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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Dark Phoenix
Mutant Mayhem

Reviewed 03.16.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  1000
Collector's Number  220
Rarity  Exclusive

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today on click of the day we look at the hotly anticipated and supremely powerful DARK PHOENIX!!!!
One look at her dial and you just want to scream out HOLY GOD! Imagine if Galactus could move and shoot twice in a turn and then do it again and again and again without taking push damage. That is Dark Phoenix. She just will roll over anything except Galactus and for 1000 points she should. She will probably only be used in fun games since her levels are 600, 800, and 1000 points each. Ares with fortitude might cause her problems for one turn, but she will still destroy him and everyone else thanks to her awesome starting stats. A 12 movement with Running Shot, 14 Attack, 19 Defense with Impervious and a 7 Damage with Outwit. Who knew she was so smart. Try to swarm her and she will get Quake and send the weenies flying. She does become Jean again for 2 clicks, but not before she gets Psychic Blast doing 5 damage. Towards the end of her 22 click dial she gets Pulse Wave and can Running Shot the 5 damage into one guy or just splatter everyone within 5 squares. If you get her enjoy her, just don't overuse her or else everyone will hate you. Except the guy with Galactus.


Reviewed by Cramcompany 

Today we are going to review the Convention Exclusive Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is Jean Gray, with the all mighty power of the phoenix….but also driven a little insane-o.  For more information on Dark Phoenix consult your local library and ask for the Dark Phoenix Saga.  Word is at least Phoenix will be in X-Men the Movie 3.

For those of you unfamiliar with this figure, Dark Phoenix will be the ultra rare convention exclusive for Wiz Kids.  She will probably cost you $80 or so at the convention or $400 or so on eBay five minutes after the convention.  This character also comes with a jacked up good version of Nova.  Just like Galactus this character has three different dials in one base.  You play the experience level you want based on the points you want to use playing her.  She also has a list of powers she is not effected by; that list is Exploit Weakness, Force Blast, Incapacitate, Mind Control (oh whatever!), Plasticity, Poison, Psychic Blast, Shape Change, Steal Energy, Support, or any team ability that duplicates those powers. She cannot be moved by Telekinesis, but may be the target of a Telekinesis attack. She is not affected by knockback. She does not need to roll break away, although characters adjacent to her still need to roll for break away. She may be attacked by grounded, elevated, and soaring characters, and is adjacent to characters regardless of elevation. She cannot be captured or carried.  She can also capture characters ala Sentinel.  Thank you wiz kids for that little list of abilities there.  Also just like Galactus she will never take pushing and can attack twice every turn.  So she can running shot, target three people, running shot target three people.  Bye-Bye your entire team of Con Artists!   


Cost and Ablities:  Rookie = 600 Points, 16 clicks of life, 10 range / 3 targets, Power Cosmic team ability

         Experienced = 800 Points, 19 clicks of life, 10 range / 3 targets, Power Cosmic team ability

          Veteran = 1000 points, 22 clicks of life, 10 range / 3 targets, Power Cosmic team ability

Movement: 10 on the rookie and 12 on the exp. and vet.  All three styles start with running shot, and with the exception of the rookie, will keep it deep into her dial.  All three versions will become Jean Gray for 2 clicks and gain earthbound.  Which will be funny to have a 1000 point figure that drops to 5 movement, 5 attack, 12 defense and one point of damage in the middle of her dial.  Basically your giant Dark Phoneix will all of a sudden become a Con Artist without the perplex.  But alas it is accurate to the story.

Attack:  11,13,14 is what you are looking at for starting attack.  She will gain Quake, Psychic Blast and Pulse Wave in that order on all three clicks.

Defense: 17,18,19 all with a starting impervious.  19 with impervious!  How could anybody hit somebody with 19 and impervious, she will must be a giant convention exclusive crazy figure! Or maybe she just learned it from the 275 point Ares from DC!  She will then go to invulnerability, then toughness and (Oh wow) regeneration.  Regeneration is what will really make you cry when playing against her.

Damage:  6,6,7 on the starting clicks.  After this a progressive down swing, but not progressive enough to not make her insane.  She also has Outfit to cancel your defense and make you take 7 the hard way.  As if there was an easy way.

Sculpt:  Awesome, amazing.  Clear red flames with a hot girl in tights in the middle.  What more could you want?  I’ll buy five! 

Team Ability:  Powers Cosmic Team Ability.  The rarest and most powerful team ability.  No pushing  and no effecting her powers or dial.  Leave you rookie Black Panther in the tackle box for this fight. 

Overview:  You can’t compare her to other clix except for Galactus.  She is no Galactus.  She is just under powered from him.  Which means she is the second most powerful character ever.  But that doesn’t mean don’t buy her.  Like Galactus, she gives you a whole new game.  Invite three of your friends over and play everybody verse Phoenix.  That is fun and worth the money.  Don’t have any friends?  Well I’m sorry.  But if it helps you can versus Dark Phoenix just by yourself.  Warning Dark Phoenix is still just a toy and can not be your friend.

How to Beat Her:  First off,  hope she does not roll impervious and regeneration well.  If she is on a hot streak (no pun intended) you will not win.  Basically match overpowered with overpowered.  Her attack is pretty low for the point cost.  Even on first click of veteran she will have to roll a 6 to hit KC Green Lantern.  Sounds low I understand, but she can be affected by probability control!  If you get first hit on her and can knock her down to a 12 or a 10 then she will have to roll pretty high on Ares, KC Green Lantern and KC Flash.  She can still miss, just like everybody else. Use Fortitude on high defense characters with impervious and then spend a few hundred points on veteran Destiny types.  That should swing the game in your favor…unless she just rolls well.


Overall Score:

She is awesome, buy her and pick me up one too.


= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail J )

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