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HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Kurt Wagner
Fantastic Forces

Reviewed 06.10.2005

Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating


Reviewed by Cramcompany

Today we are going to be looking at the newly previewed Kurt Wagner from Fantastic Forces

Normally I tell about the character, but today I’ll tell about the click.  Nightcrawler in Clobbering Time has been consistently the most sought after Heroclick in Existence.  In the height of this Nightcrawler madness his click was selling for $150 on eBay.  He has since cooled to about $60.  The big thing is that he is such a popular character and they only made a unique of him.  That made him popular.  Then of course they gave him hyper sonic speed and an 18 defense (high in the day) and super senses to boot. That made him smoking hot.  So a few years later they made one that everybody can have, in the rookie, experienced or veteran.  However, they made the LE heads and tails above any of the other versions.  It’s better then the R/E/V because Kurt starts with HSS and the rest of them start with a click of phasing.  So today we will be reviewing the phasing.      

Cost and Abilities: 

Unique 86 points.  0 range. X-Men Team Ability..

Movement: 12 with Hyper Sonic Speed for 5 clicks then phasing for the final 2 clicks.

Attack:  10,9,8,8,7,7,6

Defense:  17,17,16,16,15,15,14 super senses for the first five clicks

Damage:  2,2,2,1,1,1,1

Sculpt:  I really like the most of the sculpts in this set.  But his legs are all over and it’s crazy.  I want to see it up close to know if it’s a good crazy or a bad crazy.

Team Ability:  X-men team ability is more useful near the end of the game then most give it credit it for.

Feats:  In Contact with Oracle is a must.  It is so useful to up the damage and to up the defense and occasionally up the movement.  I think he is also perfect for armor piercing.  It may take awhile, but that definite 1 damage and run away strategy can win some games.

Battle Field Condition :  Power dampening field to give everyone that 3 damage or under feel.  Darkness is nice to limit the range that they can catch you.

How to Beat Him:  How do you beat hypersonic speed?  Usually take out the support pieces first.  It will take Nightcrawler a while to kill you if he can’t do more then 2 damage every other turn.  The surround him when it is your team versus him.  Healing is big in a match up like this.  Don’t lose your medic!

How to Play Him:  Perplexors are a must.  Telekinesis just like most games is deeply important.  This way you can telekinesis and use the rest of your HSS to run away farther.

Overview: Kurt is no Nightcrawler!  Basically he is very watered down, lower defense, lower movment and high point cost.  This does not make him terrible though, he is still very good, but just not ridiculously unbalanced.  I do like him, he is playable.  He is not broken and Northstar may be a little better for the point cost.  I do recommend picking him up if you win a tournament though.  J

Overall Score:  

4/5 300 Points

3.5/5 400 Points

3.5./5 500 Points

= This is Cramcompany. (Please no hate mail)

cramcompany@hotmail.com for questions comments or dates.  (girls only!)



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