to copy

~So said the spy


Today we are going to review the POG Jarvis from the Marvel Map Set

A WORD ON POGS: (same as last reviews) Personally hate the Pogs.  I dislike the idea that they can be used in competitive play to tie up figures or hide behind with trick shot.  Nubula with 10 Aunt May Pogs and trick shot, pretty much can not be killed.  The Fact that a veteran Superman needs to “break away” with Iris West-Allen seems ridiculous to me.  I love getting that something extra in the pack and I love the idea of doing a “save Ben Urich” scenario, but if we are taking competitive tournament, the Pogs can be way too abused.  I hate playing with them, but I do when I really want to win.

Cost and Abilities: 

POG = 4 Points, 1 clicks of life, Avengers team ability     

Movement: 6 in movement.  Which is fine, because all he is going to do is run away or stand in the way?

Attack:  7. Not bad, but since he has a zero damage I don’t think it matters.

Defense: 13.  Wanna take your shot at the male maid?  Go ahead waste an action!

Damage:  0. Nuff said.

Sculpt:  What sculpt?  Stupid, stupid, stupid Pog!

Team Ability:  The Avengers Team Ability.  This is a great one if you are playing a larger many character team.  What is the Avengers ability?  You may give a member of this team a move action that does not count toward your allotment of actions for the turn. 

Overview:  Well if you are going to use a Pog there is no reason he shouldn’t go on your team.  Or go on almost any team for that matter.  If you are playing some wild cards and want to give them some free movements use Jarvis and copy his ability.  Want your Pogs to Shelter your non flying character, but don’t want to waste an action moving a Pog?  Use Jarvis.  Bottom line, if you are interested in Pogging your opponent to death Jarvis is nearly the best of the best.  Only Mary Jane and Alfred are better.

How to Beat Him:  Slammer Jammer on his pog aarse!  Or you can try to get your opponent to attack with Jarvis on the hope of a critical hit and laugh when he gets a critical miss.

How to Play Him   I should title this how to abuse him.  Well, the Avengers ability is pretty much an early game thing, so you don’t have to run Jarvis into a corner to hide.  Throw him in the way of their big hitters that will have to break away from him.  Use him for Mastermind fodder.  Better yet, use the old; “If you wanna hit my Trick Shot Character you’ll have to beat down my twenty four Jarvis’s!”

Overall Score:

300 Point Games 4/5 (Usually less figures and free movements are not as huge )

400 Point Games 4.5/5

500 Point Games 5/5 (If you have any wild cards this can be pretty abused for a mere four points.)

Fun Games 0/5 (Does anybody have tons of fun with tying up their friends Heroes with Pogs)


= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)


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