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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com


Reviewed 03.03.2005

Rank Veteran
Point Value  111
Collector's Number  084
Rarity  5

Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today we look at the new Batman REV set from Legacy.

This Batman is a step up from previous Batmen. He could probably destroy all the other Batclix. The rookie comes to us from the Outsiders, a new TA that allows you to control your opponents support powers a little better. He has stealth and then leap/climb, he also has some exploit weakness thrown in to help hurt bigger guns. For 85 points he is very good especially with that 10 attack.

The experienced version has the JLA TA and better combat values all around. He also has probability control to represent how Batman can control certain situations for his advantage. He has an awesome defense and attack and can be very dasngerous on JLA teams. The fact that he doesn't have outwit means that you'll have to push him to get to the outwit, but then Batman will be a sitting duck.

The vet is the REV piece to get. He is Batman in every sense of the description. He moves great, he has a 12 attack and he has the Batman TA. No need to rely on fate here he'll just beat you down. If you pull this guy in a marquee jump up and down because he will own. Always consider him when you are looking for a peice that can hold your line he is the man.
Only the biggest and baddest can take him down and you should still have some points left over for another big threat like Black Adam.

Review by Stormwolf

Today we review the newest Batman figure from Legacy. This one looks to be a fun figure, so lets get right to it.

Cost~ Rookie~85 points, 7 clicks of life, 6 range / single target, Outsiders team ability

          Experienced~ 84 points, 8 clicks of life, 6 range / 2 targets, JLA team ability

          Veteran~ 111 points, 9 clicks of life, 8 range / 2 targets, Batman team ability

Movement~ Fairly good here. 9 start (10 on the vet). The rookie and experienced start off with a click of stealth before going on to Leap/Climb and Charge. The Vet doesn't bother with the stealth, due to the team ability.

Attack~ starts out at 10, 11, or 12 depending on the version, and stays fairly consistant throughout the dial. Finishes out with 2 clicks of incapacitate on all versions as well.

Defense~ nice and high at 17 (16 on rookie), and has willpower throughout, except the final 2 clicks, where he picks up toughness. This makes Batman a very pushable piece, and probably the most mobile member of your team.

Damage~ a click of 3's, followed by all 2s. Outwit, exploit weakness, and close combat expert fills the dial. The interesting one is the experienced, which actually starts out with a single click of probability control! That truly capitalizes on the Batman "always prepared" character trait.

Sculpt~ Truly awesome. Those who haven't read the Hush storyline might be wondering what it's all about, but I think it's truly great, and makes me really want to try for the Masterpiece edition of this figure.

Final Thoughts~ Batman is one of DCs true greats, and his Hypertime experienced is a constant piece in tournaments in my area. I see this newest incarnation becoming a true favorite around here, and it's pretty obvious why. Great stats, true variation in the REV with the team differences mean any of these could be used depending on the flavor of your team. Doubtless this is one of the best REVs in the entire set, taking into account playability for cost.

Overall Score: 5 / 5 tournament play

                        5 / 5 sealed booster play

                        5 / 5 friendly play

~ The highest scores i've given any figure since i've started reviewing for Pojo!

And now that legacy has been released we have quite a few new DC heroes and villains to add to our collection, unfortunately today we arent reviewing one of them. We are reviewing many a DC favorite, Batman.  And what's batman without leap climb?  Well that would be a batman with charge, which I dont think fits him fits him very well, running shot would have been better, but we take what we can get.  His incapacitate is extremely late dial, something I really dont understand, especially since he has no other attack powers to take its place earlier.  Of course our wise detective has outwit, then he has some exploit weakness, which in Batman's case is just a more limited form of outwit like when he uses his kryptonite gloves on Superman.  Then he gets a few clicks of CCE which is completely perfect for him, then he gets back outwit.  At 111 points he is relatively cheap, at least as far as legacy figures go.  His damage is a little on the low side, but outwit takes care of that.  All in all he is a relatively solid primary attacker, though the lack of damage reducers really hurts him.  His attack is high enough that he will be hitting most rolls, but I would still back him up with some PC.
100: errrrr
200: 3.856/5  The will power makes up for the hinderance of him being more than half of your points he should do fine.
300: 4.154/5  Solid attacker
400: 4.025/5  Solid secondary attacker
500: 3.774/5  A little meh because of lack of damage reducers hes going to get womped on by Magog, supes, ares, fun pieces like that.
--So said the spy


At last DC has made another REV of Batman. I don’t understand why it took them so long when they have a lot of Marvel figures with 3, 4, or even 5 REVs.

Moveability  - Since the Rookie and Experienced don’t have the Batman Team Ability they both start with Stealth while the Veteran, who does, starts with Leap/Climb.  I prefer the Stealth and Leap/Climb combo(Batman TA), but I can survive if they start at least with Stealth.  Rookie and Experienced have a starting Speed of 9 and Veteran 10. All three have Charge in the middle of their dial. I am not a big fan of Charge on the later clicks, but I can definitely see its uses so I won’t complain. Like the Hypertime Batman he is loaded with Willpower so don’t worry about Pushing. Ever. Period. Ditto. Well except on his last few clicks with Toughness.

Attackability – Rookie starts with 10, Experienced 11, and Veteran 12.  Nice!  This is what Batman should have for attack.  The Hypertime Batman’s Attack was a little low in my opinion.  The Legacy Bat also has a fairly consistent dial with Attack never dropping below 7. Again nice! As for range we have a distance of 6 for Rookie, 6 with 2 Ranged Attacks for Experienced and 8 with 2 Attacks for Veteran. Not bad at all.

Damage –  All three start with natural Damage of 3 and never drop below 2. Now throw in at different times Outwit, Exploit Weakness, Close Combat Expert and he has a lot of different ways to hurt you.   I love the combo of CCE and Exploit Weakness on the same figure, although the Experienced does not have Exploit Weakness and has another power I will mention in a second. Also all three have Incapacitate on their last couple of clicks so Batman can damage even Impervious figures at the end of his dial with Push damage.

Defendability – Rookie starts with Defense of 16 and Experienced and Veteran 17.  Pretty good, but since Batman has Willpower throughout his dial, except a couple clicks of Toughness at the end, he will take Damage easily if he is hit. So you have to play him smart and don’t rush in to battle like a bull in a china shop. Use his move powers like Stealth and Leap/Climb and Willpower to Attack first and cripple your opponent.

Miscellaneous – All three belong to different teams with the Veteran the only Batman Ally member. The Experienced is JLA like the Hypertime Vet and the Rookie Batman is a member of the new team Outsiders. This team ability has yet to be tested, but the ability to prevent your opponent from changing his stats is a mouth-watering addition.  And the only side affect is that one of your teammates has to take an action token. Use a simple pion as fodder for these tokens and Batman is free to use the power as he wishes.  The other interesting note is that the Experienced Batman starts with Probability Control.  In Legacy the makers have several figures with high intelligence represented with PC.  I don’t mind this on one condition. If they ever make new Fantastic Four figures and Mr. Fantastic does not have Probability Control I am switching to Pokemon. I mean it. Do the man some justice this time people! Sorry to rant.  And as a side note this is the first figure to come in two pieces. Because of Batman’s flowing cape you have to snap on his cape and head.  So be careful if you go ripping through your packs. Having a headless Batman wouldn’t be cool. And a sidebar to the sidebar is that each REV is the archenemy of a different figure. The Veteran has the Joker, the Experienced has Rha Al Gul and the Rookie I believe has Mr. Freeze, but not 100% sure.

Playability –  I was just so happy to hear they were doing another Batman REV that I only cared that he was halfway playable. At first I didn’t like them not having the Batman TA and the Experienced having Probability Control threw me for a loop, but after looking at their dials I think they did Batman a good justice in these clicks. Each one has a little bit different style, but all are affordable and are great pieces if you are smart with using them.  Personally I think I like the Rookie and Veteran more then the Experienced, but I will be happy to pull any of them.


Overall Score: (Out of 5.  Score of: 1 = horrible, 2 = below average, 3 = slightly above average, 4 = great, 5 = outstanding)


Rookie Batman – 4.25

Experienced Batman – 4.00

Veteran Batman – 4.25

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