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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Fantastic Forces


Reviewed 06.22.2005

Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Majinxstar Today we look at the newest member of the 200+ club Nimrod, or Big Pinky. For 264 points he had better be good to stand up to anyone like KC Supes or Ares. I just don't think his stats and powers warrant the cost. Sure he starts out good, but that just makes him top heavy like Gladiator and Ultraman. He is going to be commited to the battle being a non flyer and his defense never goes below a 14, making him hard to heal. He has 4 clicks of regeneration, but he is just too fragile then. A good hit from Havok on those clicks will KO him. I think he is just too weak and too pink to warrant any serious use. Plus you only get 10 clicks to work with.


Sorry X-Fans


Not since Dormammu has a figure over 200 points stricken so much fear into the hearts of his enemy merely by the mention of his name.    Ladies in gentlemen I bid you, Nimrod the Purple People Eater Sentinel from the Future.


Stats and Powers –   

All joking aside this guy has a loaded dial, but then what would you expect for 264 points? His starting stats are Speed 12, Attack 12, Defense 17, and Damage of 4.   He boasts Running Shot on his first click which he also gains at the end of his dial before a last click of Phasing.  He also has several clicks to start of Pulse Wave, and Impervious and 9 clicks of Outwit!  After 2 clicks of Impervious he has Invulnerability, then Toughness and followed by 4 clicks of Regeneration.


Strengths –  

His best combo is a Speed of 12 with Running Shot, Range of 2 (with 2 ranged attacks), Attack of 12, and Outwit.  This guy has an effective Range of 16 in which he can Outwit any Defensive power you have and slap you for 4 clicks!  I find that very impressive.  The 9 clicks of Outwit are unprecedented.  Even my beloved Dormammu only has 6 clicks of Outwit and doesn’t get those until later in his dial.  The 4 clicks of Regeneration can come in handy and can really stretch out the life of Nimrod and make those 264 points you spent on him worth their wait in gold.


Weaknesses –

I believe that all figures over 200 points have some similar disadvantages.  They still only get 1 action and no matter how much damage they can do they can be swarmed and outnumbered easily. This is always Dormammu’s Achilles heel.   Their stats also are lower per point cost then comparable figures and they have to put a lot of stock in powers to give them that extra edge.  The Defense of 17 is average for a 160 point character, let alone a 264 point character.  Impervious is nice, but can easily be Outwitted and Nimrod will feel pain like any other character if he is hit.  I also don’t like Pulse Wave on expensive figures like Nimrod and the new Dr. Doom.  They can only do 1 click of damage to several different figures and Nimrod would have to hit 4 figures to make it equivalent to his normal damage (although read on to see my Nimrod may have an advantage with Pulse Wave).  Regeneration is nice, but without Automatic Regeneration he will spend his turns trying to heal instead of attacking.


Playing With –

Nimrod is very straight forward in my opinion. Go hard or go home. Attack with Running Shot while Outwitting the defense of your target and rendering your opponents most lethal figures ineffective.  Don’t push off his first dial or you lose Running Shot.  Continue to attack his most dangerous figures and surround him with cheaper tie up figures to prevent Nimrod from getting swarmed.  Use Regeneration to keep him around for as long as possible, but leave yourself actions to still attack.  If your opponent has a lot of figures the following idea may work, but only if I read the rule book correctly (If not feel free to blame me if you get yelled at for trying to use it).  Pulse Wave can be used with Running Shot and like Energy Explosion you can use it twice with Nimrod’s 2 Ranged Attacks. Therefore you can actually hit each figure twice for 1 point of damage and since this ignores all powers you can actually do 2 damage each turn to any figure in the game. It shows why sometimes 2 Ranged Attacks will change the playability of a figure. This is where the new Dr. Doom came up a bit short.


Playing Against –

Numbers are your best option.  With a Defense of 17 even cheaper figures have a chance to hit him.  Have multiple Outwitters and make your opponent choose between Outwitting your Outwit, or Outwitting your figures Defensive powers.  Use figures that can reach him quickly in base to base contact and don’t let him run around firing away with Running Shot.  Focus on Nimrod and take whatever damage you have to. Most likely he is your opponent’s only major offensive weapon and once he is gone you will win easily.  Be careful when you see Regeneration and don’t let him hang around or you will pay dearly.



Automatic Regeneration is a must.  Use figures like Vanisher and Sidewinder as teammates to tie up dangerous figures so Nimrod can focus on one or two opponents at a time.   


Sculpt –

At first he looks kinda silly like a big purple version of Gumby or something.  However, the more I look at his sculpt the more I like it.  In the game he will stand out easily and make people take notice.  Like Dormammu with his pumpkin orange head they will laugh at him until the first time he lays his smack down upon your foe.


Tangibles and Overview –

For any figure over 200 points they must be able to do serious damage, always and often and avoid taking damage.   At first glance I felt Nimrod’s dial was a little lacking, but after this review I think he has the right mix of powers and stats to hold his own. With Automatic Regeneration it will be hard to finish this guy off.   Personally I would love to pull this guy from a booster, but this set seems to have at least 4 or 5 Uniques I’m itching to get ahold of. Plus he would be an excellent addition to my 2 Sentinels. If I pulled him I might have to buy one more Sentinel and field a nice 1000 point army of killing machines!


Overall Score: (Out of 5.  Score of: 1 = horrible, 2 = below average, 3 = slightly above average, 4 = great, 5 = outstanding)


Unique Nimrod – 4.0



Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to be looking at the newly previewed NIMROD from Fantastic Forces

Nimrod is the Ultimate Sentinel.  Traveling back in time to kill a mutant and save John Connor.  However another version of him goes back later to resave John Connor, but not before the first version tries to run for governor…..wait.  I think I might have started mixing stories.  Oh yes, Nimrod the Ultimate Sentinel for the future was the X-Men’s greatest foe, because they felt so stupid getting their butt handed to them by a giant Pink robot.  This invites us to look into the scary future and realize that soon, PINK will be the new BLACK!

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique 264  points.  10 clicks of life. 10 range/ Two target.  No team Ability

Movement:  12 with running shot for the first click.  On his 8th and 9th click he regains running shot and then for the final click he gains phasing.

Attack:  12,11,10,9,9,9,9,10,11,8  For the first half of his dial he has pulse wave.

Defense  17,16,16,15,16,15,14,14,14,16.  He has impervious the first two clicks, invulnerability the next two.  Two of toughness, before he finishes out with four clicks of regeneration.

Damage:  4,4,3,3,2,2,3,3,4,2 with Outwit on every click but his last.

Sculpt:  He’s PINK!  PINK!!!!!!  I thought Count Nefaria looked silly for over 200 points, but Nimrod is the NEW king.

Team Ability:  None

Feats:  When you are spending these kind of points you might as well go for broke and put lots of feat cards on him.  First off Automatic Regeneration is a must, he has four clicks and we can not afford to take an action of healing.  Next I really like Nova Blast it is the best way to take out an entire team.  Fortitude is another good call, because you just can’t have him out witted or he’ll be dead soon.

Battle Field Condition :  Poor Team Work, Over confidence and anything else that wrecks teams. 

How to Beat Him:  Outwit him and try to get the first hit.  Don’t let him get in position to pulvewave your entire team.  Push a lot to get him dead, before he can regenerate.  Many well balanced teams should be able to defeat him.

How to Play Him:  Try to avoid playing him in smaller games.  If you do play him, wait for them to come to you.  Don’t move and when you can attack don’t be afraid to push to take away there best weapons. 

Overview: I don’t like expansive pulse wavers and in general I don’t like really pricey figures.  He’s just not up to par for the price.  He needs a lot more free movements to make him very effective aka he needs running shot down the entire dial or needs hypersonic speed.  He does not hit for enough either, for nearly 300 points he should be hitting for at least 5 or 4.  The thing that is important about him and makes him a middle class figure is that ending regeneration.  He’s not that great, but if you keep having to rekill him, then he’ll start being effective.

Trade him or eBay him while the set is still hot, he will cool off fast.

Overall Score:  

1/5 300 Points

2.5/5 400 Points

3/5 500 Points

Just clicking around,

= This is Cramcompany.

 (Please no hate mail)

cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates.  (girls only!)

PS:  Check out my THIS IS CRAMCOMPANY section now on POJO.


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