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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Ares, God of War

Reviewed 03.07.2005

Rank Unique
Point Value  275
Collector's Number  088
Rarity  6

Average Rating: 4.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Francesco Rook I rarely review guys from DC as I’m a Marvel man myself. I made an exception for this character since I figure he’s going to kick my ass soon enough, I might as well know what hit me. Right?

I have no idea what his background is. That is exactly what Whoclix is for. All I know is that normally, Ares stands for the God of War.

He comes in at a massive 275 points. Each of his starting stats is among the highest in the game of Heroclix. 12 / 14 / 19 / 5

Only a handful of characters can beat ONE of these stats when compared, let alone all four! This should tell you what kind of character he is.

Speed: He gets 4 different powers across his dial. Phasing, Charge and Flurry to start with over the course of his first five clicks. This provides good mobility and charge makes sure he does not get wasted actions just going from one victim to the other. He also gets Running Shot for the last 3 clicks at the end of his dial so you can run and shoot on your way back to the medic.

Attack: He gets Super Strength to his first three clicks and then jumps to Blades/Claws/Fangs for the next three. In my own opinion, his B/C/F is just a waste of points. He has a damage of 4/4/3 with Close Combat Expert at the same time. This means that if he gets an actual close combat damage of 6/6/5 which is higher than anything he could really hope to get in real life with B/C/F. By not putting on B/C/F, they could have shaved off some precious points and maybe even add a click of life. I understand that Close Combat Expert cannot be used at the same time as Flurry while B/C/F can. My question is this : Will you try and roll a B/C/F when your damage is already 4/4/3 ? I still believe he could have used something else. I guess it would have been hard to explain the lack of B/C/F with him resting on the big ass AXE.

Defense: As expected, he gets the trinity of defensive powers. Ares gets a very good 19/Impervious to start off with. He keeps Impervious for only his first two clicks before he switches to Invulnerability for four clicks and then goes down to Toughness for the last four. His defense slowly loses some of his steam but remains playable for a while.

Damage: Starts off with 5 damage but keeps it only for one click. He then goes down to 4 during four clicks. He gets Outwit for the first two and last three clicks and Close Combat Expert for everything in between.

Comments: Overall, Ares is a brick but I believe he will be tougher to abuse than those Hyper Sonic Speed / Super Strength abominations.

100 points / n/a
200 points / n/a
300 points / 4 Ballsy but possible
400 points / 5
500 points / 5

Ares, god of war. Wow, this click must be powerful to live up to those lofty ambitions. lets take a look...
Cost~ 275 points, 10 clicks of life, 8 range / 1 target, Mystics team ability
Movement~ Ares starts out with a 12 move with phase/teleport on the first click, drops to 10 with charge for the next 2 clicks, 9 with flurry of blows for the 2 after that, no pwers for the next 2 clicks, but picks up running shot for the last 3. Thats a bit of attacking versatility there...Not to mention he's a flyer.
Attack~ starts out at a nasty 14 with 3 clicks of super-strength, then 3 clicks of blades/claws/fangs. Even on his last click he still has a 9 attack! That's some staying power.
Defense~ The common theme with the Legacy set is high defense, and Ares is among those numbers. A 19 defense to start, coupled with impervious for the first 2 clicks.It drops off to invulnerable for the next 4 clicks, followed by toughness for the final four. His defense never drops below 14
Damage~ starts out at 5 with a couple clicks of outwit, followed by 5 clicks of close combat expert, ending out with 3 clicks of outwit. His damage only drops to 2 for the final click of life.
Sculpt~ Wow! I was fortunate to pull one of these bad boys in a booster, and the sculpt is amazing. THe simple paint job just makes Ares look wicked as can be, and it's definitely a stand-out piece among any of the clix.
Final Thoughts~ Ares is a truly wicked powerhouse. Expensive sure, but worth it if you're playing with enough points. With the Mystic ability, your opponent will be damaging themselves trying to wipe him out, and with his defensive ability, that task is going to take a while. Couple him with the card that ignores your opponents outwit or perplex, and he's just a monster!
Score~ Sealed Booster: 5/5, depends on how many points
            Tournament play 3.5 / 5, tournaments are 300 point around here
            Friendly Play 5 / 5, watch your friends squirm when he hits the table

What do we have for you today? 275 points of pure godliness. Yes 275, that's more than KC supes. In fact, the only regular sized figure more than KC supes. So the question on everyone's mind is can this guy take down the blue wonder? My response is yes, for one simple reason, Outwit. He might not have all the range and mobility that superman has, but he can outwit that mobility (hypesonic) and he can outwit supermans ranged combat expert, impervious, and any other power that could pose a problem to him. Another little one-up the GOD of war has is his mystics ability. Every time superman hits him, he gets hit back. He also has slightly higher stats, higher enough that he will hit supers damn near every time where as supes needs to roll a 6, its an easy roll, but not as easy as a 3. Ares also gets the all mighty combo or blades claws fangs and flurry. Waster points IMO, why on earth you would use BCF when you can do a guaranteed 6 with CCE is beyond me. At this point Ares can most likely kill superman in one swipe. Assuming he can base superman, and that will be hard to do. Superman has the advantage mid dial, most definitely. He gets an effective 20 range where as Ares is stuck with only 8. The brawl really does depend on who gets the first un impervioused hit, and chances slightly favor Ares for that. Ares is also better as far as team play goes. His numbers are higher, so regular point bricks wont be able to hit him very often. His outwit and mystics team ability also play an even bigger role than they do in a one on one battle. The phasing on the first click and be used to position him, since not many figures can penetrate that 19 defense. Slap a fortitude on him and you have a not quite half bad 300 point team. It wont win you the tournament, but it isn't going to loose every time either. Just run a few BFCs that mess with team play, earthquake is nice. Earthquake is your best friend because swarm teams are your worst enemy.

100: 9289/5 You win, you got almost 3 times as many points. you also cheat so youre going to make every dice roll.
200: see above
300: 2.234/5 You're gonna get swarmed
400: 2.524/5 Youre putting all your eggs in one basket here. You could always use him, fortitude and 20 mary jane pogs, actually i think ill try that next time were running 400 points
500: 4.623/5 You have 200 points to work with for support that's plenty

--So said the spy

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