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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Harvey Bullock

Reviewed 03.31.2005

Rank Bystander
Point Value  12
Collector's Number  B004
Rarity  Bystander token

Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Wow today we have a pog thats more expensive than a rookie con artist, he really is quite decent. 5 movement, decnet for his point cost. 8 Attack, decent for his point cost. 14 defense, low but what do you expect? at least he has toughtness. And he has 6 range and 2 damage, something most people wont expect from a pog. The pd ability is also qutie helpful. Dr Doom can carry this guy around, boost up his attack, and mastermind down single clicks of damage. Or you can use him with the green lantern bus and have some fun. Sure theres security guard that gives you the pd ability for less points, but come on this guy deals 2 damage for 12 points the only figure taht can do that is a lackey and he has no range. This guy isnt a point filler like most pogs, but try him out you might be pleasantly suprised.

100: 4.213/5
200: 3.444/5
300: 3.655/5
400: 3.876/5
500: 4.242/5

~So said the spy


Today we are going to review the Legacy POG Harvey Bullock

Harvey Bullock is from the Batman Series and a member of the Gotham City Police.  Basically he would be the big shot around town if it wasn’t for Batman stealing his glory.  Personally, I love this character.  A fat cop that complains about citizens (Batman) catching his crooks is just brilliant.

A WORD ON POGS:  I personally hate the Pogs.  I dislike the idea that they can be used in competitive play to tie up figures or hide behind with trick shot.  Nubula with 10 Aunt May Pogs and trick shot, pretty much can not be killed.  The Fact that a veteran Superman needs to “break away” with Iris West-Allen seems ridiculous to me.  I love getting that something extra in the pack and I love the idea of doing a “save Ben Urich” scenario, but if we are taking competitive tournament, the Pogs can be way too abused.  I hate playing with them, but I do when I really want to win.


Cost and Abilities: 

POG = 12 Points, 1 clicks of life, 6 range / 1 targets, Police Department team ability


Movement: 5 in movement.  That is low, even for a Pog.  Maybe his large butt would get a 10 movement if he was fighting a donut.

Attack:  8, which is pretty good for a 12 point character.  A veteran Henchmen for 12 points has as a starting attack of 7.

Defense: 14, that is low.  No comparisons or point totaling, if somebody wants to hit him they will.  He does have toughness, but since he is only one click and will be hit if somebody wants to, I feel the toughness is wasted.  Although Bullock can kick other Pog butt with it.

Damage:  2. Two is actually amazing for the point cost.  He is the rare attack Pog.

Sculpt:  What sculpt?  Stupid, stupid Pog!

Team Ability:  Police Department Team Ability.  This is great on a Pog.  He adds + 1 to any adjacent characters attack value when making a ranged combat attack that both figures have a clear line of site too.  This is a fantastic ability and can really tip the probability tables.   Ya got that…. If not click on this link; http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/dc/figuregallery.asp?factionid=35

Overview:  I don’t like Pogs.  But this one doesn’t fit in the rotation like the rest.  He is 12 points not 4.  That is a big difference.  So the question you have to ask is; “Why use him and not 6 Franklin Richards?”  The team ability is nice and if you are playing mainly wildcards then it could work for you, but then and only then. 

How to Beat Him:  Attack him with anybody that can hit for two.  Or hit the Pog with your Slammer!

How to Play Him Make that wildcard team, with Loki, Jinx, Spiderman and the rest and abuse that team ability.  But make sure to hide Harvey in a corner.


Overall Score:

300 Point Games 1.5/5  (Low defenses make his team ability not that useful)

400 Point Games 2/5

500 Point Games 2.5/5 (High Defense values, that team ability can turn the tables)

Fun Games 0/5 (Does anybody have tons of fun with tying up their friends monsters with Pogs)


= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)


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