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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 03.11.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  22
Collector's Number  003
Rarity  3

Average Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today we look at the Spoiler REV Set from Legacy or as I like to call her Spoiler of Fun.

She is just a horrible waste of points at any level.
The best thing I could think to do with her is maybe use the Pounce feat. Her vet is the true reason we are talking about her since she has the Batman TA.
She might actually be good to use pounce with on her first 2 levels, but the vet you'll want to hang around for a while. She can be used as moblie blocking terrain or give the TA to your wildcards. Thinking about it if you use pounce on her no one will see that coming. She could just bound on out and hurt anyone with her 3 damage. You could even perplex her into a horrible killing machine, all for just 15 points.

Constructed:W/Pounce 4.5/2.0(Vet)

Review by Stormwolf
Spoiler is a minor character from the batman series. She got to be Robin for an extremely short while when Tim Drake couldn't do it anymore, having had his secret discovered by his father. But Spoiler didn't do the job up to Batmans standards, so he got rid of her. On to the click
Cost~ (R) 15 points, 4 clicks, 0 range, no team ability
          (E) 17 points, 4 clicks, 4 range, no team ability
          (V) 22 points, 5 clicks, 4 range, Batman ability
Movement~ All versions of Spoiler start out at a movement rate of 9 with leap/climb through most of the dial.
Attack~ starts out at 8 (9 on the Vet) with no powers throughout the dial
Defense~ starts at a respectable 16, but then falls horribly. On;y power is a few clicks of combat reflexes
Damage~ A few 2's, then 1's. No powers.
Sculpt~ Way cool! The sculpt is easily the greatest feature of the figures inclusion in the set. It captures the character perfectly, and is a really nice looking sculpt. It's one of the cleanest i've ever seen
Final Thoughts~ Spoiler isn't worth much, this i'll admit. She will not be seeing tourney time, she'll be avoided in sealed booster (well, maybe the vet would be used), and most gamers who must win to have fun probably wouldn't give her a second chance. Hell, most would probably take robin, who is more useful for the points. But with the exception of sealed booster tourneys twice a month, I mostly do friendly play. And Spoiler (rookie) has become my little mascot since I pulled her out of the booster. She runs like crazy when my wife or friends try to base up on her, then she tries to help out during the end-game, when all the other clicks are worn down. The point is, too often people who play this game (myself included) will dismiss a figure because it isn't powerful or useful enough. My thoughts are, find a goofy little piece to be your mascot. You'll find yourself working harder to save that piece than some of your bigger pieces on the board when you develop an attatchment to it. But enough rambling.
Tourney Play~ 1.5 / 5 only if you have points to spare, and nothing better to use them on, sadly
Sealed Booster~ (RE) 1.5 / 5 easy pickings  (V) 2.5 / 5 stealth is always helpful in this environment
Friendly Play~ 5.5 / 5 hey, i'm a bit buyist, what do you want???

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