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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Professor X
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 06.20.2005

Average Rating: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating

Hey everyone
Today, we look at the new Professor X
I see he has an archenemy- could it be magneto?
Obviously...he is the Ultimate X-Men version, so he's bound to be pretty cool/good, right?

I think the word I'm looking for is- NO! :)

Sorry X-I prefer the Infinity challenge version its cheaper, and a little better

Sure, you have the Ultimate X-Men Team, but so what?
Put an IC Xavier with an Abbey Chase rookie, now you have an unstoppable team! Its the same ability!!!

Well, lets take a look at you, see whats wrong, step on the table please...lol :)

Xavier FF Has 99 points, the Vet from IC has 92!

Lets stop comparing...for now :)

Range- Great, 12 range, 3 targets, XIC has 10 range, 1 target, good stuff

Speed- 6 down to 2 in its 6 clicks of life, mind control for 4 clicks

Attack- wow, an attack ability, whoopdy doo! They both have Incap, XIC has it later, the atack is the same, no, the attack is literally the same

Defense- the same pretty much, but has willpower for all but one of his clicks

Damage- 0, what can I say, but with a new twist!
Leadership, Perplex, then outwit...cool

All in all, a good fig, despite my earlier rant

he is pretty good, so i'd use one maybe 7 times out of 10...

Mind control is ok in sealed

Constructed- I dont like mind control that much in sealed, unless its big points

100- 0/10
200- 4/10
300- 5/10
400- 7/10
500- 9/10

good piece, mediocre
rather have 92 point Xavier, but its a good piece

Keep on Clixin'!


Reviewed by Cramcompany
Today we are going to be looking at the newly previewed Professor X from Fantastic Forces
Professor X is the bald headed leader of the X-Men. He’s crippled and feeble and can destroy the entire world. I’d like to compare him to our current President, but I won’t. Besides in general the Professor X is a good man, it’s not really a good comparision.
Cost and Abilities:
Unique 92 points. 6 clicks of life. 12 range/ Triple target. Ultimate X-Men Ability
Movement: The worst movement in the game! 5,5,5,4,3,2 But he does have the very important mind control for the first for clicks.
Attack: 11,10,9,8,8,7 Incapacitate on the first two and the last two clicks.
Defense His first click is the one major reasons he’s good. 13 with mastermind! Okay the 13 is awful, but the mastermind is great. The rest of the dial is willpower with the worst defense in the game. 13, 13, 12,12,11,10
Damage: Also the worst damage in the game with 0 for the entire dial. He has leadership on his first dial, perplex the next two and outwit the following two.
Sculpt: Very solid and from what Wiz Kids say they used a new paint process that will give them all a better look.
Team Ability: Ultimate X men team ability say that; “At any time during the game, choose an opposing team or character for this team member; once this choice is made, it may not be changed. This team member gets +1 to its attack value against the chosen team or character.” This can prove to be a very useful ability and is also nice team ability to copy.
Feats: With a range like that I would put Incontact with Oracle on him. Make him a 13 range or a 12 attack. As crazy as it sounds Fortitude can be a good call, if not a little pricey. Mastermind is very powerful, but if your opponent outwits it, Professor X is a sitting duck. Skip any extra feats put your points into Pogs that can be mastermind fodder.
Battle Field Condition : I would keep an ordinary day available and a bright lights. Ordinary day so you don’t get stuck have a mere 6 range from Darkness or Deep Shadows. Also remember that stealth will not be your friend, but bright lights helps with that.
How to Beat Him: Outwit his mastermind and hit him hard. Get a few of your light weight characters and block his range by standing in front of him. Energy Explosion is a good ally, because it will definitely hit the professor, but more importantly hurt his surrounding mastermind fodder.
How to Play Him: I love this character and his range. He has three targets and can either choose to incapacitate three different targets from up to 12 squares away or he can mind control three different targets. Use this ability often, but never push him off that mastermind click, unless you can heal him on the same turn. Mastermind can be deeply abused with Pogs. I recommend at least 12 points (up to 6) different Pogs used just as Mastermind Fodder. Remember, if the good Professor get hit by Ultimate Hulk for 6 clicks he mastermind ALL six clicks to a single Pog. If you have 6 different Pogs there is a good chance he will be able to be hit 6 different times, before a single click of damage even reaches him.
Overview: I love this figure. He makes me very excited about the set. 12 range is no joke and the three targets is an amazing kicker. Incapacitate, Mastermind and mind control are all great abilities and work will in conjunction with his range. Remember that with the mind control rules you will take a click of damage every time you mind control a figure that is 100 points or over and one more click for each 100 points over that. This means you take 1 click for 100 points, 2 clicks for 200 points and so on. I have checked with several judges and this damage can not be masterminded. So make sure you choose wisely who you mind control. Regardless this piece is well under costed and very well thought out. Easily he could be 130 points and still playable.
A remake of Professor X was a great idea both versions of him did not show the full power of his character. I predict that he will be the chase Unique or the set as time wears on. Personally I will try to use him, Nebula/trick shot and the red hood on a mastermind fodder team. I’ll probably play just about every Pog under 6 points that I can find!
Trade for him, get him and hold on to him. The professor may make it into worlds.
Overall Score:
5/5 300 Points
5/5 400 Points
5/5 500 Points
Just clicking around,
= This is Cramcompany.
(Please no hate mail)
cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates. (girls only!)
PS: Check out my THIS IS CRAMCOMPANY section now on POJO.

Thank you very much to a Karl a heroclix rules arbitrator for looking over some of my articles for rules related corrections. As anyone who has played this game can attest too, the rules are tricky and confusing. I’m obviously not immune to getting a few things wrong. So here is a list of corrections,
1. You can not use pounce with blades/claws fangs as I alluded to in my review of Spiderman 2009. I thus retract my statement of using pounce on this version of Spiderman. I no longer view it as being worth the 15 points. Pounce grants a free close combat attack, but not a free close combat action.
2. Power Dampening Field is much different then I originally thought. It does not work well with blades/claws or anything that ups damage values. To explain the conjunction I will quote Karl who I hope does not mind. “Power dampening field states that damage values higher than 3 become 3. BCF states that "The result of the die roll becomes this character’s damage value". So if the die roll was higher than 3 it would become 3 if Power Dampening Field was in play.” It still works very well with Psychic blast, so I will stick with all of those recommendations. I retract any recommendations I had for it to be used in conjunction with Blades/claws characters.
3. This is more of a clarification, but whenever I mention a wild card figure using the LE Sue Storms 19 defense I am assuming we are also using the Fantastic Four Team Changing Card. This card states that any team member (fantastic four or wild card) may share a defense with any other team member. The figures do not have to be basing each other like they do with the defend ability.

Thank you to everybody for your understanding in these matters and thanks to Karl for the corrections.


This review is of the Fantastic Forces Unique Professor Xavier from the Ultimate X-Men series.  His point cost is 99 points.


Stats and Powers –   

His starting stats are Speed of 5, Attack of 11, Defense of 13, and Damage of 0.  His move is symbolic of him being in a wheelchair, and his Defense and Damage probably portray his weakened state as well.  What really contributes to his high point cost is his powers.  Four clicks of Mind Control, two clicks starting with Incapacitate with two more at the end of his dial, 1 starting click of Mastermind followed by five of Willpower, and a combo of Leadership, Perplex and Outwit.  His dial is also relatively short at 6 clicks of health.


Weaknesses –  

Normally I do strengths first, but today I decided to go in opposite order.  With Professor Xavier his weaknesses are glaring.  His movement is probably the weakest of all figures in the game (of course how many superheroes are bound to a wheelchair? Ok, other then Oracle.)   The other things that stand out are his starting Defense of 13, which is also probably the lowest in a game for a 99 point figure, and a Damage of 0.  Both of these have powers that try to make up for these super low values. I can accept the Damage of 0 actually better then I can a Defense of 13. That means someone with even a 7 can hit you half the time.


Strengths –

Now lets look at his strengths, because a figure worth 99 points can’t have that many glaring weaknesses without making up for it somehow. His starting Attack of 11 with a Range of 12 and 3 Ranged attacks is just awesome.  Use the Ultimate X-Men Team ability and he can boost the 11 up to a 12  The Range of 12 means he can use Mind Control and Incapacitate and be out of range of opponents Outwitters and Perplexers.  With three ranged attacks and combined later with Willpower Professor Xavier can almost tie up an entire team single handed.   The Mastermind is nice, but with a low Defense expect a figure next to Charles to absorb some damage. Leadership, Perplex and Outwit really help to round this version out and make them a little more potent.


Playing With –

Keep him out of Outwit distance and away from ranged combat figures!  He needs to be in the back of your army out of danger.  Taxi with a flight figure or use Telekinesis to overcome his weak move.   Use Mind Control to attack an opponent with his own figures or use Incapacitate to slow up as many as 3 figures and allow your team to overpower your opponent.


Playing Against –

Get within 10 squares of Xavier, especially with Stealth figures, and Outwit his powers. Without them he is useless.  If you can attack him and get rid of Mastermind he is an easy target.  You can’t get all of his powers at once most likely, but if you can do damage to him quickly he will become far less effective.  And he only has 6 clicks so death can come quickly if you can land some solid hits.



The only feat card that might make sense is Brilliant Tactician especially when playing an Ultimate X-Men team.   Otherwise don’t rely on added feat cards since his cost is already somewhat high.  I like Veteran Jean Grey from Infinity Challenge since she has Telekinesis to move him out of danger and Support to keep healing a pion that can be used to absorb Mastermind damage.


Sculpt –

Typical sculpt of a guy in a wheel chair. What can you really do different?  Have him doing a pop wheely?


Tangibles and Overview –

I think this is a much improved and more dangerous version of Professor Xavier, but the cost is truly high.  I don’t see myself using him under a 400 point team since he is a super expensive support figure.  Still the Range of 12 with Incapacitate and 3 Ranged Attacks makes me drool and I would love to build a team with him in support.  If you get him you should be happy because he plays slightly different then any other figure in the game and variety ranks high with me.


Overall Score: (Out of 5.  Score of: 1 = horrible, 2 = below average, 3 = slightly above average, 4 = great, 5 = outstanding)


Unique Professor Xavier – 3.75


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