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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 06.15.2005

Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to be looking at the newly previewed Spiderman 2099 from Fantastic Forces

“How can we make another Spiderman book?  How?  We already have Amazing, Spectacular, just plain Spiderman and he’s the guest hero in every comic book ever made.  WAIT!  How about Spiderman in Space?…hmmm…no.  Spiderman as a clone…no, we tried that people didn’t like it.  How about Spiderman in the future? BINGO!”  Spiderman 2099 was part of a pretty good series of 2099 books.  Spiderman was not really part of that goodness, but I did love Ravage and Punisher 2099.

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique 92 points. 8 clicks of life. 4 range/ double target.  Spiderman Ability

Movement: 10 with leap climb the entire dial.

Attack:  10 with blades/claws for the first half of the dial.  Incapacitate the other half.

Defense  17 with super senses most of the dial.  Combat Reflexes and Willpower through the rest.

Damage:  2 damage to start and to end.  His last two clicks have Outwit.  MAN he would be better if he had that on his first two clicks!

Sculpt:  Hands down the best Spiderman and maybe the best sculpt of the entire set.

Team Ability:  Nothing is better then wildcard.  If you get an LE invisible girl he is going to be a 19 with super senses.  Get an Alfred POG and he is a stealth character.  Get him a Jarvis with Thunderbolts card and give him Mystics while you’re at it.

Feats:  Pounce.  Not too bad here.  Pounce and Blades claws could be electric. If you go the Invisible Girl route Pounce all you want!  His defense will never get worse.

Battle Field Condition :  I guess Power Dampening Field is best for him as it is with all blades claws. Figures. Keep an Ordinary Day on hand to make sure nobody cancels your team ability.

How to Beat Him:  Use a person with a very high absorbing damage and hope he rolls poorly for blades claws.  Mind Control is not bad against him either.

How to Play Him:  Build your wildcard team around him and maybe a Jinx.  He’s solid but not invincible.  Always have a medic he can run too.

Overview: I like this Spiderman a lot.  Not as much as the veteran Ultimate Spiderman, but this one is one of the better Unique figures in the set and definitely can be played.  All wild cards are a lot better due to the Fantastic Four changing ability card.  The bottom line is (with Pounce) he can move for 10 clicks and make a blades/claws attack.  He does take a click, but he’s very likely to hit.  He has a very useful dial and is never really a non factor in the game. 

Overall Score:  

3/5 300 Points

4/5 400 Points

4/5 500 Points

Just clicking around,

= This is Cramcompany.

 (Please no hate mail)

cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates.  (girls only!)

PS:  Check out my THIS IS CRAMCOMPANY section now on Pojo.

Spidey 2099, what can I say?
The Comic Book was terrible!
But the clix, the clix IS GREAT!!!


92 points, great for a spidey

The sculpt, check it!

4 Range, 2 targets- average, spidey trademark

Attack- has blades/claws/fangs (has claws in the comc), then incap, another spidey trademark
Defense- Good defense, high, starts with 17- has super senses, then combat reflexes, then willpower
Damage- 2 damage, keeps it for all 8 clicks, gains outwit on last 2
Speed- Good speed, leap climb for all 8, but drops from 10 to 6 over the course of 8 clicks

Attack- great
Defense- great
Damage- good
Speed- good

100: 2/10
200: 4/10
300: 5/10
400: 8/10
500: 9/10, do it man!


Thats it, enjoy-


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